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  1. Why don't people like Dracula? Because he's a pain in the neck.
  2. Hope this doesn't offend anyone.
  3. I don't think it matters what port you are embarking from if you're staying on the same ship. We have done many b2bs and that's the only way we like to cruise!
  4. This past week I find that I have to log in every time I visit this board in order to post a comment. Has something changed, have I been a bad boy, have I pissed off someone in charge, did the $10,000.00 check I sent bounce? Just wondering.......
  5. You forget one...did you hear about the kid knapping in the park? Don't worry, he woke up.
  6. We are booked on the Radiance OTS May 31st to June to June 7th on the Northern Passage way. We will be flying into Vancouver BC on the May 30th, the day before we board the ship. Looking for some good hotels, taxi costs to the port, etc. Thanks! rjac
  7. Yes, Radiance is a great ship. But, nature getting back to normal? Does anyone, to include Mother Nature, know what normal is? Good luck.
  8. It's possible that they are both booked for the cruise. Have you tried booking different times or are they just not showing up in the cruise planner? May have to give Royal a call. Good luck and have a GREAT cruise!
  9. Funny what a difference 45 years makes!
  10. Matt, Already planning fir next year. Not sure it will be on the Radiance. Hope Royal let's everyone know what happened. The ship was headed back to Victoria, Canada to dry dock. That doesn't sound like a quick turnaround, especially if that azipod is severely damaged. rjac
  11. My wife and I did the land portion of this land/cruise portion first. We finished up Denali and got to the Port in Seward on Friday, September 1st. Early on the motor coach the "adventure guide" informed us that she was just notified that the Radiance had a "propulsion system issue" that they were working on and our cruise might be delayed. We finally got to Seward about 5:30 and boarded the ship with no problems nor mention of any ship related problems. Once in our cabin, the captain made an announcement that the problem wasn't fixed, the ship had to go to dry dock and the cruise was cancelled. He did mention that we would receive a letter detailing the reimbursement packages and comps. We quickly headed to the conference room where four staff members were assisting guests with return flights home through Royal's Air/Sea. Within 1.5 hrs I received an email with our flight arrangements for Saturday night. So we headed to the nearest bar for a few complementary drinks then off to dinner. Saturday we took the last shuttle bus back to the Anchorage airport and caught our flight home later that night. Are we disappointed, yes of course. Butthese things happen and it was out of our control. We did get to see Denali and a few of the small towns around Denali. Didn't see Mt. Denali because of the clouds nor did we see any wild life but we really enjoyed that national park. We were totally satisfied with the way the captain, his staff and crew quickly reacted to this problem. Very professional, we can't complain. We look at it this way, we travelled to Alaska and got to have dinner and a night on the Radiance of The Seas. By the way, she's a beautiful ship for her age, just a "little" problem with her propulsion system. rjac
  12. Has anyone heard about Royal canceling Juneau Alaska as a port stop this month and next month due to the glacier melt and flooding? rjac
  13. Has anyone gone on this excursion? We are planning on doing it next month. But, my wife is getting cold feet because of the distance of the hiking, trail conditions, etc. We are in our 70's fairly good shape and have all the gear. Anyone have experience on this excursion. Good and bad comments will be appreciated. Thanks! Robert
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