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  1. HA HA!! Love it! I have 80 days to go for Harmony and it's killing me. Guess i shouldn't feel so bad.
  2. Wow I did not know Independence has Grease. Unfortunately El Loco Fresh was our least favorite on Freedom. We live in Los Angeles where there is an abundance of Mexican food so that's probably why, ha ha! Giovanni's was excellent! It was the only specialty dining we did and a filet in the MDR from Chops, which I thought was quite tasty. Looking forward to Chops on our Harmony sailing. I know there are a lot of mixed reviews, but have to try it at least once. I wish the MDR would offer the Ribeye. Loved the waffles, lamb shanks and Indian food at The Windjammer! I got a cheap car rental so we figured it was better than taking an Uber/Lyft everywhere, but I still spent a lot on parking in the downtown area. Bayfront Park was ridiculous! Stayed at an Airbnb in Coral Gables. Parking there and in Little Havana was easier and way less expensive. I got addicted to the Cuban Espresso at Versailles. NICE!! HAAA HAAA!!
  3. Hello All, Sailed on Royal for the first time in May on Freedom, 4 day Coco Cay/Nassau. We figured it was a good way to get our feet wet before we sail Harmony this Nov for 8 days, plus we had never been to Miami. 92 days before sailing..DAMN is it Nov yet? Anyway, I have been watching youtubers post their recent Independence sailings, which also looks like a fun ship. I know they are sister ships and both amplified, but was wondering which ship do most people prefer and why? Let me also ask, if anyone has sailed all the Freedom class ships, which is your favorite?
  4. @RockerDom31 Wow it's funny how I was looking at Cruisemapper to see where Oasis is today and noticed the 9 day itinerary currently happening. Wow, this sounds like one hell of a cruise! I'm kind of jealous. I just love how it ends with 3 sea days in a row. I noticed you didn't arrive in Puerto Rico until 2pm. Were you able to enjoy it despite the late arrival? Looking forward to my 8 day on Harmony this coming November to the southern Caribbean. The June 2023 cruise sounds interesting. Enjoy the rest of your sailing!
  5. So is the all day pass worth the extra $9 a person? That's what my sailing is charging. Keep in mind we plan on staying at the beach all day and not doing any excursions. We have the coaster booked for 9:30am and want to reserve a floating Mat. When I go on the Royal app it only gives me the option to pick up the mat at 8:30am. Do we have to stick to that time or can we pick up the mat 1 to 2 hours later?
  6. Any MEI recommendations that are taking new clients?
  7. Well, next June for the RoyalCaribbeanblog cruise might be the way to go. As I stated earlier we are seriously considering it. Unfortunately the prices for that cruise are way expensive. I haven't inquired yet, but I plan on getting in touch with MEI to see what the group rate is. Otherwise if you book through Royal the interior rooms start at $830 and that is ridiculous!
  8. Oh yes. For sure Navigator is on our radar, even if it's for a cheap 3 day cruise. One reason to do that 3 day is for a seafood stand at a flea market in Ensenada Mexico. If you like seafood, they sell these giant clams grilled in their shell topped with shrimp, cheese and pico de gallo. Had that when we took a 3 day Carnival back in 2015 and I STILL dream about those clams. Both the shrimp and clams were amazingly fresh. Easily, top 5 most delicious things I've ever eaten in my life!
  9. We have sailed a few times with Carnival and Princess on our side, the Los Angeles side. In 2017 we did a Caribbean cruise for the first time out of New Orleans with Carnival, and the Caribbean was a total game changer. We fell in love with it. Yes the Mexican Riviera is beautiful, but we feel it does not compare to the Caribbean. With all that said, I was pushing to try something new and heard so much about Royal Caribbean it was time to give it a try. My other half loves Carnival and she is always getting on me about being Mr. fancy in wanting to try Royal and Celebrity. On this Freedom sailing, I learned about being a diamond plus member from a fellow passenger. Receiving four or five drinks a day when you reach that level sounds like a huge incentive to me, especially since there is no way we can do an unlimited drinks package. Glad you got off on Coco Cay it’s such a great destination, even if you’ve been there several times. That was our first time and I’m sure it will never get old. I’m not a big funnel cake person but the one there was delicious! Giovanni’s was the only specialty dining we did and it was SO GOOD! I regret not going to Playmaker’s since it will not be on Harmony. I wish I had known that while we were on Freedom. It was our first time in Nassau so naturally we had to get off, but I can see why people stay on the ship. We did have fun with the locals though. Next year we are together 10 years. We can’t decide on either celebrating on Matt’s group cruise out of our city, which would be convenient and loads of fun, or Alaska. I’m sure most would say Alaska. It does look and sound spectacular! Well let me stop here because I can go on forever about cruising. I guess that’s why we are all here right?
