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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! Using the "Apple-pay" hack, we just found out our GTY room is in the aft of deck 2 of the Independence of the Seas. My wife is a little anxious about this. Can anyone give us some pros/cons of being on deck 2 or just let us know what to expect that might be different there as compared to the room tours available on YouTube? Thanks in advance.
  2. Here's the link to a Facebook group for those on the May 11 2020 cruise on Independence of the Seas https://www.facebook.com/groups/340651366880781/
  3. Hey guys! It’s been a bit but I YOLO booked it tonight! I’m curious for suggestions. Independence of the seas May 11-16, 2020. Girls Cruise! Visiting labadee and then coco cay. This is a cruise for just my friend Julie and I. We’ve been living on opposite sides of the country for ~8 years and not been able to meet up. We for the last 6 months or so have tossed around ideas but we’re both busy moms and a few weeks ago I said let’s hop a cruise we don’t need to plan anything other then airfare after it’s booked the rest will work out. Needless to say we cleared some dates
  4. I booked my first cruise with my 4 closest guy friends. I'm in the Army and stationed overseas. I am on Holiday Block Leave and this cruise is the highlight of my vacation. I'm super excited about my first cruise experience and I wanted to see/connect with others who are on this sailing. Feel free to message and reply if you are!
  5. Hi, First cruise in 4 weeks time with young kids (5 and 8). Does anyone know if it is possible on the newly refurbished Independence to connect my kids games console to the in-room TV (Promenade View Interior)? Nintendo switch, HDMI required? As much as I’m sure the cruise will have much entertainment, I don’t want my kids waking me up at o-crack sparrow in the morning and they’re sure to get bored of the cartoon channel during the 2 weeks. We’re also going to be cabin bound in the evening as we can’t exactly leave them to sleep while we hit the bars, so watching a downloaded mo
  6. Just checked the Royal carribean website and 2019 UK dates have been published! Explorer of the seas will be joining independence of the seas departing from 2019 :)
  7. Day -3 A wise @Traveler once asked: "To blog or not to blog this is the question." I choose to blog. With my adult kids out of state having their own plans I was left with the decision of how to spend the holidays this year. It didn't take long for a cruise to come to mind. As I looked over potential candidates it didn't look like I could find anything to fit my budget given that this would be the 3rd cruise this month. However when I was on Freedom last month I saw a "Going, going, gone" promotion on Independence. The dangers of combining a drink package and the NextC
  8. We're planning on sailing on IOS this summer after the refurb. Does anyone know if Viking Crown Lounge is staying? It isn't showing on the new deck plans but there's nothing marked in its place either. I really hope it will still be there. We loved loved watching sunsets and sailaways from this bar during our previous sailing on Navigator. That would definitely be my go-to place/moment. Forgive me if this has already been answered somewhere - I have trawled and searched but couldn't find anything.
  9. Day -3 To blog or not to blog this is the question. On one hand it was a nice experience last time , on the other hand this following cruise was just got excellent live review from Matt , also blogging in parallel to such nice blog from Anthem with pictures I can only dream to take with my poor phone … But hey there is not such a thing as too much live blogs right ?! So once again (and not so far from last time) we are planning to be on cruise. This time a quick 5 days on Indi. So let’s start from the whys: After the last cruise we got a vou
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