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Found 13 results

  1. Afternoon y'all! My family and I are sailing on Adventure OTS to Bermuda in July later this year. All of us except for my mom are American citizens. She's Filipino. We're concerned that she needs a visa to enter and it might not get approved in time, but also confused because she's a permanent resident here in the US. To add onto that confusion, the official government website for Bermuda does not provide any clear (layman's terms lol) definitions or state which countries are visa exempt. Would my mom's green card be a valid visa? Would she need to get a visa approved to enter Bermuda? It's been a while and we've never had to experience this kind of problem before. Thank you everyone!
  2. Hi All, First time cruiser.. Didn't see this in the prior threads, but we have an early boarding/check-in at 11am on Mariner for May 23rd out of Pt. Canaveral. (Stayed up late one night to get it and have a confirmation email!) However, when I went into the app under "Check-in" and clicked on "arrival time" for wellness check, the only times are for past 1:30pm. So, now I am confused as to which time is our actual boarding time. Surely, they would be checking our vaccine info before we are allowed on board. So, that makes me think that we now can't get on the ship until after 1:30. I figured the 11am check-in would cover wellness check. Does anyone know what the two times are for? Thanks in advance!
  3. Planning to pick an early boarding time for our cruise as soon as online check-in opens. Our flight doesn’t land in FLL until 9:30 and thinking we’ll go for an 11-11:30 boarding time (on Allure out of FLL). Question - what if we encounter delays and arrive a little late for our scheduled boarding time? Will we be able to check in right away or will we be moved to the end of the line/last boarding group?
  4. I'm hearing a lot of people complain about an absolutely chaotic boarding experience in Miami recently getting on symphony. No specific lines for times, just 1 HUGE line and noone checking arrival times. Anyone sail recently or on now and have experience with this?
  5. Hi, We're going on Allure in 3 weeks out of FLL. Our intenerary includes St. Maarten, PR, and Labadee. My mom and sisters passports don't meet the suggested 6-month validity rule, they only miss it by 4 or 5 days, and renewal isn't an option. I don't want them to miss any fun. How strict is RC about the 6-month passport rule? Thanks!
  6. We've booked our first cruise and we're staying on the navigator of the seas in a junior suite. My question is the travel agent said that we get priority boarding with the junior suite and if I remember correctly he said we can board as early as 11am and hang out in a private lounge but I'm not sure what that means. Can any of you guys advise? Also has anyone purchased "the key?" I was also trying to do a virtual tour of the room because the travel agent mentioned that we're located in the front of the ship which can cause increased sea sickness. But I was also trying to view the balcony. Is there a way to see my room/deck assignment on Royal Caribbean? Any other advise is greatly appreciated.
  7. My fiancé and I are very excited about our honeymoon, two RC cruises with a day between in Sept. 2020. I was listening to the RC blog podcast on embarkation day and it brought up a question. This will be my third cruise, so I’m a gold member. It will be his first, so obviously no status yet. I understand they board by Crown and Anchor status. Would we be able to go in the gold line because of my status, or will we need to go in the general line to board together? Additionally, how fast do points post? He would technically be gold by our second cruise, which leaves the day after the first one returns. Would his sea pass already be updated? Thanks in advance!!
  8. OK, so big moment here. We finally got all of our passports and, thanks to that, we were able to complete online check in! And you know what that means... Our Set Sail Pass is ready to print!!! Looking at it, I see it lists all four of us on the first page, with me as the primary pass holder, and then only lists the room number for the cabin my wife and I are in. At the end, there are sample luggage tags showing both room numbers, the passengers in those rooms, and our muster station (B, as it turns out). So, do I only have to print one copy of this document and it's good for all four of us? Or should I be printing four copies so each of us has one and can use it for things like any beverage purchases or the like while we're on board and waiting for our rooms / Sea Pass cards to become available? I was always thinking there would be one Set Sail Pass for each of us, with our name / cabin # / etc; and then each of us would show our individual pass and passport in order to board. Would be happy to find out I'm wrong.
  9. We are heading out on our cruise from Tampa this summer. We will be there early the day before. We DO NOT want to rent a car - with that. Do you recommend staying closer to the cruise port or would you go ahead and stay closer to the beach? ALSO - if the cruise departs at 4pm, what time should we board. Thanks everyone! It's our first cruise.
  10. So we are boarding in sydney, we want to go early go to have a leisurely lunch at the Rocks BUT of course we will have our luggage. Is it like at the airport where you can check your luggage in any time? Or do you have to board with your luggage. So could we get there early check in our luggage go to lunch at the Rocks then board later? Thanks in advance for your help. Never cruised before.
  11. Hello, we are going on Oasis on April 5th. We were wondering when we receive our paper work in the mail (luggage tags, boarding info, etc.). Do we even recieve anything other than luggage tags? Thanks for the help.
  12. Hello. We are sailing on Oasis on April 5, 2014, and on our SetSail pass, it indicates check in time at 12:30 PM. We thought this seemed a bit late, and we were planning on boarding around 10:30 or so. Is 10:30 too early? Has anyone that has sailed on Oasis had to wait until 12:30 to board? Thanks, Derek.
  13. Any one have tips on how to beat the queues. Its our first time on the independence and as she is so big we want to get on asap and start the good times.
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