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  1. I am most likely keeping my Ovation cruise from Alaska even with masks, just to see what the experience is like. I am in the process of booking Oasis in September and even if they have masks so be it I guess. Not really sure when Royal will get rid of them. That or I could book the Carnival Mardi Gras around the same time. That ship does look amazing as well...decisions decisions...
  2. This post didn't age well, I just wish Royal stuck with doing the right thing and not requiring masks onboard for the vaccinated -- makes no sense to me. PS I have glasses so wearing a mask is even more annoying. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/05/24/royal-caribbean-group-ceo-we-will-not-need-be-wearing-masks-cruise-ships
  3. Does anyone believe that Royal will actually change their announced health protocols around masks? They just announced their mask requirement for Alaska in August and now I am looking at Norwegian due to their 100% vaccinated / no masks or social distancing policy. Dang it, Royal!
  4. I am hearing that things may change after July 18th? Lol...that is when the CSO may "go away"...and then Royal can do whatever they want. Who knows. Going to go make another batch of popcorn.
  5. I was considering the Norwegian Encore out of Seattle as well since it looks like an amazing ship, having been on the Bliss, Joy and Escape previously. Very luxurious spaces and amenities onboard for sure, plus drinks, wifi and gratuities are all included which is a bonus. I booked a solo studio oceanview balcony on Ovation, the last one for this 8/27 sailing and feel like I got lucky. On Encore they have studio rooms but they are inside...they do have access to the studio lounge which is only for those guests which is kind of cool. I will look into it but for now, sticking with Ovation but may change. My travel agent said I have until July 26th to make a decision to either move to another Royal cruise or cancel for a full refund. No FCC option for this one. I like that better.
  6. I was contemplating cancelling or moving as well, but if I move my cruise. what says that the new cruise also won't have mask requirements? Seems like sailings out of the US for the foreseeable future on Royal are going to have masks indoors and in certain areas even if you're fully vaccinated. Only Carnival and Norwegian and Celebrity are really doing the truly vaccinated/no mask route but I love Royal...
  7. Bummer... masks required for our sailing too ? https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/07/09/royal-caribbean-releases-alaska-cruise-ship-protocols-august-sailings
  8. Well I know what cruise I am booking in Fall 2023...
  9. I am on 2 weeks before you! My 3rd time to Alaska, 2nd on Ovation ?
  10. I don't think this cruise happened, but let me know if I am wrong!
  11. Bummer! Enjoy her before November! I just booked my flights for my 8-nights (3 on Freedom starting 11/12 right before Odyssey on 11/15)! 2 days at Perfect day at Cococay in a week, yesssss!
  12. Thought you might enjoy this pic. Ovation taken from the Space Needle panocam. The ship just arrived.
  13. I was booked on this one but can no longer go due to a family commitment! Now I really want to know when the next RCL Blog Group Cruise is in 2022 so I can plan ahead! @Matt any thoughts on 2022?!
  14. From what I have seen, people still wear them indoors when going to restaurants and such, but outdoors not so much!
  15. Like @ConstantCruisersaid this is for Serenade only. Ovation protocols aren't released yet. I am hoping they are different/no masks!
  16. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise?dPort=seattle I I am on Ovation of the Seas so I hope our protocols are different... they do vary from ship to ship...fingers crossed!
  17. One important thing to call out is this is for Serenade, it might be different for Ovation — “Here are the protocols for guests sailing on Serenade of the Seas from Seattle this summer.” Remember every ship within Royals fleet has had different protocols thus far.
  18. We are still almost 2 months out, things may change.
  19. It is a little surprising but wearing masks indoors shouldn't really be anything new... most folks are used to it. Things may still change we'll see. Either way I am going on a cruise after 1.5 years and that is all that matters!
  20. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/07/01/royal-caribbean-releases-health-protocols-first-alaska-cruise-ship Looks like masks are required indoors even though all adults are fully vaccinated? Weird.
  21. Wow, I almost booked Freedom in July! I am on Freedom in November, fingers crossed things look a little better by then! All these restrictions and such are happening because it is the restart...do it safely... and continue on safely but with less restrictions hopefully.
  22. Got my first ever "Royal Up" upgrade bid offer today...only thing is I am in a Studio Ocean View Balcony this sailing as I coming solo! Maybe another time Royal -- send this stuff to me when I am not sailing solo lol!
  23. Yup that is the plan right now, but the Odyssey is having a start like no other ship in history it seems like. I do hope it gets going on July 31st...
  24. Such a smart move! I mean...that travel from Jacksonville is so long I would totally do the same! ?
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