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  1. sorry if this has been asked before - I couldn't find it when searching I have pre-paid gratuities so will I still have the 18% added to the drinks I order? When I booked I was told that was it and wouldn't have to worry about tipping? thanks
  2. Hi there I am a complete newbie to RC and I have booked a cruise - 9th April Allure, East Caribbean Itinerary, for myself partner and Mum and her partner for their 70th birthdays and I really want it to be amazing and feeling the pressure!!! Can you please help me with these q's? - what excursion is a must - what is the one thing we must do on the ship - what time can we board and then please do offer me any other info that will help me!!! or point me to other threads, I've read loads and got some great tips so far thanks Laura :-)
  3. hi there when you take 2 bottles of wine on board - where can you drink them?
  4. Hi there I am not sure about taking a package - does anyone know if there is a price list you can download so I can work it out in advance? thanks
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