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  1. Voom by itself is showing $20 in cruise planner this far out? Oof, that's really high. I usually see it just under $15. Since the Deluxe drink package wifi combo deal is just $11 more than the drinks, you're basically paying $22 for two devices. $2/day for an extra device would be worth it to me.
  2. They could even transfer over a Celebrity ship if they really wanted, but I don't see that happening until they start seeing empty cabins on a bigger ship's run. Seems like the medium ship experience is going to cost Celebrity money for the foreseeable future. But to be fair, X doesn't always cost more than a comparable itinerary on Royal, especially when you figure in sales and perks that X seems more generous with.
  3. If they create a Galaxy Class and don't name one Enterprise, I'm rioting.
  4. I think I might be a small ship person too. I've really only got the Allure and the Majesty to compare in recent memory, but there was a lot that I liked better on the Majesty. I mean, I'm never going to turn my nose up at the Allure--but if the Majesty wasn't relocating, I'd be sailing with her again this coming October. The smaller ship seemed more cozy and relaxing to me. The Allure was more like Disney World. Amazing, but the crowds could be a bit much.
  5. Yikes . . . it was $9.95 when I sailed in March, up from $6.95 on most other ships. That's a $5 increase over a very short period of time.
  6. The package is definitely worth it to us, but I also prefer to pay for everything up front and not have to worry about budgets and money while I'm on a vacation. It also prevents a big bill at the end which would end the vacation on a sour note. Another thing I like about the package is it encourages us to try things we might not if we were paying per drink. If I wind up not liking something, it's no big deal. It's not like I'm out $10 this round, I can just order something else without worrying.
  7. I recognize the context of what Bayley is saying, I said as much in my original post. He said: " "We're multi-generational, and contrary to what millennials think, there's other people in the world." Had he kept it to a discussion of the facts about cross-generational cruising habits, I've got no problem with what he's saying. He should've left out the joking or opining suggesting millennials think they're the only people in the world.
  8. It should show up in an envelope in your room, or the port agent will hand you one when you check in, it varies depending on the ship. I've had both happen.
  9. Yes. My MIL was texting with the same on our Christmas cruise. Couple tricks to remember: iPhones won't always pop up the "hey you need to log in" screen when you connect to Royal Wifi. Just go to "logon.com" to get to where you enter your PIN. If you buy in advance, you get a PIN. Don't try to log in with your name and room number, it'll just bring you to the place to buy another package which you don't want. If you're sharing a code, go to "logoff.com" to switch it off. It can take a few minutes after logging on to the wifi for the phone to make the connection to Verizon, texting and calling may not work right away. Wait a bit and it should come up.
  10. It depends on your cell phone provider and your phone. If you have one of the big 4 US carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile or Sprint) *and* a recent iPhone or Android phone, then yes, you will be able to text over Wifi while in Airplane mode. It varies a bit from phone to phone, and not all of them work. iPhone 5S (not the plain 5) and newer will work. Most Android phones also work, but the some of the oddball el-cheapo ones might not.
  11. Yes, to be abundantly clear, the middle aged entitled person I'm referring to is Michael Bayley. Everyone, regardless of their age or generation, deserves to be treated with respect and not insulted. Period. We are each responsible for our own behaviors and anybody, of any age, acting up only represents themselves and not their entire age bracket.
  12. If you're nice to the bartenders and tip them and order simple drinks (rum and coke, vodka soda, etc) they might just charge you for the shot (usually $8) instead of a cocktail price ($10+). I suppose you could also just order shots and spike your own sodas, but at that point you're starting to be your own bartender which is no fun.
  13. I did a 4-night specialty dining package on the Allure last month. They didn't pre-book any of my restaurants for me. As soon as we boarded on the promenade, there was a crew member at a podium with a sign for dinner reservations. I booked all 4 of mine then and there. You can always change them if you change your mind later (I switched out the Solarium/Samba grill for another visit to Chops later on), but you've got it all set in case things fill up.
  14. Royal Carribbean CEO Michael Bayley just did an interview with Business Insider and dropped this gem: Contrary to what clueless CEOs think, it's a stupid idea to insult people you'd like to be your customers. There are few things that irritate me more than watching middle-aged entitled people who are typically waited on hand-and-foot through their entire daily lives whine and moan about those selfish entitled millennials. He goes on to talk about not specifically chasing millennial cruisers and once they start families, their preferences tend to align with other families regardless of generation. That's fine, I don't think Royal should chase fads and make assumptions based on opinions not backed up by the data of actual spending habits--all the more ironic, since he starts out doing that very thing by throwing a barb at millennials at the top of the article . . . My advice to Mr. Bayley is to remove his foot from his mouth and avoid insulting large swaths of your guests, check his own entitlement at the door when he comes in to work, and redirect that energy to thinking about how he can improve his cruise line for all guests. A good place to start might be on the apps and websites which are an absolute horror show right now. And if that's too millenial-focused (us and our silly obsession with technology and smartphones and all), take a look at the main dining room food quality which has been taking a nosedive for the best 15 years.
