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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All! Question for anyone that can answer. Got an email stating that our itinerary was changed for our sailing. Coco Cay and our sea day have been switched. No biggie and it's truly fine. However, for the original date, we had wanted to purchase a bed for Chill Island and everything was sold out. Now that the schedule has changed, will more spots open? If you've already booked, does it carry over? Just curious since I checked one site that said we'll be the only ship in port that day (since the switch). Please advise. Thanks!
  2. Hello , me and my husband are first time cruisers and we are taking cruise this December of 2019 to southern Caribbean. If we can get help with some itineraries and must do shore excursion for (St Lucia , St Kitty , St, Marteen , Antigua and Barbados) then it will be helpful. Additionally it is worth buying the shore excursion that Royal Caribbean has to offer or is it better to plan your own excursion each day. Your help will be appreciated.
  3. Anybody have any ideas or speculation when the rest of 2020 will be released?
  4. According to the Cruise Planner Shore Excursions section, this is the current sailing update: Day 1: Port Canaveral Day 2: Cruising Day 3: Cozumel, Mexico Day 4: Cruising Day 5: Falmouth, Jamaica Day 6: Labadee, Haiti Day 7: Cruising Day 8: Port Canaveral However, they are needing time to update the excursions because if you try and click on the new destinations, it is still showing up with San Juan in the actual excursions as of 12:25pm.
  5. Hey everyone - Tell me about a time when the captain had changed your itinerary mid-cruise. What happened? Where were you supposed to go, and where'd you wind up going? I was on Freedom in August 2016, and our itinerary was CoCoCay, St Thomas, and St Maarten. After we left CoCoCay, we found out a Hurricane was brewing around the region we were heading to, so the captain turned us west and we went to Costa Maya, and then Cozumel. I had a great time, but people in my party (and others) griped about not having gone to St. Thomas and St. Maarten specifically. I was just happy to be someplace nice with a place to go snorkeling and relax on a beach. That's what vacation's for, right? Any day on a cruise ship is better than a day on land and not on vacation... So, what experiences have you all had?
  6. Hi there I am a complete newbie to RC and I have booked a cruise - 9th April Allure, East Caribbean Itinerary, for myself partner and Mum and her partner for their 70th birthdays and I really want it to be amazing and feeling the pressure!!! Can you please help me with these q's? - what excursion is a must - what is the one thing we must do on the ship - what time can we board and then please do offer me any other info that will help me!!! or point me to other threads, I've read loads and got some great tips so far thanks Laura :-)
  7. If you are going on a cruise soon I thought it might be fun to know what you are doing while on board and what places you have visited or even post a restaurant review.
  8. If you have just been on a cruise welcome back. How about giving us a brief view of the ship you were on and where you visited. Don't forget to leave a full review in Matts cruise reviews tab at the top of the page.
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