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  1. We have done both after they got amped. They are both so similar. I think with our kids, maybe Indy. Only because Indy has Grease and my kids love the shows. The shows on Freedom were not Broadway ones and just mediocre at best. For Hubby and I, I would give the edge to Freedom because of the same reasons the @AshleyDillojust mentioned. We love El Loco and we've discovered that we really like the new Giovanni's Kitchen as well. We ate there 3 out of our 4 nights a few weeks ago.
  2. This is true. One of our Genies was known to "over feed" people lol. The shots of Patron Anejo never stopped coming all sailing.
  3. Yes, they most definitely can do that. They arrange for room service to deliver it. We have had mixed drinks (like Pina Colada and Margaritas) and liquor (shots of Patron and whiskey) delivered many times. I agree with @I_Love_RCI though, the mixed drinks melt a bit by the time they get to you so sometimes it's easier to go get it yourself, especially if you are on Deck 17.
  4. They won't do service to Miami airport so that was definite no for us.
  5. Has anyone used QLS Transportation for departures in the FLL/MIA areas? Good/bad? We always use Lyft, but this coming spring break, we are travelling with a party of 10, including my parents, and they definitely don't want to go that route (Lyft), and they want to stay together. I priced out several companies (Larry's Limo, Infinity Transportation, Miami Luxury Shuttles, etc.) and QLS comes in the cheapest.
  6. When we sailed out of Southampton in July, lots of people used Boots for their pre-cruise test and it was fine.
  7. All suites use Malin & Goetz now. (well...not sure about JS)
  8. Yeah, for me that is also irrelevant as Uber/Lyft is so easy to get in that area.
  9. I think @Jaxused apple air tags on her last cruise back in December. I personally have not bothered with Apple air tags because we fly Delta and I find their baggage tracking to be really good. Even during our lost luggage fiasco in March, I was always able to track my bags through the Delta app. They just never made it to where we were but I knew where they were lol
  10. But do they have fried ice cream? That is the critical question. lol
  11. Definitely Intercontinental Miami. No other hotel beats this view.
  12. I've always been curious about Hyatt Centric Los Olas. I know @Matttried it out. I am pretty sure I remember reading over the years that there is a lot of restaurants in that area. Truthfully, the next time I sail out of Fort Lauderdale I might stay there. It's newer and more modern. I am getting tired of the 17th street area. The hotels are pretty dated and the only thing that holds me to that area is my beloved La Bamba, but I might just Uber/Lyft it there from the Hyatt next time.
  13. LOL! @JLMoranbeat me to a response to this but I am laughing so hard right now. Joe is as long winded as they come! But we love @JLMoranand he's been around for a long time.
  14. Don't mention it! I am still beyond sad, and mad, I had to move that one.
  15. Can’t. I am a teacher. My schedule doesn’t allow for much flexibility for cruising. It’s basically just one week in March, July/August, and two weeks over Christmas/New Year that we can cruise.
  16. I definitely want to sail Navigator. I've had 3 cancelled sailings on that ship over covid and now it moved out west (harder for me to fly to). But one of these days....
  17. No comment. You sound like a smart guy lol There are huge benefits being a D+ member! I personally think the 5 drinks per day is the best one out of all the D+ benefits. I know that some will disagree with me, but I actually hope that Royal never changes back. I love having the freedom to use those drink vouchers at any point during the day. Way better than being restricted to the happy hour in the Diamond lounge. The other D+ benefit that I see as good value is the BOGO specialty dining. We didn't use that this cruise since we had the Unlimited Dining Package but on future sailings (without the UDP), Hubby and I will use it for sure. What can I say? YOLO Book another cruise? You are from the West Coast, I think Navigator has a Playmakers
  18. Thank you! For sure. I have been of the mindset (for quite long time now) that Voyager and Freedom class ships (especially the amped ones) are a great starting point for first time cruisers. While my heart always belongs to Oasis class, it can be overwhelming for a first time cruiser. You will love Harmony! haha! I told Hubby I would be perfectly content to not leave the ship. We did get off at Coco Cay though, just long enough grab a Snack Shack Chicken Sandwich and a Funnel Cake.
  19. Yes! I cannot wait. We have the Villa on Harmony with them this coming March (2023). It was supposed to be December 2020 but we lost that and moved it. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly and we are able to take them finally.
  20. Oh wait, I may have misread the question. I meant that the excursions we booked ourselves in the Cruise Planner showed up automatically in the app. Not sure about the private ones not linked to Royal. We have never tried to add one of those.
  21. When we cruised last month, self booked excursions showed up automatically on the app. This was on Anthem.
  22. haha...not that young anymore. Hubby still loves Lego, Star Wars, and his Toronto Maple Leafs so he is forever young
  23. Not really. That is why you have to go in with the right expectations. Also, as @twangsterhas stated more than once, that is why these ships run a bit cheaper too. But don’t get me wrong, we totally enjoyed our week on board Freedom. We knew it wasn’t going to be like the big ships and after Europe, a “do nothing” cruise was exactly what we needed.
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