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  1. Thank you i took it this morning Wednesday 12-29 at 4 am EST, for my Friday Boarding sailing 12-31, I hope it will be ok ! And yes came up Negative !
  2. I am Vaccinated and was wondering does it matter the time of day you can test , or can i test 3 am before 2 days before boarding Day ? before i go to work , or do i need to wait 48 hr from boarding time ?
  3. i ordered the 2- 2 packs not sure i will need all them
  4. i am pending also for my 12-31 symphony i am in a BW Balcony, and my extra space ocean view balcony is pending , and my JS is expired so i did not bid high enough on that at $340 PP , i did not get any option higher than a JS ,
  5. it is Highly suggested you order an extra one or 2 as a back up i have been trying to figure out if i should order 1 or 2 extra for , i am a party of 2 people ?
  6. Should i order (Test Kits ) 3 pack or stay safe and order the 6 pack for me and my wife curious what people think for 2 people ?
  7. Does anyone know of a more economical hotel in downtown miami with parking , i been looking at all your suggestions for my Dec 31 sailing and the price point is way out of my league , open to ideas ?
  8. i was hoping there were more option maybe soon .
  9. Is there only 2 options for the Home tests Rccl tests or the BinaxNOW Emed ? is there any other recognized companies that are doing in home tests ?
  10. what was the price for beach club full day pass if i can ask ?
  12. what is a good UNLIMITED DINING PACKAGE price for a 8 day sailing does anyone have prices for the december sailing what they have seen
  13. i am just nervous that if i cancel the DBP i purchased with OBC , when i cancel to repurchace the lower price , OBC is not available rite away !
  14. If i use my OBC in the cruise planner to buy a drink package, and the price drops and i cancel to repurchase, will the OBC be available to reuse instantly for the new purchase ?
  15. Did they cancel the Symphony August 21 2021 to Aruba , i do not see it on the web site any more ??
  16. Allure Feb 28th 2021 ( DBP ) lowest mine drop to is $53 U.S. a day, any one seen lower on the Allure for feb or march 2021 ???
  17. Check out this web site they list all the Live Ports Webcams all over the world it is pretty awesome . http://www.shipdetective.com/ports/webcam_index.htm
  18. On youtube search Port of Miami webcam that is the one i watch
  19. We are planning to do many things around town , my concern is there are some good reviews on the web and many bad, so i wanted to reach out to my friends on this board and get there opinions, Thanks my friend .
  20. Holiday Inn port of Miami Downtown near bayside market place
  21. Can anyone give me reviews on the Holiday Inn port of Miami DownTown, i am planning on booking 4 nites with them because they have good rates for my sailing in March 2021 ( Yes if it sails ) . I would appreciate any all feed back Thanks
  22. Thanks for the advise but my wife hates Izumi and Johny rockets were not a fan of either as i live in vegas and there is a Johny rockets accross the way from me and we never eat there , my concern is that there is no real information on what restuarants they will have or not have and i am sure Rccl knows what will be on the ship or not , i have bought UDP many times before , but unless there are more restaurants it will be a waste of money for me this time .
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