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  1. Glad you got the 12pm check in time! So many others here and on Facebook group also got it, I think we are all ready to get the party started. I am happy to hear that you got to experience Alaska with your father and he got to cross another item off his bucket list before passing. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, but the memories you have with him will be cherished forever! The reduced capacity on Ovation should help, with it only being the 3rd sailing, I can't imagine it being more than 50% full, although no one really knows what the capacity is. But if it's anything less than 50%, we are going to have a massive ship all to ourselves. My family and I also went on Ovation of the Seas in August 2019 to Alaska. Did you go from August 30-September 6th? How crazy would that be if we both went on the same sailing in 2019 and again in 2021?! This will be my first cruise since February 2020 on Norwegian Escape (wanted to show my wife the Breakaway-Plus class on Norwegian), although our next 9 cruises are on Royal #LoyalToRoyal). I wish we did Symphony then though since our November 2020 Symphony was cancelled. I have been wanting to go to CocoCay forever, so jumping on Oasis of the Seas 2 weeks after I get off Ovation! We are going on Symphony for my birthday in February. Lots of exciting cruising in the future!! I am solo this cruise and a few others in 2021 since my wife can't get as much time off and my daughter isn't vaccinated yet (she is almost 4) but I hope by the time our family cruise in December rolls around on Navigator, she will be good to go. We are still taking her on the cruise, she'll just wear a mask but would prefer if she was vaccinated. Trying the solo studio oceanview balcony room for the first time on Ovation!!
  2. Check-in is open!!! I grabbed the 12:00-12:30pm slot which I think is the first one lol... makes sense since we are now leaving at 6:00pm. They usually start the process 6 hours prior to departure. Check-in for the 8/13, 8/20, and 8/27 sailings all opened at the same time!
  3. Great info, thank you! I have reached out to my agent to see what's possible. I will look at the cost of getting insurance for my cruises individually and then see if the annual cost is less with similar coverage.
  4. That looks pretty good. I am guessing the annual plan just sticks with you for any trip you take within the year? Now wondering if I can cancel any policies I already bought?
  5. I will have to look into that. How much is an annual plan do you know? I have 6 cruises remainder of 2021 and 2 in 2022 so far, 1 in 2023.
  6. Yeah that's the unfortunate thing, I shouldn't of bought this insurance. Allianz has better coverage (below) by default (the one I selected) for better pricing on another sailing. Going to see if I can cancel the one I originally bought after final payment online. Thanks.
  7. When booking through Royal (either direct or online) there is an option to purchase their "Vacation protection plan" through Arch Insurance Solutions. Has anyone bought this before? I usually purchase travel insurance through Allianz but figured let me try this one since it was a booking that I had to make online real quick before transferring to my travel agent. How does this work? Do we just print out the content/details on the link below and that is our insurance coverage? https://www.archinsurancesolutions.com/coverage/Royal I also have a 21 page PDF document where on Page 5 it shows the below. Is this same for everyone? Can't really "customize" the coverage from what I can tell. It wasn't cheap either at $149 for a 7-night cruise. Just want to make sure I am covered.
  8. Hi all, On Royal's website for their health protocols, I am not seeing anything about temperature checks at the terminal, onboard the ship, or when embarking/disembarking. Did they remove that requirement? https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise?dPort=seattle
  9. Allure of the Seas back in December 2013 when she was the world's largest ship! Still my favorite cruise of all time. Through the years I bounced around between Norwegian, Carnival and Royal, and even did a Princess, but now have decided to truly be Loyal to Royal. My next 9 cruises booked are all on Royal Caribbean. Let's go!!
  10. Very nice!!! I am currently Gold with 17 points only but will reach Diamond by my December cruise on Navigator. The double points promotion is amazing!! An early congrats on getting to Pinnacle. Being Diamond+ right now must feel nice! It will take me awhile to get there and who knows how long it will take for Pinnacle, maybe my whole life once the Double points go away lol. Wow @ Super Mario amazing.... 8000 points and counting!!
  11. Wow @twangsterwhat a beautiful collection. Silly question, but I am guessing you are Pinnacle?
  12. Wow Doug...that is an impressive journey to hit Pinnacle... Anthem of the Seas in Jan 2022 correct? Almost 1000 by end of 2022...wow! I don't know how many points Super Mario has...but this is impressive.
  13. Yay!!! I want my crystal block!!! Haven't yet got one.
  14. Glad you're still with us! I looked at the Encore as well...specifically the solo/studio rooms... it was about $500 less than my solo studio oceanview balcony but that's because Encore studio rooms are inside only. I really need a balcony minimum to get fresh air whenever I want it, plus eating breakfast on my balcony etc... so sticking with it! Just 1.5 months to go. We should plan on doing a meetup at the pool deck bar during sailaway, I am coordinating with folks on the Facebook group as well. You should join if you haven't. Search "Ovation of the Seas August 27, 2021".
  15. Me me me! ? I actually almost cancelled due to the masks and booked Oasis to Cococay instead. I was like if I am going to have to wear a mask I might as well do it on a ship I have never been on to a place I have never been to (went on Ovation to Alaska 2 years ago). But then I thought well if I wake up the morning of 8/27 and knew that I could've boarded a cruise today, I'd regret it...so I said okay I am sticking with Ovation and can't wait. I then went ahead and YOLO booked the Oasis for 2 weeks later to Cococay anyway LOL. Can you tell I am excited cruising is back? I got 6 cruises in the last 4 months of 2021. Here we gooooooooo!
  16. Awesome I saw that! Thank you! You've been an awesome admin...keep up the great work and engagement, looking forward to doing a cheers on sailaway pool deck! Let's plan something for sure!!!
  17. Just booked! @coneyravenI think I know who you are on the FB group ? Looking forward to trying Oasis for the first time! 2nd time on an Oasis-class ship, went on the Allure almost 8 years ago, still favorite ship of all time.
  18. Just booked Oasis! Mask or no mask lol.. going to experience this amazing ship!
  19. Nice! We always go with Balcony or higher...nothing like waking up to that view and having breakfast on your own private balcony without the madness of the buffet etc!
  20. I am most likely keeping my Ovation cruise from Alaska even with masks, just to see what the experience is like. I am in the process of booking Oasis in September and even if they have masks so be it I guess. Not really sure when Royal will get rid of them. That or I could book the Carnival Mardi Gras around the same time. That ship does look amazing as well...decisions decisions...
  21. This post didn't age well, I just wish Royal stuck with doing the right thing and not requiring masks onboard for the vaccinated -- makes no sense to me. PS I have glasses so wearing a mask is even more annoying. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/05/24/royal-caribbean-group-ceo-we-will-not-need-be-wearing-masks-cruise-ships
  22. Does anyone believe that Royal will actually change their announced health protocols around masks? They just announced their mask requirement for Alaska in August and now I am looking at Norwegian due to their 100% vaccinated / no masks or social distancing policy. Dang it, Royal!
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