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  1. I actually enjoy that feeling of the land moving, let’s me think I’m still cruising lol. Honestly though for me it works itself out within a day at most.
  2. Where have you seen these charts? I’d like to print one out for HoS. thanks
  3. We are going on our first Royal Caribbean cruise on the harmony of the seas in January. I am seeing inflicting information online about “my time dining”. What is the earliest that my time dining starts? We like to eat early around 530 or 6 but like to have the flexibility to go later. Do you have to pick your reservation for the entire week ahead of time? Also what time do the shows usually start, if we went to eat at six or 630 would we still have time to get to a shell? I’m considering trying to switch to early dining but not sure what works best for us
  4. I have read other places that this might be different per ship as some ships are free. Is this correct? Thank you.
  5. Man, that is cool for those on the West coast, not really fair to those on the East coast. Thank you for sharing this though, I was curious about this.
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