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Found 9 results

  1. In some video on Youtube from RoyalCaribbenblog.com (that I cannot find now), @JennaRCB mentions that she took some brief language classes while onboard Harmony. I've looked at some of the cruise compassed here on the site, but cannot find the section where they may be listed and what languages they may offer. Does anyone have any insight as to which languages are offered and when they may occur? I agree with @JennaRCB where it is nice to at least know some basics for various ports of call. I need to learn some French for a land vacation in 2023 and maybe I can learn some French while on a ship! Thanks!
  2. hello everyone! I will be on board of the Independence of the Seas on January 2, starting from Fort Lauderdale. I will be traveling with both my two daughters which are 18 and 19. I was wondering what activities they can do since they are not allowed anymore in the teens club. Can they join us for the clubs and discos? or what can they do. I will be waiting for your response, and wanting to know your experiences in regard to this topic. ?
  3. We are cruising on the Harmony on August 4th. Myself, husband and 12 & 13 year old. I have several questions I'm having a hard time finding answers to.... please help if you can ? 1. Communication? We can't afford the VOOM package for all four of us but we have to communicate with the kids. Most are saying the texting doesn't work well on the new app. We have android so can't try the "free" iphone hack. If the app doesn't give you a notification of a message how is that even helpful? Isn't the best part of cruising NOT checking your phone every five minutes ? 2. Photo Package? We've had good and bad experiences with ship photographers. I don't want to buy the package for digital prints before we go in case we don' t have many good ones. However, the price is totally worth it compared to hiring a photographer here at home. Can we purchase at the end of the cruise and if so, is it less expensive? 3. "Teen" activities? I'm hearing many people mention the teen activities end up being all together and not separated between 12-14 and 15-17. My newly 12 year old is not ready for, nor has any interest in hanging out around 17 year olds. Anyone have experience with that? This is our first trip without the kids in the "Kids" club. 4. App schedule? Your experience with the app... So far our dinner and show reservations are accurate on the app. Many have mentioned the on board activities in the cruise compass do not align with the app. What was your experience? And, once on board and we "add them to our calendar" will they show up on our personal calendar similar to our dining reservation? 5. Clothes? Any tips on getting very active teens to dress nicely? They only wear t-shirts and athletic shorts without argument. I can get my son to wear "golf" shirts but still with athletic shorts ? 6. Themes? Are there theme nights we really need to prepare for? Any other tips greatly appreciated. We aren't new to this but new to teens and a giant boat!!!
  4. Hi - Will the cruise planner give me an opportunity to schedule and pre-pay for smaller classes and activities prior to sailing? The big shows and flow rider items were recently released for my March Oasis cruise, but wine tastings, sushi class, guacamole demonstration, etc. were not available. We are new to RC and really appreciate having access to the old cruise compasses - Thank you!
  5. Hi all! I think I've posted on here before, but I am back as we get closer to our cruise date (Feb 3rd). My wife and I are going on the Majesty of the Sea. We stop at Nassau on Saturday and Cocokay on Sunday. This is the first time we've ever been on a cruise so really no idea what to expect. I do have a few questions though.... With the drink packages I saw something that said that 18% gratuity is automatically added at the bar. I have the drink package where I can basically get anything. Would the 18% be on top of that or is it automatically in the with package? Specialty coffees are not included from what I read. How much does a latte or something similar cost? We have a shore excursion at Nassau (snorkling). Do you think the directions to get to where we need to go for the shore excursion are pretty clear? Once we are off the boat, how easy is it to get a meal and is that a part of the ships complimentary food? How long does it take to get off and get back on the ship? How are the mosquitoes this time of year (zika virus concerns)? We will be sailing during the superbowl. I normally am not too concerned, but I have a few bets placed this year. The superbowl is supposed to start during our my time dinning. Do they have TVs in the room to check the score every so often? Thanks for all the help! N00BCruiser
  6. Are there any cooking workshops on Anthem of the Seas? Anything other than scrapbooking and jewelry making?
  7. Hello it is going to be my first time on RCCL, my parents and I are going to Alaska on Jewel of The Seas. However, we have only ever done Disney before but decided we wanted to do something different because Disney was leaving out of Vancouver, and RCCL was leaving Seattle. I'm 22, and my biggest concern is that I have no idea how to meet people on RCCL. On Disney, everyone is recurring, and they even have a small group for people in their twenties who are on board to meet. I was not sure if RCCL has anything like this? My impression of RCCL is that it is more of a party ship, and that is something I'm not really used to and was not sure if there were activities for people my age, especially since it is an Alaskan cruise. Also, what do you suggest to wear for Jewel? I am assuming the same that I would wear on DCL, but was not sure if it was less or more formal than DCL. What excursions are also great to do, and what shows would you suggest? I am also a vegan, is there adequate dining for those who don't eat meat? Thanks!!
  8. If you have just been on a cruise welcome back. How about giving us a brief view of the ship you were on and where you visited. Don't forget to leave a full review in Matts cruise reviews tab at the top of the page.
  9. In 2009 we went on Mariner of the Seas to the Mexican Rivera. The trip was great and we enjoyed the port of call. But my favorite thing I have ever done on a cruise was cooking with a chef!! Chef Makers gave classes sing the galley and bar space of the Windjammer Café. granted the classes were a bit pricey, but you got a meal and drinks or wine to go with it. we took home wonderful recipes and some extra cooking knowledge from a real experienced chef. Has anyone else ever done this? Do any of the other ships have this opportunity? I keep looking, watching and hoping. B)
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