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  1. Ya it's a red themed party, I haven't really been interested in the nightclubs either, but they always have something going on every night. Are you guys diamond members yet? If so, with the drink package you would need 9 drinks/ day to come out even.
  2. And I thought my 4 cruises this year was impressive . The terminal is just about as efficient as the one in Miami, just not as new. They are very organized and will get you in the ship pretty quickly. I was able to get a 10:30 time but I booked pretty early and opted for a suite with the low prices. The 3 day trips here have a younger crowd but I don't really know what to expect on this one. I also feel like the ships going to be empty from the current prices. Not to mention its in the middle of the week instead of the weekend. See you all there!
  3. It looks like the ship is going to be empty. Get your royal up bids in. Seems like there's good chances to win this one.
  4. I use Surfshark as well. I was planning on watching through f1 tv app. I'm sure ill get it without trouble. Thanks for the suggestions and help everyone!
  5. Booked a room for me and my brother to celebrate his birthday for this one. It has to be the best price I've ever seen. I got a Junior Suite, and it came out to 800 total with gratuities for both of us. I think prices listed for interior were starting at 100. Anyone on this one?
  6. Thanks guys, I will keep my fingers crossed. I was initially planning to stream it on a tablet using their internet, but it would of course be much better to watch it at Playmakers. Would you guys also know if they shut the TVs down at 1am? If its a clean race it would probably finish on time, but it's possible to run a bit past 1.
  7. Aside from the medication, ginger candy or chews are amazing. I periodically go on multiple day deep sea fishing trips and the chews really work quick. You can order them on amazon or pick some up from a CVS. Take them as needed and as frequently as you like, its candy so no worry of dizziness or overdosing.
  8. Hi all, I have a cruise coming up in a few days on the Symphony and i'm wondering if Playmakers has a set schedule or follows ESPN broadcast times. I specifically want to watch the Formula 1 race on Sunday and just want to figure out if i can either through the stateroom TV or at Playmakers. The eastern broadcast time says it will air on ESPN2 at 8:30am and then replay again at 11:30pm. I can't help but feel like these would be outside the operation times for playmakers anyways. If anyone has some insight i would greatly appreciate it!
  9. Just signed myself up for this one! Hitting the 140 night milestone, anyone know what kind of gift you get on the symphony?
  10. Last time I was in St. Martin and St. Thomas, I just spend the entire day at private beaches, and I feel like I just want to do the same this time. I cant for the life of me remember the names of the beaches now. Does anyone know of any good spots to spend the day?
  11. That's normal, my last two cruises didn't validate vaccination until two weeks before the cruise. I wouldnt stress about any of it. Just check every morning to select your check in time and everything will take care of itself in time.
  12. Im on that same sailing and mine shows the same message. Im sure it will open soon.
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