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Found 15 results

  1. So like the title says I am heading for my first solo cruise. First time solo, first time on Voyager, first time in an interior room!, first cruise in wave season. Last cruise as Emerald, seriously being just 2 points from Diamond just doesn't sit well with me! So I am writing this partially to keep track of what I am doing as that is normally a duty assumed by the Darling Wife (DW), partially because I am excited and just want to share the fun! Next Friday is online check in so tonight I went and found my passport. I know how and when I am getting from point A to B and back again and even a little bit of what I am going to do. I'll start packing after new years and I'll start panicking Feb 1st! Sunday afternoon Feb 4th: Drive from Arlington to Galveston, set up at the state park and find a good dinner. This is subject to change as, if the Battleship Texas is still doing dry dock tours and I can get a spot I might have to drive down at o'dark 30. Have to wait and see on that one. I will kick back and do my onboarding safety video and such durring dinner. Monday Feb 5th: Wake up, stretch, drink a canned doubleshot or two and gawk at the probable fog bank. Pretty common in Galveston in February so i am just planning on it. After I break down and go find breakfast I'll read the weather updates from the local news and from Royal telling me about the fog. After that drop off the truck at Discount Cruise parking and take the tram to the Terminal. This won't be my first time at the new terminal, but the DW and I like Jr Suites so I will see the concourse I haven't been through yet. I hear it's pretty nice. Then it's on to Voyager for Lunch, a Virgin Mango Daiquiri, visit my muster station and eventually find my room. (I am one of Bill's Friends so my party planning may bit a bit off from others) Tuesday Feb 6th: I am a Bum. Sleeping in for sure. I honestly have no idea what I am going to do. Maybe read, maybe sketch, definitely watch flying fish off the promenade rail. I love watching the flying fish. However it is my first time solo so I have no other schedule. I might go hang in the card room and see if I can find a game of cribbage. Might watch a show. Might nap on deck all day! For sure going to snack a lot. Wednesday Feb 7th: Still sleeping in, Still being a bum. I plan to be up on deck around 4-ish. As we pull in to Cozumel for the night Icon should be casting off her lines. It will be cool to see the ship on one of her first runs. Once we are moored and the gangway is down I plan to find my way downtown to Cozumel Coffee Company and enjoy a few cups of dark stuff. Thursday Feb 8th: Not sleeping in, going ParaSailing. This will be a first for me as well. then relax, do some shopping.. yup back to being a bum! As I will be up early I might see if I can find a good local breakfast before my adventure and definately have to find a good lunch. Maybe stay up late on the top deck and read there till my battery runs out or I fall asleep. Friday Feb 9th: back to Bumsville! besides taking some time to pack in the evening plans are pretty much the same as Tuesday. Saturday Feb 10th: Sigh... disembark and drive back to the real world! Have to get back in time to do laundry and get ready for Scout Sunday. A cub scout leaders work doesn't take weekends off! I do have to swing back through the Strand and pick up a small cargo from Katie's before heading north though. So there it is my plan in a nutshell. everything is booked reserved and ready to go from the Park to picking up my truck in parking lot when I get back. I'll find out where they seat me in the dining room and let ya'll know what I think of solo cruising along the way! If you have any ship board suggestions of things to do, let me know.
  2. This will be my fourth cruise, my wife's second, and the first for our two sons. We are all really excited! I booked two adjoining interior rooms a couple of weeks ago. I loved the balcony on my last cruise, but I decided to go for a lower price this time.
  3. Really excited for this cruise! I'll be bringing my son (14) for his first cruise and we scored a panoramic oceanview suite (floor to ceiling windows on the bow of the ship on deck 12!). Look forward to meeing some people from the boards on this cruise!
  4. Going on Oasis of the Seas next July, and I was wondering if the shop on board sells different model ships, not just the one you are on. For example, if you are on board Mariner of the Seas, could you buy a scale model of Liberty of the Seas, or would you have to go on that ship to get that model? I would really like to get a couple of different models on board.
  5. Hello, I am searching for the Oasis of the seas and Voyager of the seas ship models. If anyone has any of these or are planning to go on board these ships please get in contact with me as I am willing to pay for the model, and cover shipping while paying you a little extra. I've been searching for these since I didn't pick them up upon my previous voyages, thank you.
