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  1. Not if you booked a noon flight and now you have to take time on departure day to test, await results, upload for ArriveCan, await verification. Bit of a hassle. I’d much rather pay to be tested on board the day before.
  2. I just travelled solo and stopped in to Adventure Ocean to ask this exact question for our next cruise when the kids will be joining. The response was that there isn’t a date where the plan will change for now. You’ll only be able to book one or two spots (depending on length of sailing). So you’ll need to prioritize which slots you’ll want. Another great piece of advice from previous cruisers who encountered this is to check back at Adventure Ocean around 730pm or 8pm. Lots of parents only put kids in for an hour or so and that frees up some walk in availability. Hopefully this helps.
  3. Hey all. Just got off Freedom 4 nights. Booked an interior stateroom solo. I should get double the points yes?
  4. Yes. Day before disembarkation. Register at guest services. Results delivered to room just after dinner. PCR test.
  5. Just back yesterday. Day before disembarkation, Royal provides a PCR test. You have to sign up for it and it’s not advertised that well. Guest services will take care of it. You get your results later that day in your room.
  6. Question about Diamond drinks. Just enjoyed my first cruise as Diamond, and happily enjoyed my 4 drinks on deck and dinner everyday. I decided to check out the Diamond Lounge on Day 3 after dinner and was surprised to receive additional complimentary drinks as well. Did I stumble upon something? I was under the assumption that the 4 free anytime drinks were in lieu of the unlimited Lounge drinks between 5-8. Or was this a nicety extended to the handful of us up there the last few nights?
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