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  1. Just for clarification, is this claim strictly looking at an airfare claim, or both airfare and cruisefare? Thanks for doing this, never gotten travel insurance so an interesting look into one example of the process.
  2. Just noticed this thread, my family of 4 will also be on this sailing, flying in 1 day early as well. No internet onboard (big reason for cruising for me), so will catch up on the scopes afterwards.
  3. Having sailed on Radiance and Grandeur before Anthem last year, I did not get the "traditional" main dining room vibe on Anthem... probably due to the 4 separate MDR venues. Had my teens in jeans and a collared shirt, and there was no issue. I didn't bother with a suit coat at all, as opposed to Grandeur, where I wore my tux and it felt pretty cool to do so there. Personal preference :)
  4. Would the fort be a possible to go to without scaling steps, or worth the trip? That sounds like an interesting activity, but there are a couple that would not want to risk climbing the stairs.
  5. Thanks for the hint --- we have a couple in the group that can get motion sick in vehicles that "weave" or up-and-down hills, so that's good advice.
  6. Thanks for the insight. We're looking at only doing 1-2 full-group excursions. We did this back in 2014 when we all went to Alaska, and we picked 1-2 ports to do an excursion together as a group. They just want to make sure we have a couple common activities all-together.
  7. My wife's family is planning a multi-generational cruise on Freedom August of 2018 -- in-laws are in late-60s, we're in our mid-40s as are my sister and brother-in-law, and the kids range from 10-15. We will be in the following ports: St. Maarten (Sunday) St. Kitts (Monday) Antigua (Tuesday) St. Lucia (Wednesday) Barbados (Thursday) We are looking for ideas on an excursion to do for all 10 of us. Preferably an excursion through RC. Any recommendations, ideas? Edit: most of the family members are not big beach goers or drinkers. Also most do enjoy
  8. I will be on Freedom in a month, and we have booked the Royal Aerial Adventure Park excursion through RC while in Puerto Costa Maya. Has anyone done this? My family (wife + 2 teens) were excited about it, but wondered about some specific questions... Are there lockers or places to put items while zip-lining? Additional cost? How wet will we get on the zip-line? Do you only get 1 ride, or is it multiple rides on the zip-lines? Are we on our own for lunch? Thanks!
  9. Freedom on Aug 4, 2018 & Aug 11, 2018 out of San Juan (b2b)
  10. Have a cruise in a few days, and was thinking of alternatives to cash tipping. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere about gifts or small items that the cabin stewards enjoy or could use that they cannot get on/off ship easily. Just looking for something to do other than (or in addition to) cold hard cash :) Suggestions for specific items I could bring along, or look for while in port, to hook up a [hopefully] great cabin steward?
  11. I also had it on my radar for August 2018. Was looking forward to being on that ship, now anxious for what the rest of the San Juan sailings look like.
  12. We did this run on Grandeur out of Baltimore this past summer (August). Really enjoyed the ports northward of Boston. Great experience for us and the kids!
  13. I think I was put in December, when it's really in November -- Nov 5 2017 Freedom of the Seas
  14. Booked Freedom 5-Nov-17 Western Caribbean, thanks!
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