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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I am new to the blog, I tried looking for similar questions but didn't succeed so apologies if I missed the answer to the below. We are due to sail on the Anthem of the seas in around 4months. This will be our 2nd RCCL cruise and we're looking forward to it. We have booked a GTY interior room (to accommodate 2 adults+children) and I confirmed the booking was GTY ZI. I have been accessing the RCCL portal several times booking drinks packages etc..., however recently I noticed something that I am pretty sure was not there before. My booking is now showing OCEAN VIEW #GTY and not just #GTY like it was previously and unlike to the rest of our travelling buddies in the other rooms. Should I keep my hopes low or is it really possible that RCCL just upgraded us from an interior (ZI) to an ocean view (YO) automatically and without us requesting anything so much in advance of our cruise? Thanks!
  2. We are going to try the Royal Up on our March cruise on the Wonder. We just found out about this program. Right now we are in an ocean view balcony room and it is currently at $1200/pp. The junior suites are running around $3300/pp. What would be a logical bid to have the best chances of being upgraded. We will bid on everything available but we are wondering about the prices. We are willing to spend up to a total of $1000 ($500/pp) for both of us on an upgrade. Is that a likely occurrence?
  3. How difficult or easy have people found it to get an early check-in time when check-in opens at 45 days? And what is the closest someone has had towards cruise day to get your room assignment on a GTY. Especially if you want to partake in the Royal Up program. Thanks
  4. Traveling on 10/23/22 symphony of the seas sailing with a group that is ANXIOUSLY awaiting the Royal Up bidding, but we haven’t gotten any news or emails. System is still saying wait until 30 days. Anyone else on this sailing receive any news? Also we’ve been trying to purchase the unlimited meal package, but it will not allow any of our traveling group to add it to cart. Does RC’s website always have so many issues? TYIA
  5. This probably is a dumb question, but does anyone know if it’s possible to change the payment for Royal Up after I have made my bids while they are still pending?
  6. I just received a Royal Up bid possibility for our sailing in a few weeks. As of now we are in an Owners Suite with a minimal bid in for a 2 Bedroom Aqua (really would prefer 2 bathrooms) but nothing was available at time of booking. My question is two fold, does anyone know the stateroom numbers of the Star Loft Suites so I can see their location and your thoughts if you have stayed there? ie part balcony in proximity to the basketball court etc. The minimum bid requested is $1300.00 so even if we bid that my CC gets hit for $2600.00 if we "win" Planning on staying low key so we will be in stateroom a great deal. Your thoughts would be so appreciated, what would you do? Thanks a bunch Sailing Harmony
  7. So after exhaustive research and continuous communication with family we did increase our bid on the 2 bedroom aqua suite and placed a nominal bid on the Royal Loft suite for our very special family Thanksgiving 1st time sailing on RCCL. May I ask for any thoughts regarding your experiences in either cabin (both have 2 bathrooms?) and most importantly the jump from Sky class to Star class; we did purchase the refreshment package at $20.00 pp ( 3 of us) if we win the ability to pay more for the upgrade it would be a 24 hour window, can we still have our refreshment package refunded? As always I appreciate your incredible input, and positive thoughts our way also, be well everyone. (currently booked on OS)
  8. Ok, so I've submitted a bid through RoyalUp for a neighborhood balcony, upgrading from an ocean view stateroom. My question is, if my bid is accepted will we get the perks that come with a neighborhood balcony? Just curious, I mean, if we don't, no biggie. Sure would be nice though! Crossing my fingers for a boardwalk balcony though...partial ocean view, haha! Thanks in advance!
  9. Now that I've finally found the elusive email and am waiting on that first golden ticket to appear, it got me wondering a few things about how it works. Is your bid a set amount, or function as a max? Say I bid $1000, and the next highest bidder only bids $500, do I win at $1000 or, say, $505? I got offers for both a junior and a grande suite. What happens if i win both? Does it default to the higher of the two, or does it give me a choice? Can a pending bid maybe interfere with printing my papers? I've been trying to print my set sail pass and luggage tags for the last 4 days, and cant get in. Didnt know if maybe it's because it might well change (though i can't imagine RC's IT to be that intelligent) Lastly, anyone feel like waiting for that won/lost email is about the same as waiting for that imminent sail date that just wont hurry up and get here?
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