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Found 17 results

  1. Wife and I are getting away from the kids to celebrate 15 years. I love my kids, but can't wait to cruise kid-free again.
  2. Finally opened up later 2025 cruises and we just booked this. This will be my husband and my first time on Independence. SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND HAMBURG, GERMANY OSLO, NORWAY COPENHAGEN, DENMARK BRUGES (ZEEBRUGGE), BELGIUM
  3. Hi All! Question for anyone that can answer. Got an email stating that our itinerary was changed for our sailing. Coco Cay and our sea day have been switched. No biggie and it's truly fine. However, for the original date, we had wanted to purchase a bed for Chill Island and everything was sold out. Now that the schedule has changed, will more spots open? If you've already booked, does it carry over? Just curious since I checked one site that said we'll be the only ship in port that day (since the switch). Please advise. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys! First time cruiser-to-be here, getting ready for my independence of the seas cruise next week. I made a reservation for Izumi Hibachi for 45.99. I’ve seen the menu online, and saw that you have 2 teppanyaki options, for 2 different price levels. So, how does that work exactly? Didn’t I pay in advance? And what if I wish to get the more expensive option? Got a bit confused there. thank you! And safe cruising for everyone.
  5. Hi All! I was recently on the Shipmates app and noticed someone had posted a 70's Party photo on the IOTS (Independence of the Seas) . We will be sailing on her in May. Can anyone verify if the parties/parades are back? We've sailed on RC since the restart but w/o sail away parties and super low capacity, etc. Would love to experience this if so! Thanks!
  6. I am booked to go on the Independence of the Seas in December and it’s a 5 day cruise that was supposed to have a stop in Nassau and another stop in Coco Cay but they removed the Nassau stop and we didn’t purchase a 5 day cruise for just 1 stop. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if Royal Caribbean offered anything for the inconvenience.
  7. Hello! Recently booked a cruise for independence of the seas and got talked into upgrading to a Spacious Ocean View Balcony room. My original room was just an ocean view on the lower decks but the price wasn’t much different so I decided to upgrade. I went on the website to see what the room would look like and the 3D tour that’s shown for the Spacious Ocean View Balcony room for Independence doesn’t actually look like it has a balcony - just a window?? Please see image below. No sliding door. Just a window. Kind of annoyed because if there is no balcony then I might as well go back to my original room and pay less for the same thing. Can anyone let me know what I’m not understanding?? Thank you!!!
  8. Hi! Using the "Apple-pay" hack, we just found out our GTY room is in the aft of deck 2 of the Independence of the Seas. My wife is a little anxious about this. Can anyone give us some pros/cons of being on deck 2 or just let us know what to expect that might be different there as compared to the room tours available on YouTube? Thanks in advance.
  9. Here's the link to a Facebook group for those on the May 11 2020 cruise on Independence of the Seas https://www.facebook.com/groups/340651366880781/
  10. Hey guys! It’s been a bit but I YOLO booked it tonight! I’m curious for suggestions. Independence of the seas May 11-16, 2020. Girls Cruise! Visiting labadee and then coco cay. This is a cruise for just my friend Julie and I. We’ve been living on opposite sides of the country for ~8 years and not been able to meet up. We for the last 6 months or so have tossed around ideas but we’re both busy moms and a few weeks ago I said let’s hop a cruise we don’t need to plan anything other then airfare after it’s booked the rest will work out. Needless to say we cleared some dates and talked to my TA and here we are! Deposit is paid ? this is her first cruise my 3rd. But first on Independence. I’m also super excited about going to Labadee and Coco Cay back to back but we have no other ports. Does anyone have suggestions for what to do (except thrill water park I’m saving that to do with my family). Share to me all your tips and tricks and things I shouldn’t let her forget ?
  11. I booked my first cruise with my 4 closest guy friends. I'm in the Army and stationed overseas. I am on Holiday Block Leave and this cruise is the highlight of my vacation. I'm super excited about my first cruise experience and I wanted to see/connect with others who are on this sailing. Feel free to message and reply if you are!
  12. Hi, First cruise in 4 weeks time with young kids (5 and 8). Does anyone know if it is possible on the newly refurbished Independence to connect my kids games console to the in-room TV (Promenade View Interior)? Nintendo switch, HDMI required? As much as I’m sure the cruise will have much entertainment, I don’t want my kids waking me up at o-crack sparrow in the morning and they’re sure to get bored of the cartoon channel during the 2 weeks. We’re also going to be cabin bound in the evening as we can’t exactly leave them to sleep while we hit the bars, so watching a downloaded movie from my iPad on the TV would be good. Obviously no point in me downloading oodles of content if my wife and I are going to be limited to watching on an iPad screen. I have seen comments about some ships HDMI ports not being accessible and/or the remote not allowing TV input changes so bring a universal remote. Has anyone tried this on Independence since the refurb please or have any other experience to relay? Thanks very much.
