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  1. It's a shame because a drone could get some amazing shots in port! I don't think I would risk my Phantom but there are a number of cheaper options I would try out just in case they were confiscated or sacrificed in the water.
  2. Here's a word of warning: When u purchase jewelry or expensive watches (Breitling, IWC exc) on the Oasis, Allure (and I'm assuming more ships in the fleet have the high end Regalia store) you are forced to pay with your sail and sign account. The account will be red flagged to US customs. If you do not declare your purchase you will end up getting caught and fined. Trust me. Regards, Someone in the know
  3. IMHO if you want to eat above average food then you must spend the extra $ and enjoy the speciality dining options every night. STAY OUT OF THE MAIN DINING ROOM. I was just on the BOTS and the "for fee" dining options were abundant. Breakfast and lunch at Park Cafe were decent options compared to the slop they serve in the RC buffets. Thankfully RC has enough speciality dining that my family and I don't have to ever go in the MDR.
  4. I believe this comes available 30 days prior to sail date. Someone please correct me if I'm off on this.
  5. ^^^^ I had the same question because the membership to club Royale is very confusing. The mailings you received may have been sent to you based on your gambling on a recent cruise. On your next sailing make sure you introduce yourself to the casino host and ask them to rate you. From what I have gathered you will be invited to join the club if your play meets the criteria ($25 per hand for 4 hours average per day).
  6. @WAAAYTOOO Thanks for the info! Your awesome! I will be out of the cruise scene until 11/2017 on Harmony since we are awaiting the new addition to our family but I look forward to getting back into that casino. The glitz, the glamour!
  7. Thanks!!! Does this mean I am in the club for good or do I need to prove my worth every time I get on a ship?
  8. Update**** I called back the CR phone number and the lovely "Connie" informed me that I am in fact now a member!!! I have not the faintest clue as to how or when I was enrolled? I immediately updated our family cruise on Harmony in 2017 and got more than $3k discount off the current promotion! Thanks for your knowledge and info!
  9. I have seen pricing across ships in the fleet listed in the rear of the room service book.
  10. I've got a couple thoughts: 1. Call ahead and reserve a pack & play for the infant to sleep in. 2. Most importantly: bring a low profile stroller (umbrella type, maclaren). This seems trivial but.... When the cleaning staff has there carts out in the am & pm you will go through hell & a handbag to push a standard size stroller through the corridor. Perhaps someone can chime in as to if the loft suite area has wider hallways then the standard corridor? I hope so because I booked the same room! Let me know.
  11. ^^^ I think he was planning on jumping head first into the concrete pier below. I think that would have done the job had he jumped. I don't see how it reflects bad on RC as it is potentially out of their control when a mentally unstable crew member decides to jump.
  12. I've got the best drink ever!!!!! It's any drink that I can get for free while playing in the casino.
  13. I can't stand going on vacation and dressing up. I do that daily for work. Although I avoid the MDR in favor of the speciality venues, I have always worn either khakis or nice jeans & a shirt w/ a collar and never had a problem. To me IMHO you should dress how you want on your vacation.
  14. ^^^^ I believe RC has an agreement much like overnights in Bermuda where the casino stays open. It's a great trip especially since you can party at Atlantis and get back to the ship late!
  15. No real reason to get to the port before 10:30-11. If you arrive earlier than that you will just end up sitting in the waiting area. Boarding for Allure/Oasis is the most efficient I've ever seen so I wouldn't be too concerned regardless of the chaos of people coming and going. As far as the shuttles go, if you don't want to be governed by the hotels time schedule I suggest UBER or Yellow Cab as you will most likely be pretty close to the port.
  16. In yet another strange twist I am now receiving brochures in the mail with casino Royale offers. Do only players club members receive these? This particular one is titled "score some thrills on the house" and has a golf theme. It is specific to casino Royale and offers complementary green fees and cart exc in Bermuda on 2 anthem of the seas sailings.
  17. Thank you all for the great info! I'm going to call them back in a week or so and see what the status of my membership is.
  18. WAAAYTOO thanks for the info. Where she tripped me up was in stating that the host would have had me sign papers to enroll while I was in the casino had they felt I was entitled to join. She also said that this new program for which she couldn't divulge details would begin soon and would be a tiered program. Not sure what to think other than hope when I call back that they can enroll me in the club. Once in, do they offer discounts on every cruise? For example my Harmony cruise is booked for Thanksgiving 2017 (since my wife is preggo and will give birth this year we have to push out date) would I have to wait until closer to 11/17 or would they apply casino discount now?
  19. How do you know that you are officially in the club? I talked with CR rep on phone and was told when you meet the criteria then the host will invite you and give you papers to sign. On my last cruise (3/3 - 3/7) I was offered an owners suite at 50% off and given a small amount of free play in the casino. When I arrived the host stuck a "casino VIP" sticker on my card and proceeded to hand me a stack of free drink coupons. I thought I was in!!!! As it turns out, I'm not..... The CR rep on phone informed me that my cruise offer for BOTS was just an offer to get me into the casino in hopes of qualifying for the program. This is no bueno because while on board we booked Harmony in a crown loft suite and I figured I would get a special casino rate! Has anyone else had issues with this convoluted program? I bet 100 spin roulette for at least 6 hours, cycled win/loss $5k+ in slots and played $100+ hand blackjack for 3 hours. It seems as if the dealer & pit boss recorded none of my play otherwise it sounds like I would have been invited in.
  20. I'm in owners suite on Brillience of the seas right now & can back up the fact that an email will go out 1 week before. The suite lounge is great with appetizers and open bar every pm from 5:00 - 8:30! Well worth booking a suite, we will never go back to a lower category stateroom after this experience. Just booked a crown loft suite on the harmony!
  21. ^^^^ embassy is a good spot but the Hyatt Pier 66 is a bit higher end and a nicer overall experience.
  22. ^^^^ chefs table is amazing but for a great steak & wine dinner it's a no brainier to go with Chops. PS: Like others are saying the chefs table is only as good as your company at the table. On Allure about 2 years ago we had an entire 10 person family break out into a fist fight. Security was called in and RC was buying us drinks (on top of the wine) for the remainder of the dinner. Great drama and great people watching.
  23. Ok your young @ looking for a good time. South Beach might be right for you and your partner. If you do decide to stay in Fort Lauderdale check out the W Fort Lauderdale beach, Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach or the Atlantic Hotel. I believe you will like these hotels and they are right on the beach and appx 10 minutes from the cruise port (shuttle service available). By the way your gonna love Oasis of the seas it's simply amazing!
  24. @ J_Keeble- I've lived in south Florida my entire life specifically Fort Lauderdale. It all boils down to what you are looking to do? Lifestyle? If your looking to party all night long and ok with paying tourist prices @ $20.00USD per drink then Miami (south beach) is your place. If you are traveling with a family or just looking to relax I highly suggest you stay on Fort Lauderdale Beach and maybe take a day or night trip to Miami Beach. Both cities are close enough together that it's neither here nor there as far as where you decide to stay. I can tell you this though, the traffic in Miami is HORRIBLE and nearly everyone speaks Spanish. Simply put, Fort Lauderdale is Miami minus the traffic and language barrier.
  25. Miami is roughly 25 miles South of the Port Everglades. You could either take a cab $30-$40, uber or pre-arranged transportation. The better question is why Miami? Fort Lauderdale has great beaches, excellent dining and has a lot less traffic and confusion.
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