  6. Hi guys! My friends and I are going on our first cruise and there’s still a few questions we were hoping you could help with: 1) Will we save money by buying the DBP? We plan on drinking a decent amount of cocktails and having a few coffees and juices as well throughout the day, and we think we might actually break even. But is it likely we will save ourselves money? 2) How does the gratuity work? We’re from NZ and tipping isn’t the usual. If we only buy the Beverages package and we order an alcoholic drink will the tip be included in the price or added on top? Have you found that with the tips can be a “hidden cost” on the cruise? 3)Do you have any extra advice for us? Thank you guys!
  7. As well as Caribbean, also pricing up Japan cruises with Royal Caribbean. There’s two cruises that we looked up, both going to 3 ports. One is on the Quantum from Shanghai, and the other is on the Ovation from Tianjin. Which ship is better? Is there a difference? Does one have something the other one doesn’t? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thought i would include some concerns about Voyager and Hygiene in particular. Many days the hand sanitisers were empty and just pushed to the side or not available at all. The kids club, they were always empty. In Singapore they did not exist at all when returning to ship at Security screening back on board, once inside near Deck 4 lifts they were empty. Flagged this a number of times on ship and it seemed this did not get better. Also thought I would share pics of my mini bar in our Junior Suite. This was on day 1 when boarding and was the same when we departed. This was left in this state from previous guest as we did not eat cake or use fridge at all. Again highlighted with no outcome........
  9. Hello, Sailing on Voyager of the Seas from Sydney to Singapore 16th April. Booked through RCCL Australia. Arrive 08.00 am Singapore 29th April, and Disembark 30th April. It does not appear I can book Airport transfers online. Can these be booked on board RCCL?
  10. I will be sailing on Voyager of the Seas on April 16th from Sydney-Singapore, when can I book the 3 or more nights dining package?
  11. News Flash - Voyager of The Seas and her slighlty younger and bigger sister Explorer of the Seas met on Sunday November 28th in Sydney Harbour and made the harbour look like a small bathtub. Thanks "Cruise Advice" for posting this wonderful video on Youtube. Up until Sunday, Voyager was the largest cruise ship to homeport Australia that title nows goes to her sister Explorer of the Seas.
  12. Hi There Royal Caribbean Blog Friends, Greetings from Hong Kong. Just recently we booked a ten-night South Pacific trip for March on Voyager of the Seas that leaves out of Australia. We booked through the online Royal Caribbean website which was an ok deal, now the price has dropped considerably. To get the better deal, should I contact Royal Caribbean directly by phone and ask them to apply the better pricing? Thank you for the help! Best Regards, The Food Guy James
  13. I can't find any vots itineries between April and October 2016. Surely not another Makeover?
  14. Hi Guys I've been looking all over the internet and keep finding a different answer so i thought I'd ask the experts. Does the Solarium on the voyager class (specifically the Voyager) have a roof over it like the Oasis and Radiance class ships? I'm reluctant to book a New Zealand cruise without one, it made all the difference on our last cruise. Thanks Luke.
  15. We everyone's favourite ship in the land down-under has been a massive disappointment. Just had friends return from the first cruise on the revitalised Voyager (there was a one night party cruise prior to this one) and they were bitterly disappointed. Complaints were varied: Food choice and quality in MDR sub standard Windjammer selections same everyday 600 extra passengers but no extra staff to service them 1,800 children running amok, (ran into an elderly lady and broke her arm) too many for Adventure Ocean Certain beer brands running out on day 1 and not replenished (and some wines) Staff tired and over worked (some cabins weren't being serviced until 2-3pm in the afternoons as staff complain their workload has doubled) Only 1 staff member in all bars at any time including Cafe` Promenade where the line stretched for miles whilst one staff member ran the show (serving, making coffee's etc) Few if any bar staff on the pool deck had to suffer a long queue at the bar for any drinks Efficient check-in, disastrous boarding Seems these complaints were corroborated by reviews on Cruise Critic as well. They had better lift their game because Aussie cruisers are a fickle lot and with all the advertising they have done of the new $80 million makeover it wont end too well.
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