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  1. We arrive at 7 am and have an excursion planned at 12:15. Is there anything to do in the morning, other than the touristy shops by the dock?
  2. Just a clarifying question, if I purchase Zoom for myself and add two additional devices for my kids, we can all use the internet at the same time, doing our own things, correct?
  3. Can you cast from your phone to your stateroom tv?
  4. Can sky suite guests access the suite lounge if they board before 2:00 when sea pass cards are at the suite?
  5. How far is the walk from the beach to the bar? How big is the beach? Do the tides make a difference? If anyone did the six hour boat version, can you swim from the boat to the beach? Thank you for your help.
  6. Does anyone know if ciders count as a beer for the 50% off coupons? Or Chai Latte as a “coffee beverage”?
  7. I booked through Costco Travel (never again) and found out after final payment they do not participate with Royal Up, which was very disappointing. If these after boarding upgrades are considered part of Royal Up then I guess I still would not be eligible. Does anyone know if that is the case?
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