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  1. Just book it. I know they are expensive. Many people room with folks they've never met. Even I have on previous cruises. Just book very early and make payments!
  2. Do be careful yourself. If you contract the virus, it is a great chase you will transmit it to your wife. I am dealing with the same dilemma. My wife is in the middle of fertility treatments and I or we have three cruise in the next three months. Grand Cayman, Saint Marteen, south Florida all are moderate to high risk places. DEET or stay on the ship...that's my plan
  3. Looks like we will be visiting the Next Cruise office on our Harmony adventure on April 1st to book our Alaska or Norway Fjords Cruise for 2018!!!
  4. Check out reviews for cruises you've been on and see how they compare. Some people will complain about anything for their 15 minutes including the water slides!!!
  5. Brilliance of the Seas – Monsters of Rock Cruise Feb. 2-7 Most likely if you have been hanging around Matt’s daily Periscopes lately you have heard me boasting about my wife’s and my annual pilgrimage to sunny Florida or Los Angles for the Monsters of Rock Cruise. This will be number 5 for us. For the first time ever, it will be held on a Royal Caribbean ship, Brilliance of the Seas, and I figured I’d share with everyone for a couple of reason. First of all. it is a RCCL cruise. Second it is a 100% buyout/charter so things are run a little different, and third and most
  6. So last night, at about 2 a.m., my wife was woken up by a sound coming from downstairs. So of course she woke me. It freaked us out bad. It sounded like someone was downstairs watching TV. I get to our bedroom doorway and tell the Mrs. to get the gun!! As I stand there waiting for her return, I'm listening intently and recognize a voice! It was Michael Poole talking!!!!!!! Turns out my tablet was charging in the kitchen and somehow the Periscope app opened and played the pool party Michael attended the previous night!! Unbelievably bazaar!! Be cafeful Mr. Poole you almost got shot i
  7. Looking though my RC C&A email during lunch today and low & behold it was about the social media group that was on Empress a few weeks. In the group photo was the dashing Michael Poole and the beautiful Hillary. I swear I saw a Stella in his hand along with his spiffy RCLBlog t-shirt!! #16MinutesOfFame ;)
  8. WOW, I calculated that picture as a $2,085.00 win!!??
  9. Are you arriving day of or before the cruise date?
  10. I suggest never going overboard. IMHO
  11. Towels with zero personal items....fare games. If someone was to call me on it, I would say "that must be your lonely towel over there"...and randomly point.
  12. Right, what's the delay...my vote is for Hochberg of the Seas
  13. I was so upset to find that there was a JR on Majesty AFTER we got off the boat back in Sept 2013!!! !!! It is kinda hidden.
  14. This is true on the Royal also. The Captain's Reception has free champagne too.
  15. If you are a people watcher like me you have to go with the Boardwalk balcony. Did it on Oasis and have the same exact stateroom booked on Harmony 4/1/17. Ocean view, Aqua Theater, and you can laugh at the people that chicken out on the zip-line. Most of the time is was peaceful but they is a lot to see.
  16. How close did they look because Vodka looks like water ;)
  17. SO I'm thinking insurance may be the way to go in these cases.
  18. With the Next Cruise office. Is there an max dollar amount you are able to receive when book the next RC cruise. I am going to be on a charter on Brilliance in Feb and want to book an Alaskan Cruise for 2018 and hoping with it being a charter we can get the credit for use on the charter cruise??!! It is ultimately silly NOT to use this feature....if you can get a OBC of $500.00 on your current cruise buy putting a deposit of $500.00 on your next cruise. You basically wipeout part or most of your current sailing's bill. Thank folks Mike T
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