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  1. Do you mean if you want to fill your YETI or RTIC up with free provided ICE water that is available self service at every bar? Yes, FREE ice water is available and there are signs instructing you to NOT fill any personal bottles therefore taking the water and putting it in the sanitized cups before filling your bottle / cup is for health reasons. You are comparing consuming the provided water with buying one drink package and sharing it. I have found the rules for you from the RCL site regarding sharing of packages and ordering more than 1 drink at a time. Q Can I order multiple drinks at a time with Royal Caribbean's all-inclusive beverage packages? A.No. As this is a personal package, only one beverage per guest will be served. All packages are for single guest use and cannot be shared by multiple people.
  2. IF they can avoid storms they will but i can tell you first hand thats not always the case and sometimes it is scary being in the middle of a terrible storm. I have video where i was on the pool deck at the SQUEEZE bar when almost instantly the entire deck had 6 inches of water and every deck chair was being blown around and floating around on it because the pools had spilled over so badly from the leaning of the ship in horrible seas.
  3. Different people have opinions about everything, thats whats great ,we are allowed to have opinions. Personally I have opinions about certain types of travel, hotel brands, specific places in the world etc. The great thing is they are just that, my opinions and other people can have their own and we should all be able to get along happily ever after. :)
  4. I am sorry to hear that for your own sake but more importantly because your stealing increases my costs and all the other folks on here who abide by the rules.
  5. You are allowed to bring up to 12 bottles / cans of anything non alcoholic with each being up to 17 fluid ounces. With that being said I saw one couple with a dolly hauling 3 cases of water onboard 2 weeks ago when boarding liberty.
  6. They also have orange juice and apple juice in the mornings. There is ICE water at almost every single bar on the entire ship with cups right next to it. I found the water to taste great. If you are going to fill up a YETI or RTIC just be sure to pour the water into the provided cups first then dump it in to your container.
  7. steal verb \ ˈstēl \ stole\ ˈstōl \; stolen\ ˈstō-lən \; stealing Definition of steal (Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb 1: to take the property of another wrongfully and especially as a habitual or regular practice
  8. Yes they do, no sharing of any package and yes its pricey. I would recommend just drinking the free drinks on the ship and i promise you will enjoy your cruise just the same.
  9. One thing to note and ROYAL does a poor job of communicating this. You can buy drinks al a carte without a drink package. They have gotten pretty pricey these days, one frozen drink is going to run you close to 16.00 now after mandatory gratuity.
  10. No, each person in the stateroom need to buy the DELUXE drink package and if you opt for just the refreshment (both do not need to get this one) there is absolutely no sharing of package perks allowed. It would be the same as going to say FOGO de Chao and saying "Can i just pay for one person and share the meat, we dont each dont eat very much". The answer will be a definite no and ive seen people on the cruises sharing and they are the lucky recipient of their package being cancelled and they get to pay full price for every drink they had consumed to that point.
  11. Royal coffee (free ones) always has a decaf. Regarding the specialty I think they just so espresso drinks and do not really have drip like a Starbucks would so not sure how they can do decaf.
  12. Yes it is, i have attached a picture of one of the sea days cruise planner from 2 weeks ago on Liberty.
  13. If you are signed up for notifications they will notify you that you have a new EDOCS waiting for you. This happens typically at EXACTLY the 30 day mark. The cruise summary will show the room number and the new EDOCS will also show it (with the luggage tags now having your room number on them)
  14. i was sick of CHOPS and GIOVANNIS on Allure 7 night UDP. I was wishing i could get some Tutti salad from the MDR for Lunches (I know i could have but to me it felt like i was leaving money on the table).
  15. But based on the number of specialty restaurants on radiance you would be at the same one or two for 10 days and nights. Doesnt sound enjoyable...
  16. its a B1G1 shake typically with the C&A discounts.
  17. Thats very interesting because it says you can dine at as many places as you want which technically means you could leave CHOPS and go right back into chops, meaning multiple entrees should be just fine. Making rules up as you go, seems to be the new normal.
  18. If you know your daughter would be too short, do the right thing and just wait until she is tall enough. The rules are there for the safety of guests based on the design of the slides etc. If you knew she was too short and "snuck" on and got hurt that would really ruin the vacation.
  19. I found that the deck on your docs with a GTY will in fact be correct, was correct for 3 out of 3 previous cruises for me.
  20. 60 is the new 50 it seems......... :( For shorter sailings
  21. 100 bucks a day now with the mandatory gratuity, i guess RCL is catering to the uber drinkers (sit at the bars from dawn till 3 am) now only instead of the casual "lets have a good time" drinkers.
  22. Emerald does not have any drink package discounts, Diamond does not even have any drink package discounts. Reports lately from Diamond + Members are saying that even those deluxe drink package discounts for D+ are now gone.
  23. I think its like Jeopardy: What is the Main Dining Room, Johnny Rockets, Windjammer, Chops, Giovannis and Sabor?
  24. Agree with the above poster. I did not feel like the galley tour was all that worth it. The brunch was typical MDR food, I was always trying to flag down someone with champagne. The shrimp on the salad / meat cheese buffet was nice but overall i didnt feel this was any better lunch than the MDR dining room lunches.
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