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Found 11 results

  1. Is it just me, or are the 2021 Eurpean cruises much more expensive than previous years? Harmony in June is starting at 1600 euro for interior room. I honestly think that won't be affordable, save for the select few.
  2. I have two cruises the summer of 2020 (one on Harmony and one on Oasis) and just noticed a pretty significant price increase on the Deluxe Beverage Package. A couple weeks ago it had 20% off with the price of $56 and now it is 20% off with a price of $65 . Price increases are always expected but wow! Are other people seeing an increase in their package prices? #StillLoyalToRoyal #StillGoingToPurchaseLOL
  3. I know there is always talk about watching the online cruise planner for sales and price changes on the Ultimate drink package... and I have seen the price for that fluctuate from $46 to $56 pp/pd for my upcoming Harmony cruise. BUT, I have also been watching specialty dining options... mainly a single night at Chops or the Chops +1 package. Those prices have been the same for as long as I can remember. (49.99 and 74.99) Has anyone ever seen them go down?? Thanks
  4. Hello All. RCCL, in all it's wonderful glory, has removed our scheduled shore excursions from the CP offerings. As has been a hot topic several times in the last few weeks, I suspect that the current CP sale possibly may have them at a lower cost but doesn't want me to cancel and rebook at the new lower price (although, I did purchase most of our excursion on the BF Sale, so they needn't worry, but I digress). So, I'm wondering if any of you Alaska cruisers could shoot me the price of these excursions, that is if you're seeing them in your CP: Fly-out Fly Fishing in Juneau, Icy Strait Point St
  5. Hi There, I recently came across your blog and forum and am really happy with all the information and tips provided. I will be taking a 4 day Bahamas cruise at the end of May 2018 on Enchantment of the seas. I will be travelling with my partner (who will be a first time cruiser) and my parents. My parents and I have cruised before and are looking forward to it. My parents booked the trip via a travel agency called Avoya travel. I have heard everywhere that travel agencies are the best way to go, but i was on the Royal Caribbean website the other day and it seems the price i got was a l
  6. Have booked a cruise for early 2018 and notice that RCL want to charge me USD$69/day for the ultimate drinks package. This is up from the price of around USD$55/day we paid on a cruise earlier this year. Has anyone heard about changes to the pricing of the drinks packages for 2018 ?
  7. Yesterday i bought a cruise and paid only first price. When and how i should pay the rest of the price for the cruise? I booked and paid myself online in "royal caribbean" website. And can't find any option for payment. What should i do? The cruise in only next year, so still have some time. Thank you :)
  8. I have been researching my future cruise and have come across some REALLY interesting information that is otherwise hidden. I am an American that has been living in the UK for the last 15 years. I am retired US Navy as well. I have been sailing on Royal Caribbean for some time and have acquired the C&A level of Emerald. Through my time in the UK I have noticed a lot of the “perks†that I was used to being American or a service member were non-existent. Here is just another one: I stumbled across the US version of the Royal Caribbean web site so I decided to do some research. I l
  9. I know that for many of you, this is preaching to the choir. Many of us on here are already pretty saavy. Mr. Hochberg attracts only the top talent! ;) However, maybe there's something in my ramblings that will help the newbies. When I have these epiphanies, I just have to get them out of my head. What better place than here, with other Royal fanatics!? ***************************************************************************************************** It's amazing how much prices fluctuate from one day to the next! You can spend A LOT more for the same cruise simply by booking/re-booking t
  10. We are currently booked on the Navigator for 10/18/15 for a great cruise. I originally wanted to book the Getaway but the price was to high. We ended up booking on the Navigator for $724pp and with a $200 obc. Well, now NCL has made a balcony guarantee rate for $799 with a choice of either obc, free up scale dinning, or free ultimate beverage package. Needless to say I am strongly considering the move and our agent has held a cabin for us to decide. I am just looking for some feedback if anyone has any to offer. Thanks!
  11. Was wondering your alls experience with royals spa treatments and when you find is the best time to snatch up a spa treatment. Weither it be a masage or acupuncture or whatever the case may be. When before, during or towards the end of the cruise to find the best deals available for whatever spa treatment you want. Thinking about getting something special for my wife when we cruise next month and want the best deal for it.
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