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  1. We just got the RCCL card and immediately redeemed the 10k sign-on bonus points for OBC. With no annual fee, there didn't seem to be a lot of downside to getting the card. Does anyone know how long point redemption usually takes to process? We redeemed ours a couple of days ago, but it hasn't shown up on the cruise planner.
  2. I wanted to comment for all of the non-iPhone users. If you get your SetSail pass but don't have your room assignment, GooglePay may not prompt you to add it. You can still see the number underlying the barcode by using a barcode scanner app. I took a screenshot of mine, then used an app to read the barcode from the image. We're 84 days out and don't have our official assignment, but we have a room from the barcode. That room does not appear to be available to book on RCCL or through our travel agent, so I am assuming that it is indeed reserved for us. I'll be sure to report back when we get our official assignment!
  3. Thank you both so much. I'll pass those comments along. I think they will set my wife's mind at ease. I appreciate the well-wishes. We're very much looking forward the first of what I hope is many cruises.
  4. Hi! Using the "Apple-pay" hack, we just found out our GTY room is in the aft of deck 2 of the Independence of the Seas. My wife is a little anxious about this. Can anyone give us some pros/cons of being on deck 2 or just let us know what to expect that might be different there as compared to the room tours available on YouTube? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I'm a first time cruiser. We just booked a 4-day on Independence of the Seas to Nassau and CocoCay. I noticed that Indy (since it's renovation) has done 4-day Western Caribbean itineraries, but not our specific one. To get an idea of the cruise's events, would it be better to look at a 4-day Indy Western Caribbean cruise compass -or- a 4-day Nassau-CocoCay cruise compass on another ship like Navigator? Which of these options is more likely to be comparable? Thanks in advance! We're really excited to ship off this May.
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