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  1. Walgreens (and probably CVS) all open their testing slots a week out so if you sail on the 16th you can get an appointment for the 14th by registering on the 7th. If you are international and flying in the night before, most airports have anitgen testing available. Good luck!
  2. Real quick note: the ships all have Gosling's ginger beer (I do a lot of Dark and Stormys so I know this for sure) - when you order a Mule ask for the Gosling's so you get proper ginger beer!
  3. Absolutely! Getting on and off ship is easy and - depending on weather - visiting ports is awesome. If you share which ports there are a lot of people on this site who will have suggestions...
  4. ENJOY! We are leaving Friday on Vision for Barcelona and beyond. I am really, really looking forward to NOT having wifi on board. Just a stack of trashy paperbacks
  5. It's a little ways from the cruise port to the the train terminal (you can walk it... I think it's 3/4 of a mile) - I would not book a ticket prior to 9 am as either walking or waiting for the local bus takes time; as well as clearing customs etc. Have fun!
  6. Check at the airport or get a test before you leave (the 26th or the 27th). Worst-case scenario take a taxi to one of the local Walgreens offering Rapid NAAT testing (results in ~2 hours and you can schedule it up to a week ahead).
  7. Agreed- I drink it all the time in the room without issue. The only downside is it's usually tepid or warm - can't get cold drink unless ices is available.
  8. You can but please note: no fresh fruits can be brought on board, not even apple slices. I'm not sure about dried fruit.
  9. You can buy some of them at Walgreens these days and probably Walmart and CVS too. It's becoming more common.
  10. First off, try for fresh air and a stable thing to look at (the horizon, for example). Go up on deck somewhere you can look a long ways ahead and take deep breaths. Second, all the bars stock Gosling's Ginger Beer. Try a can of that (the ginger and the carbonation will both help). Third, pressure bands - which they may sell onboard - can be used in conjunction with any meds taken. Fourth, know it will pass. Hang in there!
  11. My recollection is you have a few options, at least. Guest Services, calling from your room or going to the main theater where they set up a "box office" were all options on "Allure" a couple months ago.
  12. Also Cayman is terrific for low-key snorkeling and you don't have to go on an excursion. Take the tender across, turn right when you get to the street and walk about 1/3 to 1/2 of a mile until you get to a dive shop/restaurant and water "park" (several huge inflated slides and bounce castles in the water) on the water side. I don't recall the name but it's blue and white and has decent food and great beer. You can either bring your own gear or rent it at the dive shop and just go down the swim ladder right there. Spectacular and reasonably sheltered from waves etc.
  13. Except it's not. RC has the right to adjust itineraries. Grand Cayman closed itself for a while due to COVID and the cruise ships had to adjust. You can try to call and ask (or check local health trends and regulations online). Depending on how long ago you booked you may be able to change without any fees assessed.
  14. Ah - as someone who doesn't frequent the casino this helps. How much do you have to gamble to get to the status?
  15. Customs and Border Patrol.
  16. Agreed - we have to fly and often book back-to-back. It's one plane ticket, one "night before" hotel and the only cost incurred other than the second cruise is additional days boarding the dogs. Depending on how much the plane tickets are, it's totally worth it if I can convince my boss to approve the time off
  17. First option: ask your hotel or locate and ask at a pharmacy. Also there are testing options at the airport. (Finally, keep an eye on the "2 days" requirement as I have seen it both 2 days and 1 day before...) Good luck!
  18. If you got your vaccines at a Walgreens or CVS they can look up your profile and fill out a new card.
  19. Yes you can buy other people drinks using your Diamond vouchers.
  20. I booked a multicity option but agree with the inter-European option mentioned above. There are good low-cost carriers. Train systems are also great if you have the time - with Ravenna being in the north of Italy you might look at flying roundtrip into, say, Milan and taking the train to Ravenna and back from Barcelona.
  21. Should not - the store-based swabs are not that sensitive.
  22. Any of the three tests Walgreens offers is accepted. I've used the 24-hour and the 1-hour results reporting without issue. PCR (48 hours) would also work but it's risky based upon the time.
  23. Yep - that's how we hit D+ and will approach Pinnacle. Love those double-doubles.
  24. Did you check your big travel packet, the one that's 20+ pages? Our vouchers usually show up there. If not, I would try to call again and specify they need to re-issue the travel packet including vouchers.
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