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Found 12 results

  1. Ovation of the Seas, 11 Nights departing from Sydney Australia to New Zealand For many years I avoided Alaska cruises on the premise that bikinis are better than parkas. Then I finally did an Alaskan cruise. Just wow! Why did I wait so long? That experience got me looking even farther from home and I realized the same could be said for Australia and New Zealand. Learning from Alaska I decided to just do it. YOLO! I've always wanted to visit both Australia and New Zealand so hopefully this will be a rehearsal for more cruising down under. Practice makes perfect. Thi
  2. Finally the 2019 Alaska cruise season is beginning and so has the single digit dance! Looking back I always put off an Alaska cruise despite all the good things I heard over and again. Now I can't get enough. This will be my fourth cruise to Alaska and hopefully it will not be my last. Why did I wait so long to cruise to Alaska? Itinerary Day Port of Call Arrive Depart 1 Vancouver 5pm 2 At Sea 3
  3. Time to bring you all up to speed, or at least up to date. It's Day 3 here on Ovation but now that we've entered into our sea day phase I have some time to play catch up. Unlike some other users who post in this section of the forum, I chose not to start this thread one year before sailing. Ten nights Vancouver, BC, Canada to Honolulu, HI. Day 1 - Vancouver Day 2 - Seattle Day 3 - 6 - Sea Day Day 7 - Cruising Napali Coast Day 8/9 - Overnight in Maui Day 10 - Kona Day 11 - Debark in Honolulu I flew into Vancouver the day before on September 1
  4. The Alaskan Cruise Experience Last year while on Symphony, we used NextCruise to book a vacation for this summer and decided on skipping the beach again and enjoying the cold temperatures (oh, and the views) of Alaska. There's also dog sledding and puppies in Alaska so that's a big plus too! I plan to get lots of pictures and videos of the Alaskan scenery, and will also be live streaming parts of my adventure on Periscope (if possible, Alaska is too far north for VOOM). I will be traveling with my parents again and we are all excited for our fourth cruise together. This cruise will be a Ba
  5. So Ive been hearing rumors of Johnny Rockets replacing Kung Fu Panda noodle shop on Ovation of the Seas. And this, http://www.ovationoftheseas.com.au/dining/restaurant/johnny-rockets/ Also heard on facebook of a fish and chip restaurant opening? Make sense tho, With the transition to Alaska-Australia sailings.
  6. First Alaskian 7 day cruise from Seattle is booked. We have two 18 yr olds and a 15 yr old. Share your experiences on the Ovation.
  7. As well as Caribbean, also pricing up Japan cruises with Royal Caribbean. There’s two cruises that we looked up, both going to 3 ports. One is on the Quantum from Shanghai, and the other is on the Ovation from Tianjin. Which ship is better? Is there a difference? Does one have something the other one doesn’t? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, i collect ship models from all of the ships that I have been on but I am desperately chasing the ovation of the seas ship model! I was unable to get it on my cruise so really hoping that someone who is booked on an upcoming cruise can grab one for me! I’ll pay for postage as well of course let me know if you can help! forgot to mention - I’m in Brisbane, Australia so would need to be posted to here unless local. Thanks again
  9. Hi. Anybody on the Ovation in March from Sydney, the cost of the refreshments package and shore excursions are all cheaper today than they have been for last few weeks. Refreshment package down to £15.96 ($20.85 US based on currency rate) which includes the drinks gratuities. Bargain IMO - but will still check back every day as you never know what deal they have hidden away!! Having picked up tips on this great site I have cancelled everything I had already booked and now re-purchased on the lower rates - even if only to save around $60 (every little helps!)....not bad for 5 min
  10. Good morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are reading this... "Only" 151 days until we set of on the Ovation from Sydney for our very first cruise - a 3 cruise back-to-back combo ending up in Singapore 27 days later. Excited is an understatement! I have so many questions and if I had not spent many hours looking through this wonderful site I would have many more! I hope somebody can help on the ones I still have and apologies if they are 'easy to find' elsewhere! 1 – How do we find where/when ‘formal’ dining nights will be? Wife starting to worry about what she needs to pack a
  11. Hi I'm embarking on Ovation in January, and have dynamic dining with no waiting lists selected. If we decide that we prefer classic midway through the ship is it possible to change?
  12. What does RCCL consider to be a big enough Group for a Group booking discount. We have 9 Balcony cabins with 21 Adult Family Guests booked for sailing on Ovation of the Seas 30th December 2016. I have been advised by the Travel Agent that we are not eligible for any discount or benefit? Would this be based on the fare paid?
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