  13. Just checked the Royal carribean website and 2019 UK dates have been published! Explorer of the seas will be joining independence of the seas departing from 2019 :)
  14. Day -3 A wise @Traveler once asked: "To blog or not to blog this is the question." I choose to blog. With my adult kids out of state having their own plans I was left with the decision of how to spend the holidays this year. It didn't take long for a cruise to come to mind. As I looked over potential candidates it didn't look like I could find anything to fit my budget given that this would be the 3rd cruise this month. However when I was on Freedom last month I saw a "Going, going, gone" promotion on Independence. The dangers of combining a drink package and the NextCruise desk weren't obvious to me at the time and with my inhibitions in an altered state I booked it. I know Indy will soon enter dry dock and she will receive was looks to be some very exciting upgrades but the price was right for this pre-dry dock holiday sailing so why not? So instead of Christmas Home Alone, I'll spend it with 4,000 of my new best friends. Nine nights leaving from terminal 29 in Port Everglades. Sea day, Labadee, San Juan, St. Maarten, Antigua, St. Kitts and two sea days back to Fort Lauderdale. I'm looking forward to returning to St. Maarten. It's a been a while and with the impacts of recent hurricanes I want to contribute to the economy and help the island get back on its feet. Doing the same in San Juan for the 2nd time this month will help San Juan as well. Using my $50 NextCruise OBC I've pre-booked some 'tour' excursions in San Juan, St. Maarten and Antigua. Given 4 ports in a row I plan to use St. Kitts as a day to stay on the ship and relax. After all I was just there last week and went scuba diving so a day to do nothing but hang out in an empty solarium sounds about right. I'm not often a bus tour kind of guy but they are good way to explore an island and learn of potential things to do on another visit. I'd been having some issues getting the C&A points from a recent cruise to post even more than two weeks after disembarking. Without those points I would remain Emerald green and once you've tasted Diamond it isn't easy being green. Despite numerous contacts with the C&A desk I wasn't making any progress but fortunately my agent made some calls and got it straightened out. It seems somehow my booking number changed on my C&A account and it showed as being cancelled but she was able to prove to them I did in fact sail on that cruise. Don't under estimate the value of a good travel agent even after your cruise is over. Thank you Beth! I'm really trying to pack light this trip. I've often managed week long business trips using only a small carry on spinner but I've yet to cruise with the same efficiency. Time to start packing and really cutting down on stuff I don't need. As always I'm flying in the day before and spending a night in a Fort Lauderdale hotel. Let the packing commence!
  15. We're planning on sailing on IOS this summer after the refurb. Does anyone know if Viking Crown Lounge is staying? It isn't showing on the new deck plans but there's nothing marked in its place either. I really hope it will still be there. We loved loved watching sunsets and sailaways from this bar during our previous sailing on Navigator. That would definitely be my go-to place/moment. Forgive me if this has already been answered somewhere - I have trawled and searched but couldn't find anything.
  16. Day -3 To blog or not to blog this is the question. On one hand it was a nice experience last time , on the other hand this following cruise was just got excellent live review from Matt , also blogging in parallel to such nice blog from Anthem with pictures I can only dream to take with my poor phone … But hey there is not such a thing as too much live blogs right ?! So once again (and not so far from last time) we are planning to be on cruise. This time a quick 5 days on Indi. So let’s start from the whys: After the last cruise we got a voucher from the Casino for a free cruise, the voucher allow you a free (well they call it free, you still need to pay gratitude and taxes) to choose from a list that contains mainly Caribbean cruises. If you choose not to use one of the cruises from the list you can use the voucher value for any other cruise you choose (only new cruises allowed and it should be no later than one year from the voucher date) Why Indi – well I was looking for a bigger ship after our last cruise in the Voyager and a shorter one. The main idea is for us to squeeze a cruise and some other activities in one week which will allow us to be back home/work at the next Sunday. So the 5 days cruise was just perfect for that and I loved to find out short cruise on bigger ship (usually the shorter cruise are on the small ships for some reason). Why now? , We both need to consume some vacation days as the end of the year around the corner and we both over the allowed accumulated quota. The most important reason - its going to be my spouse birthday and I cannot think about a better place to celebrate such occasion … Besides that, does anyone really need an excuse why to cruising RC ? J As Usual (if I can call a second live blog usual) I am starting the blog few days earlier as the vacation starts now and I started my long journey to the US (currently waiting for my connection in a country which I will not disclose its name but its famous for its Swiss cheese , Swiss chocolates and Swiss clocks). The plan was very simple, flying to Miami, take a car and drive to Orlando (I refuse to go to Florida and skip Orlando parks, sorry, if I am already there I will take advantage on it), 3.5 hours’ drive after a transatlantic flight is not something I am not familiar with and we planned to split the drive between us , its sounds like a good plan. Plans are one thing and reality is another, my spouse was called few days ago, urgently to some business meetings in the US. It was perfect on one hand as it save us one of the reward airline ticket (all I needed now is one domestic ticket from the city the meeting are taking place to Orlando) on the other hand it means I will do the Miami – Orlando drive alone, well not totally alone, although Matt still do not know it yet but he is going to make sure I will stay awake during driving by listen to a binge RC blog podcasting I calculate after 8 podcast I should arrive safely, you can say many thing about Matt (just good thing don’t worry) but no one can say his podcast can be used as lullaby, especially with his enthusiasm, Before you all ask why I did not fly directly to Orlando ? well as I am using rewards miles I cannot be too picky , in other words , it’s much easier to find international flight to Miami than to Orlando. So now the plan is even easier , land in Miami , run to immigration and custom , pray that the lines are short and I am not stuck behind people from a flight of certain countries in Europe which the immigration officer love to question them for long period of time. I will pick the car set the BT and start my way to meet my spouse so tomorrow we can visit Universal. Currently still waiting here , after leaving a teenager to watch the apartment (he rather be left alone almost for the first time than joining us). I just hope it will be ok as all we ask him is (he is a teenager you know you cannot ask them much) : We want still have the apartment when we are back. No complaints from neighbors. Alcohol bottles remain the same as they were , and no , to refill the Gray guess with water or the whiskies with teas does not count . The cat should still be alive. Not too complicated as I said, good we have insurance (and his grandmother to spy on him from a distance). Here is the cat reaction after understanding we are again going to cruise without him . Tomorrow visiting Harry Potter (I hope).
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