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  1. Love love loved Freedom! But after 2 trips on Radiance class it's a very close 2nd.
  2. The link didn't work on my phone
  3. lol, I'm laughing so hard right now!
  4. lol, going back and reading it...I get it, totally could've been Mariner I was talking about. Thanks! Actually hoping to book Independence because of the toddler pool. BUT I may try to book Mariner for just me and the wife.
  5. So true. They're on the larger side.
  6. I love the Schooner Bar, it's been my favorite on the 4 ships I've been on. Day or night, piano player or none. On Brilliance there was a 2000 piece (maybe 5000, can't remember) puzzle on a table off to the side, for anyone to help complete. Maybe I'm just a sucker for the nautical theme. We've enjoyed the various entertainers we've seen there.
  7. Looks amazing! I have nothing booked, been waiting to make sure the new baby is healthy. Born a few days ago, all is well...now I can get booking! ?
  8. Not sure if this has been mentioned in this thread, but I think the Escape Room on Freedom Class will be taking the place of the wedding chapel in the Crown.
  9. I'm in(terested). I love climbing random things! I know many people won't like it, or think it's tacky, I respect and understand, but I'll definitely be trying it out...if they'll let adults on it.
  10. Yeah...I'm having to rethink my cruise life now with kids in the picture. I want them to have a good time on vacation, but the costs add up quick for sure.
  11. I haven't finished reading your whole blog yet...just had to make a couple comments before I forget them... The captain driving the boat "like a bat out of hell" made me laugh, lol, not sure why, it was just funny. That yacht...omg I'll take one! And finally, if I'm ever in another band, one of our albums will be titled " Cows on the Beach", and I'll add your name in the thank yous ?. Now, back to reading the rest of the blog.
  12. She doesn't really exist...except in Bot World ?
  13. I was thinking the same thing about @Matt, he's a brave soul, lol.
  14. I didn't read through...I wanted to see your end game, lol. Well done, I laughed, along with @coneyraven. Maybe one day we'll all cruise together and understand each other's humor.
  15. Maybe I didn't read enough of the article...but it doesn't say if there was a tragic ending to the jump or not. So, I have no problem with the original post, or any "jokes" thereafter. Maybe it was a millennial YouTuber looking to make a name. Maybe it was suicide because of medication being taken. We don't know. Let it go. Thanks to @ellcee for posting the link, that's what this site is for, cruise news.
  16. Very funny, even though I haven't met him yet ?. Does he maybe fit into the same group as my mother-in-law?..."before dirters"?
  17. If you're up for it, and get a chance, let us know how it goes with your little one. There is definitely info and experience on this site for cruising with babies...just not as much as with the drink package ?...so the more stories the better. We'll be trying to cruise with 2 little ones next year, so I'll be looking for more tips!
  18. There's a thread on here somewhere about some names RC has copyrighted and whatnot somewhat recently. I think Joy OTS is one...can't remember the others.
  19. I agree. We've always had some amount of OBC, but once that's used up the RC card gets used on board, which means double points. Once we start cruising more the RC card might get ditched, but for now with 1 or 2 cruises a year I'm able to get some OBC from what I spend in between cruises. For @Vee2525, another thought is have some small bills for tips on board, and on shore.
  20. Use the nursery. You can't take your baby in the pools. Don't plan on doing anything except watching your baby the whole time (when they're not in the nursery). Be aware of other passengers, and be courteous if your baby starts crying/fussing by taking them away from passengers who are trying to relax quietly. Have fun, but realize vacation/cruising with a baby is so much less relaxing than without one. We brought a basic umbrella stroller for our 1yr old. We also brought our own packNplay. We brought a 24pk of water on board with us to mix formula, or just for him to drink. We didn't bring a car seat. Talk to your pediatrician, ask if they can give you some prescriptions to bring on board, just in case.
  21. No minimum limit that I'm aware of, but there is a Max of $500 I believe. If I remember correctly, if you spend that $500 a few days in, you can add more cash to the account. We did that for our first 3 cruises I think, now we just use the Royal Caribbean credit card.
  22. I put mine in the box by guest services.
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