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  1. Thanks, but since i'm not US resident i can not just sent them a check. I want to pay online with a credit card :)
  2. Im from Europe and my cruise is from US, so the distance and time difference makes it difficult to communicate with foreign travel agencies. And in my country they don't offer 'Royal Caribbean'. I expected that i will be able to control everything and pay whenever I can. And not wait until they will or will not send me an email with last minute payment details.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Thats the thing, there is no balance shown or a payment tab. Only 'Itineraries' 'Profile' 'Messages'. Will it appear later?
  4. Yesterday i bought a cruise and paid only first price. When and how i should pay the rest of the price for the cruise? I booked and paid myself online in "royal caribbean" website. And can't find any option for payment. What should i do? The cruise in only next year, so still have some time. Thank you :)
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