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  1. Are the cucumber martinis served anywhere on the anthem ?
  2. I loved the bedding on freedom last year
  3. If our reservations our linked do we still need the reservation numbers?
  4. I heard that they changed the price from 4.99 to 2.99 on the anthem can anyone confirm this? Also can you swim with them ?
  5. Hi everyone, I've been hearing that the anthem now charges for some items on the room service menu. Does anyone know which items are still free.. Or better yet does anyone have a picture of the anthem room service menu ? Thanks
  6. I always book directly through royal Caribbean either on the phone or online. I prefer this way as I like to have full control to change things as often as I want rather than with a travel agent and you have to go through them. I guess it depends what you are looking for I think a travel agent would be a good option for a lot of other people
  7. How often do the shows change on the anthem? More specifically will they still be the same feb 2017? (The gift, we will rock you, spectras Cabernet)
  8. Hi there, What is the difference between all the different superior ocean view staterooms? I'm booked in a D8 and just wondering the difference from D1,D7,D3 etc?
  9. Sorry, no that's not the same port although they are both in the Bahamas
  10. I did that same cruise last year. No one took our passports we kept them in the safe all week. All you need to get off in coco cay is your sea pass card because royal owns the port. At st Thomas and st marten you are required to bring some sort of government ID we used Ontario drivers license. I'm not sure what would happen if we missed the boat and didn't have our passports... Maybe I will bring copies next time ?
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