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Found 20 results

  1. Curious on the 'Beach Break with Open Bar' at Beach Escape Club listed on the website in excursions, what is it like? It states that it's open bar, does that mean all-inclusive? (the fine print says food is a fee so I'm wondering if the drinks are not included either) If anyone has details on this one, please let us know!
  2. I wanted to share my experiences with a set of reviews on my back to back on Mariner recently Getting There I used GoPort's full service hotel and transfer package out of Orlando Airport. After booking a stay at the Holiday Inn at the airport, I contact them to change my pickup date to the end of the second cruise. This went very smoothly. When I arrived in Orlando, I followed GoPort's instructions and contacted the hotel for a shuttle pickup expecting a long delay. I was pleasantly surprised to see the hotel shuttle show up for me about seven minutes after the call. I was at the hotel in another five minutes. The hotel was fine. It has a nice pool area with good food options including a regular Cuban food truck nearby. The trip to the port could have been smoother. We were given an hour window for our motor coach to arrive and it did right at the end of the window after waiting outside for its arrival. We picked up other cruisers and were at our ship within fifty minutes. Rating 8/10 Boarding went extremely smoothly as I had completed my check in process earlier. I was on board within ten minutes. Rating 10/10 Our first stop was in Cozumel where I pre-booked a photo tour with a local photographer, Tati Biermas and German/Dutch ex-pat who has been living on the island the last 18 years. She offers several types of photography services from wedding, real estate and photo tours and coaching. I enjoy various types of photography and wanted to get out of the manual slow down mode. Her advice helped me feel more comfortable with how and when to choose aperture and shutter priority rather than fully manual. I also refined some composition techniques through her coaching. Tati is pictured in the right most photo below. All images can be found on the IG @highseasnomad. All images below are snipped from that IG page. A requirement of the full island tour is to rent a car. I did so through ISIS Car Rental in downtown San Miguel. I received a manual transmission Nissan Tiida which is similar to a Sentra. It had cold AC, and that was important. The full experience was quick, efficient and inexpensive despite the check engine light being on. It was fun driving on Mexican roads. Our first stop was the food market where locals buy produce to seafood to clothing. The Hacienda Punta Sur and the Eco Park We made a 12' long friend which I had fun editing later Rating 10/10...highly recommend Some images around the ship... Costa Maya I have become quite attached to the staff of Jaime's Blue Reef and the amenities in Mahahual, so this is my go to choice when I am there now. I have been twice with many more to come. My only wish is for early arrivers that they offer breakfast on their menu. Their tamarind margarita is quite frankly amazing with the tanjin rim salt. Rating 10/10....they really take good care of you On the second leg of the back 2 back, we stopped in Cozumel. After debating whether I wanted to go third party, I opted for a Royal Caribbean SCUBA excursion which was handled by Sand Dollar which is located next door to the Mexican Coast Guard building. The benefit was the pickup at the pier. the drawback was that there were too many people on the little dive boat. There were two divemasters. Mine was Reuben, and he was really good and very safety conscious. Our first dive was a gentle drift dive on the reef a little north of Mr Sanchos. We saw a large sea turtle, an eagle ray, a nurse shark and several very large lobsters along with teeming life on the reef. We went through a really cool coral swimthrough mid-way. There were also at least a half dozen dive operators with boats nearby. A lot of people were on the reef that day. The second dive started just north of the Mexican Coast Guard building, and ours was the only boat, which was nice. It was a drift dive as well, and there was a VERY rapid current. At first it was disconcerting, and we just went with it while we kept Reuben the dive master in our view the whole time. It may have been a five knot current, as we ended up surfacing about a mile north of where we put in. You just have to go with it and not fight it. We saw a large barracuda and a lot of life on the reef. I learned more about how to relax and handle myself on such a dive as it is easy to get exhausted. When we surfaced, the current diminished as we ascended and the boat met us with the dive master's marker. While things were ok with this dive operator, I will not use them again. I think booking scuba with Royal is hit or miss, and of the three I have booked with them, I only really liked one of them. I expect that I will go third party exclusively when I cruise. Rating 5/10 The shows were really good, especially the Ice Under the Big Top skating show. I decided to practice some sports photography with my lens which was limited to good light environments. Still, I took some images that I really liked and am excited to share the raw files with some of the skaters who noticed the pics from Instagram. Rating 10/10 See @highseasnomad on IG for better resolution of these images.