  15. Hooooooo boy. HERE WE GO!!! I still say it was god-awful on the Majesty, but what you got on the Freedom seems about the same as what I got on the Allure. Bland, not much really going for it, on par with a generic frozen pizza.
  16. Honestly, if a private tour operator won't wait for you or give you a refund if the ship runs late (which DOES happen and is totally outside of your control), then they don't deserve your business and you shouldn't book with them, in my opinion.
  17. What's interesting here is that was under the old CIO, Michael Giresi. He quit and went to Aramark in September of last year & Royal named Martha Poulter the new CIO just before Christmas. There's no way this started after Poulter took over, this project had to be in the works well before Giresi left. But I cannot fathom why they'd move forward with throwing the switch on such a big PUBLIC FACING infrastructure change that early into the tenure of a brand new CIO. There's no way she's gotten a handle on all the projects going on and what every team under her is working on and responsible for in three months on the job. This is pure conjecture on my part, but having been up close and personal with some big corporate software-related projects, I bet you that website redesign was horribly behind schedule and fraught with problems. Giresi either ran away screaming or got pushed out and Poulter was hired on to make the new code ship come hell or high water and that's exactly what she did--damn the bugs, we'll fix 'em as we go. No way does a brand new CIO do a major release three months in to a job unless that's what they were specifically hired to do.
  18. I'm not paying an upcharge for nachos and potato skins on a cruise ship. If I'm going to pay more for food on a vacation, it's going to be for an experience that wows me like Chef's Table, Chops or 150. If I want fried food or chips and dip that badly, then I'm going to support the local economy of the place I'm visiting. I ain't paying Royal for that. This is yet another continuation of a nickel-and-diming trend I'm getting less and less patient with. I'm the sort who budgets a whole vacation and prefers to pay over time and up front for everything so I don't have to have a care in the world while I'm actually on vacation and there will be no big surprise bills at the end to close out my vacation on a sour note. I do not enjoy spending money WHILE on vacation. I want all of that sorted before I put my flip flops on. Cruising Royal used to accommodate me on that, but that's becoming less and less so. And not only are they adding more for-pay options, they're degrading their complementary offerings too. I've noticed a distinct nose dive in food quality from the MDR and Windjammer on ships with more specialty restaurants and upcharges. And there's that rumor they're going to nuke the drink package benefits on Coco Cay soon. Gotta squeeze the guests more for that water park . . . If I have to shift my vacation dollars to all-inclusive land resorts or start taking a fresh look at the other cruise lines competing with Royal but offering more for the money without all the nickel and diming, then that's what's going to happen. It's certainly looking that way more and more.
  19. Call them (or your travel agent) and check. They ought to have been posted in the system by now, so it's possible they've already sold out, but RC systems are screwy on the best of days and they just did a massive overhaul to their website. It's very possible they're available and hiding.
  20. Following up on my earlier post, my C&A points have been corrected. They responded to my email and basically said it was a known issue and a fix would go out in a week or two. I just checked today, and my C&A points now show the correct balance.
  21. You're talking about the Allure of the Seas, though, right? At best, the app was only mildly useful aboard, but it was pretty much garbage. I say that because while it was handy to have the ship maps, cruise compass and all the MDR and specialy restaurant menus (and you don't need a wifi package to use it), that's all it was really good for. And the itinerary on my sailing got shuffled due to the weather, shows got rescheduled, and there were all sorts of changes and NONE of the updates made it to the app. None of them. At that point, it was outright wrong information and useless. Fortunately, there are big touch-screens by all the elevators that were kept up to date and worked very well.
  22. I guarantee you that they merged, migrated and restructured databases on the back end and there's no practical way to walk it all back to the old data structures while preserving everything that has been booked or changed since the rollout. So it's damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.
  23. The pastries are free and the coffee drinks are all included with the refreshment and deluxe drink packages, but not with just the soda package. The only other upcharge restaurant onboard the Majesty is Johnny Rockets.
  24. Depends on the ship. Some of them post all the menus in the mobile app. (Allure did, Majesty did not). If not, try asking your waiter, they may have them already printed.
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