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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am cruising next month and am wondering: 1. Do beach beds ever become available on Coco Cay once they are showing as "sold out" like once you board? Is there a possibility that there will be some available if I try to reserve on board? I'd really like to have a designated space on if at all possible. I'm checking daily, throughout the day but it's a no go. 2. Should a beach bed not be available, what is the best spot to likely grab loungers before they're all taken? Thanks everyone! Any feedback is welcome. This is only my second cruise and my first was 20 years ago on my honeymoon. It's a whole new world out there now. FYI, there will be two adults in our party, so kid friendly area is not a concern.
  2. Hi all, I am a first timer (cruiser and on the blog); and, I would greatly appreciate some input. We have booked a Royal Cruise embarking on 05/23 on Mariner. I pre-booked the Coco Beach Club for the stop at Perfect Day, which I am very excited about. I wrestled with doing that or booking one of the beach beds there, both seemed to meet our needs. It is starting to sound like Labadee is beginning to get back to normal, with ships beginning to stop there again. My question is, does Labadee have the ability to rent beach beds like Perfect Day? In my cruise planner, I am able to book a beach bed, canopy, or the beach club right now for our trip in May for Perfect Day, but there is no availability to book anything like that for Labadee. So, I just wasn't sure if that would even be an option. Should I expect it to become available at some point in the cruise planner? Thanks in advance!
  3. Well, this summer’s cruise got L&S-ted to next July, so my $49 pp Beach Club passes on CocoCay are obviously gone. It doesn’t look like prices are going to trend back to “affordable” for the Beach Club next year, so we’ll probably just grab a Beach Bed and explore the island at our leisure. Now, I’m looking for experienced opinions! There’s three options: Breezy Bay, South Beach and just “Full Day Beach Bed Rental” (no specific location indicated). For context, we’re a family of 4 with 2 elementary aged boys who will not be the LEAST bit interested in the water slides in the water park, but probably will want to spend some time in the pool. We’re really just looking for a good home base location that will let us explore, hang out and play on the beach and do a little swimming. So, with all of that said, any opinions? I fully understand that these will be very subjective, but I always appreciate all of your different viewpoints and experiences! Thanks in advance as always!
  4. I’m curious about the CocoCay Beach Beds on South Beach. Has anyone experienced this excursion recently? We rented one for our Cruise but I can’t seem to find a lot of details. I know what all it includes but I’m not sure how it works? I know it’s first come first serve but I don’t want to get stuck with a beach bed that isn’t front row and I’m not sure how Id avoid that with so many cruises buying the key? Do I have to wait until I’m at the beach beds to secure one? And do we get to choose one or do they assign us a number? Also, is the buffet far from there?
  5. We are booking beach beds for Coco Cay and it's slightly confusing. I know the price is per bed and not person so I only selected myself. Do I now have to go back in and assign the rest of my party? Do they need to know everyone using the bed or do we just show up? TIA
  6. We will be renting one of the beach beds on our cruise in October (Enchantment). Where is the floating bar in relation to the beach beds? If it is close how out of hand does it get?
  7. Just wondering if anyone's done the Beach Bed on CoCoCay? How are they? How's the experience?
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