  3. Starting the thread for May 15th departure from Galveston, TX!! Who is in? Have you cruised on Voyager before? What's your favorite thing about cruising? I am a NEWB! And the ocean is my element. I cannot wait!
  4. Rarely, when I go to an all inclusive or do an excursion do I develop an emotional attachment to a place and to a staff on shore like I do with my stateroom attendant and MDR waiters, but Jaime's at the Blue Reef did that for my wife and me. The staff and service is friendly, welcoming and impeccable. Martin, Digby and Rodrigo are at risk for becoming famous for their service and wonderful approach. The food is outstanding, the margaritas are really tasty (try the tamarind), and the atmosphere is festive and restful at the same time. The beach is fairly small, but the water is warm and shallow in close proximity to the huge reef off shore, and there is a rooftop pool with an amazing, albeit windy view when we were there. When going up the steps, you notice there are no room numbers. The rooms are designated by fish species names. I really like the proximity to other amenities along the beach, and Pepe's Dive Shop which is attached is absolutely fantastic. It was staffed by Pepe (not the owner), Siri (divemaster), and Cata who I believe is also a divemaster/instructor. The reviews on TripAdvisor are legit as well. My only hesitation is that the word will get out, and it will become increasingly difficult to get a reservation for next time. And, yes, I am going back asap. Since the location is in the middle of the beach in Mahahual, there are vendors who come up trying to sell stuff, but they aren't pushy. One is in a pic below and is dressed as a mime.
  5. Greetings! It does not seem like RCC is offering many excursions on our cruise in December. I am looking for the BEST non-Royal excursions for Costa Maya and Cozumel. We were hoping to book something to see ruins, so bonus for anyone that has a recommended ruins excursion at either of those locations. Also, what is recommended for Belize City? I saw they have ruins tours, but I think there may be better excursions for Belize. Thanks for the help!
  6. Has anyone been to mahahual beach recently? Just wanting to know how the seaweed is and the conditions of the beach.
  7. Hello all. We have some Western Caribbean cruises coming up. Ports of call are Roatan, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. For those of you who have done excursions solo (that is, no one else in your cruising party joined you), what were your favorites, and what would you not do again?
  8. Hi! Me and my family are going on the 16th of February Harmony of the Seas sailing. In the ports of Costa Maya, Roatan and Cozumel, we are looking for something to do for free. Like going to a market, walking to a nearby beach, snorkling on our own, going to a park or something similar. Do any of you have any recommendation for those things? ? I'm particularly struggling to find a beach near the port in Cozumel.
  9. We have scheduled fly fishing at Puerto Costa Maya. Looking forward to C&R Tarpon, Bonefish, and Permit. Does anyone have any experience with this specific excusion that Royal offers?
  10. I am sailing on Harmony with my mom in April to Costa Maya, Cozumel, Roatán, & Perfect day @ CocoCay and I am looking for excursions recommendations for something that has to do with seeing the ruins, food such as making a local meal or chocolate or shopping or at resort for a day or an excursion that has all of those either in Cozumel, or Costa Maya. And when visiting Roatán I want to either go on a beach/waterpark with lunch excursion or spend the day at a resort. I do not want to go on an excursion @ CocoCay I would like for your opinions & recommendations for the excursions that you think we would like for Cozumel, México, Costa Maya, México & Roatán, Honduras. Also please tell me the names of the excursions and where I can book the excursions if that is even possible for you to remember the names of the excursions that you recommended for each of the ports (other than CocoCay) and where the excursions can be reserved. I’m asking for any excursions for the ports listed for the interest I had provided. They can be either third party excursions or sponsored thru Royal Caribbean? Also would appreciate opinions on any other excursions that you went had been on
  11. Getting ready to go on Harmony of Seas with ports at Roatan, Costa Maya, Cozumel and Coco Cay. Need recommendations for best excursions since I have been on a couple of Disney cruises in past and excursions I picked weren't really worth the money.