  10. Ha ha! I'm laughing because this is a huge difference from the spacious balcony I had on Freedom. Congrats on your 20/20!! Freedom 5 day sailing was my first time with Royal back in May of this year, and my 2nd will be this November on Harmony. It was a good intro to Royal Caribbean and can only imagine what my next experience is going to be like. Not only am I excited about the ship, but the 8 day Labadee, Aruba, Curacao itinerary with 4 days at sea! My girlfriend and I LOVE our sea days! Plus this will be our first time at those ports. 101 days to go!! Did you two leave the ship? Probably not, I know I wouldn't.
  11. I had a version of this once at an Anchor Bar chain in Orange CA, which I heard does not compare to the original location in Buffalo. I will say the wings (and I've had plenty of wings growing up in NYC) were FANTASTIC!! The sandwich was ok and barely had any caraway seeds on it. I'm sad to hear the ones on Royal have gone downhill. I hope people have mentioned this in their post cruise surveys? Anyway, I plan to give it a try on Harmony this Nov and I'm sure my other half won't bother since she doesn't like caraway seeds. She grew up in SoCal, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.. ha ha!
  12. For our Nov 12th sailing on Harmony this year, we will be in Aruba until 11pm. Any suggestions for nighttime activities?
  13. What would be the best way to request a table for 2 by a window or overlooking the dining room with My Time Dining? And can we change it up each night? For example one night by a window, next night overlooking the dining room?
  14. All I know is you had me at.... "I am a classically trained chef turned lawyer. Fresh made pasta was exactly what sold us here!" And of course that was a great review!
  15. Ooooh, please let us know how those are on Harmony. I will be on that ship Nov 12th. I must try Chops at least once despite more unfavorable reviews. Had the filet on Freedom in the MDR and it was surprisingly good, so good my girlfriend and I ordered it again on our 3rd night. I love a good Ribeye, so I'm hoping that will be even better. As for Izumi, I know many people love it, but I'm just not sold on it yet. We have our eyes on Chops, 150 Central Park, Wonderland and Jaime's. I think someone mentioned the burger at Chops in an earlier comment. So that brings me to my question... Burger at Chops lunch vs. Burger at Jaime's? Which do you prefer? Thoughts anyone?
  16. What are they charging for a 3 night dining package on this sailing? Do they even have a 3 night being that it's a 14 day? On my Harmony 8 night sailing, the 3 Night dining package is currently $102.00
  17. @Neaxan wow thank you so much for that info! Unfortunately I just realized we already booked our airfare which is non-refundable. I'm not sure but I think we can cancel and get airline credit. I may still look into all of my options, thanks again!
  18. I am not on this sailing, but oh man, I just spotted this on Royal's site and this looks like such an AMAZING cruise! I especially love the 8 days at sea between the last Spanish port and Nassau. Back in February my girlfriend and I booked Harmony, which will be our first time on an Oasis class, for the 8 day leaving Nov 12th from Fort Lauderdale to Labadee, Aruba and Curacao. We will be celebrating my 50th birthday and wanted to go big but damn, that Transatlantic sounds even bigger and better. I'm very jealous of you all, ha ha! Just out of curiosity, how difficult would it be to change sailings? I already gave Royal a $500 deposit? Final payment is not until August.
  19. Does the unlimited drink package allow for an extra shot in a mixed drink or does one have to pay for that?
  20. I guess I am referring to a fresh ground coffee that is not espresso based. Or do they not have those? I am not a big cappuccino, frappe person. I just like a nice cup of fresh ground coffee with maybe an added espresso shot. Perhaps this card is not for me then? And thanks for answering my other questions...much appreciated!
  21. Questions about this coffee card: Can I get coffee for the person I am traveling with? I would assume if one were a complete coffee addict, they can use up all 15 in one day? The planner says that it entitles you to 15 espresso based coffees, so does that mean a regular specialty coffee is not included? It has to be espresso based? It also says, "or enjoy your favorite cup of joe anytime you'd like and save up to 50% on individually purchased coffees." What does that mean? Once you go through your 15 you can purchase more coffee for 50% percent off?
  22. Had I known there was no Playmaker's on Harmony (sailing Nov 12th), I would have given it a try on my Freedom sailing back in early May.
  23. @KristiZ good to know glad you enjoyed, and thank you!
  24. @FireFishII yes please let me know I'm curious. Judging by Riley's text above, I wonder if the smaller ships that don't have some of the restaurants (150 Central Park and Wonderland) are not cooking the food properly? At least on Allure I think you have both of those.
  25. We hope to sail on Navigator one day, but for now we have done one too many Mexico cruises on this side. I really hope they don't reinstate masks here. As for your cruise, I would assume you are doing the short Ensenada sailing? If you happen to go to the La Bufadora excursion in Ensenada and if you like seafood, at the end of the flea market area there are people selling what they call smoked clams. It's basically clams that are grilled in their shell, topped with shrimp, shredded cheese and pico de gallo. Both the shrimp and clams were so fresh. It was one of the most amazing out of this world bites of food I've EVER had!! That was seven years ago when we did a weekend Carnival sailing, and I still dream about those clams!
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