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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Fellow Cruisers!!! My name is KJ and I am so excited to head out on this awesome adventure as a first time cruiser. I know there's still so much time to plan and prepare but I just wanted to introduce myself and looking forward to meeting some cool people along the way. Any recommendations for entertainment, food, and etc. in NY since I'm heading in a few days early to see some amazing sights? Thanks for any insight.
  2. Hello All, I am going on my first ever cruise! Sailing on Anthem of the Seas out of NJ to Bahamas, I was hoping some more experienced cruisers could let me know of what kind of items to pack since its late fall when I'm sailing out of the area & down into the warmer weather. For reference I am from Long Island NY, so I know the weather is very unpredictable in the area in November. I chose this cruise since it was a local port, I wouldn't need to worry about additional airfare & hotel costs. Any advice is greatly appreciated
  3. I received an rccl.com email with the subject "Schedule your antigen test today!". This is in reference to our 11/14 Anthem 7N cruise. I will be traveling by car from MA, so I do not fall into the "arriving from overseas" requirement mentioned. Yet, the email is asking for me to schedule my complimentary rapid antigen test and asks me to "please register for your test". It is a Eurofins test, which is what NCL requires for everyone to get at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. Is this correct and the best way for us to get a free test? Has anyone does this?
  4. Thought I’d show you all the pictures I got from Cape Liberty, New Jersey of Oasis finally in port. I’m aboard her on September 5th and I was amazing how massive she actually is!
  5. Will Oasis of the Seas or Anthem of the Seas be sailing out of Cape Liberty in 2020? Some rumors seem to indicate that these two ships won’t be sailing out of this port until 2021.
  6. When Oasis comes to 'the Big Apple' this year, we've booked a cruise on her. There were many reasons to book this one: check another ship of the bucket list, seeing all the amplifications, not port intensive itinerary (to be able to get to more enjoyment of/on the ship) but still goes to Perfect Day @ CoCo Cay (see those upgrades) , & most of all it's drive-able (from Western PA). This is our first cruise out of the Cape Liberty/Bayonne port area. So any help & direction would be greatly appreciated. We are considering: Where to stay the night before? Outside of going into NYC, things to do in the area? If we were to rent a car what companies are close to port? (thinking of two-one way rentals: get car @ home to get to port, and then port to home) Thanks as always to this great community of Cruisers, and hope to perhaps meet some of you aboard RC in the future.
  7. Hi everyone, I have searched high and low and can't seem to get an answer. Has anyone taken the Anthem or similar from Cape Liberty to Orlando? Based on the distance, I am guessing it's travelling about 12 knots which is half what it's capable of. I just want to know how to pack. Where abouts is the ship on the second day midday and when does it start to get warmer? Also, are the outdoor pools and water slides open when in cold weather? I live in Canada (Vancouver) and in October, the Norwegian Bliss water slides were open in port even though it was cold (around 60-65ish)). I've been on many ships as my husband works as a port agent but we've only ever cruised on one other ship, and that's the Symphony of the Seas back in May, which had an endless array of things to see and do. we were never bored and actually didn't even want to leave the ship! We're anxiously hoping this cruise will be just as well. Anyone know the age range? Is it all older folks, or a good mix like the other modern ships tend to be? We're in our mid 30's and got the booze packages just in case we get bored. Crazy to fly to NYC just to sail south, but the flights were way cheaper than to Florida, and non-stop, and I mean, it's NY, which is fun any time of year, so thought we'd go for it! Any insight?
  8. We are cruising out of Cape Liberty next November. Looking at adding a day to the front of the trip to do some NYC things. I've found some websites that are dedicated to "Park, Snooze, and Cruise" or other verbiage where they list different hotels that provide you with a round trip shuttle and parking during your cruise. When I look up the room rates on the actual hotel websites they typically have their own rate option specifically for this. Most of them aren't that much better of a deal than just paying a normal hotel rate and paying the port parking. Does anyone have experience with Cape Liberty parking/hotels/shuttle options? If so I'd like to hear about your experience. Part of me wants to just park at the port so we don't have to wait for a shuttle after we return to go back to a hotel not necessarily in the direction of our route home. The other part of me thinks paying $160 to just park somewhere is outrageous.
  9. Hi Everyone, Just a quick question. Has anyone used Lyft out of Cape Liberty N.J. Cruise Port to go home? If you have please let me know your experience. Just trying to figure out a good way to get a cab home. Thank you Stuart
  10. Hi We will be cruising out of NJ 10/27 on the Anthem. We will be driving down the night before from Boston area (close to RI border). WE will be driving in via Tappen Zee Bridge . This has been the highly recommended route for us. Does anyone have a good hotel recommendation in the vicinity of the port. We will be driving in and parking our car at the cruise port. We will be 2 couples requiring 2 rooms. We are hoping to get a place that is easy on/off the highway and hopefully free parking and includes a breakfast would be nice. As far as price I have seen many options under $150 range and hoping to stay in that ballpark. Our travel agent recommended the Fairfield in North Bergen. Someone else said we should stay in Paramus which is a little longer drive the next morning. How is staying along the Garden State Parkway? Is that a good commute into the port? Is it better to get as close as possible on Friday night? Any tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Karen
  11. So according to the image in Matt's blog post about the 2018/19 Caribbean, Alaska, and Northeast itineraries (http://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2017/03/15/royal-caribbean-announces-2018-2019-caribbean-alaska-and-northeast-itineraries ), Cape Liberty in Bayonne, NJ is going to get Adventure of the Seas doing the New England and Canada run (among other trips), and Voyager is heading off to Galveston. Can anyone who's been on both give an idea of whether this is an improvement, a downgrade, or just a "lateral move" for those of us in the Bayonne area who would prefer to sail out of Cape Liberty and use the money not spent on a flight towards getting a better cabin or other upgrades? It certainly looks like it's quite an upgrade over Vision. Adventure is a much bigger ship, and I see in the brochure pages on the RCI web site that they put that larger size to use with things like a water park and racing slides, golf area, more specialty dining options, etc. Plus, it was recently refurbished, so it's got all the new shiny. But how is it in person, not on paper? Is the overall experience on there better than on Vision for a family of four, where the kids are becoming older teens, or for a middle-aged couple traveling on our own? It's scheduled for the same itineraries Vision ran out of Bayonne, but will it be able to manage the same ports? Or will it have to change to some maybe less desirable ports because it can't navigate the same places that Vision could? Looking forward to people's thoughts on this. Those New England and Canada itineraries on Vision looked really nice, especially for an alternative to a typical fall foliage tour. I'm hoping that Adventure ca hold up to that.
  12. Hey, Me and my 11 piece group of family just returned back from out 9-night cruise onboard Liberty of the Seas, that left out of Cape Liberty on Thursday, July 30, 2015. I am an avid vlogger and if you have the time to watch, i'd love to share our experience with the RC Blog community. Check Out Part One: https://youtu.be/o4eSQ42vti8 Check Out Part Two: https://youtu.be/mAo7acPrXn4 Check Out Part Three: https://youtu.be/U0zdiKBR4xs Check Out Part Four: https://youtu.be/fVh-AVSVvGg Check Out Part Five: https://youtu.be/BofFjcNBTUQ Check Out Part Six: https://youtu.be/Fy0K4VMHnyk
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