  12. We have tentatively booked this excursion for October. I would welcome any feedback or tips, especially about the Lagoon portion. I couldn't find much information online about this. Thanks in advance!
  13. We are looking for things that we can do within walking distance from the ship for our upcoming cruise on Rhapsody of the Seas. We're visiting Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya, and Roatan. In Cozumel, can you walk (safely) from the ship to the "downtown" area? Are there any beaches within walking distance at any of our ports? I know there's the pool area in Costa Maya, but I think we'd just stay on the ship to have pool time. We've been to these ports once before, but this time decided to go for the 7 night cruise and not do any excursions vs. the 4 night with excursions. Our daughters are older (11, 13, and 15), so if anyone has any good no or very low cost ideas, we'd appreciate it! We'd be okay staying on the ship and enjoying the pool and food. Any other thoughts or ideas?
  14. Hi- My husband and I will be on Symphony in April this year. On our day in Costa Maya, we wanted to go see the Mayan ruins (he has never seen them before, I have). However, I was unsure of which tour to book. I was looking at CHACCHOBEN RUINS & BEACH COMBO just because I think it would be nice to have both. Since I've already seen the ruins, I really don't like the idea of spending ALLLLL day just doing the ruins. Just unsure if this one is really worth it or if anyone has gone of this or other excursions with the ruins that they enjoyed. Thanks in advanced for your help everyone!
  15. Hi! This is our first cruise...Navigator of the Seas.....we are so excited...I know there are questions about the beach resorts for day trips for Cozumel...we have 11 year old....best for him to be around kids....and all inclusive....so Nachi, Mr. Sanchos....or???? Also looking for advice for Costa Maya....maybe dolphin adventure??? Thanks for all words of wisdom
  16. I will be on Freedom in a month, and we have booked the Royal Aerial Adventure Park excursion through RC while in Puerto Costa Maya. Has anyone done this? My family (wife + 2 teens) were excited about it, but wondered about some specific questions... Are there lockers or places to put items while zip-lining? Additional cost? How wet will we get on the zip-line? Do you only get 1 ride, or is it multiple rides on the zip-lines? Are we on our own for lunch? Thanks!
  17. My husband and I are taking our 7 year old on a spring break cruise this March on the Navigator of the Seas. This is my first cruise in 10 years (the other one was on the Enchantment of the Seas back in 2007) and my first time cruising with my son. I wanted to get some advice on shore excursions for our stop in Costa Maya. I want to take him to see some ruins and remember Tulum being fantastic the last time I visited. It doesn't seem like Tulum is offered anymore, and I want to branch off and explore non ship sponsored excursions. I've heard good things about Native Choice tours and wanted to see if anyone had any advice that would help me choose between visiting Dzibanche, Chacchoben, and Kohunlich. Are there other good tour companies?
  18. We are travelling on Liberty of the Seas this November. My family of 6 includes my teenaged son who uses a wheelchair. We're looking for recommendations on affordable excursions in Costa Maya, Cozumel and Roatan that are kid, young-adult friendly & wheelchair accessible. We don't mind skipping a formal tour and taking a taxi to a destination, but we are not sure if there are wheelchair accessible taxis in the 3 ports. Does anyone have experience with the beaches, excursions, or self-tours? Thanks, Diane
  19. We have booked a cruise to cozumel, grand caymen, belize, costa maya, tampa in march 2018. We are trying to figure out the best ports and excursions for seeing ruins. any suggestions would be great! We have been to cozumel and caymen in the past and will likely do more of a beach day in those ports, but any recommendations would be great! Also if anyone has done a private journey's excursion in this area, we would consider that as well
  20. Well, I thought I had decided on Maya Chan for Costa Maya as I've heard great things about this place from Matt and others on the boards. However, I've also been reading a lot about the Lost Mayan Kingdom water and zipline park. So my question is which would you choose if you had a 9 year old with you? I'm leaning towards cancelling our Maya Chan reservation and trying Lost Mayan Kingdom since we will be skipping Atlantis given that the Allure is only in Nassau for half a day. In addition, I also know there are a number of great all-inclusive options in Cozumel. Am I wrong? Thanks for your help.
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