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  1. I originally had dinner booked for 7:45 but my husband preferred dinner before sail away so I switched to 5:30 at the Solarium Bistro. 7 pm sail away is definitely not ideal lol
  2. We decided to eat early so we can hopefully be on deck for sail away. 7 pm sail away isn't ideal when planning dinner unfortunately.
  3. Oh, nice! I hope that's still the case. My husband keeps telling me to expect that they might take one or the other back, but I hope not!
  4. Symphony in 2 weeks...got $446 OBC a few weeks ago then checked my credit card the other day and have a credit from RC for $477. I have no clue how I got both OBC and refund but I'll take it!
  5. I'm doing a dietbet right now and it ends right at the start of my cruise in about 2 weeks. I'm being really good now, but it all goes out the window once I step foot on the ship. I'll probably gain it all back during the week, but oh well. It's vacation and I'm going to enjoy the drinks and food! I'm hoping walking around the world's largest cruise ship helps offset some of the calories consumed lol
  6. I personally never got an email for my sailing. However, people in the facebook group I'm in said they had gotten an email so I googled royal up and found the webpage. I entered my last name and reservation # and did in fact have royal up offers. Not sure how they choose who gets emails and who doesn't...
  7. My cruise has 1 option for Miami excursion with airport drop off. There was another one previously but it's not there anymore. Might just depend on sailing dates and port.
  8. Hmm, that's odd. I'm currently booked in an ocean view balcony (room type 2D). I was able to bid for spacious ocean view balcony, ultra spacious ocean view balcony, junior suite, 1 bedroom grand suite, 2 bedroom grand suite, and owner's suite. I have bids in for junior suite and 1 bedroom grand suite. I submitted them in the beginning of August.
  9. We are on this cruise too and I never got a royal up email. I googled "royal up" and it brought me to a page where I could put my reservation # and last name on the reservation. I had royal up offers even though they never sent me an email about them. Just waiting to see if I'm approved now.
  10. Thanks! I think the museum could be interesting too. Not sure what this one is like though, if it would be worth it.
  11. Hi all, our sea lion swim excursion was mass cancelled for St. Thomas so now I'm looking for a new excursion. I'm between the "Discover St. Thomas & Magen's Bay" which has a scenic drive along Skyline Drive, a stop at Mountain Top, 2 hours on Magen's Bay beach, and time to explore and shop in historic downtown or "Magen's Bay, Drake's Seat, and the Pirates Treasure Museum" which includes a scenic drive up to Drake's Seat, time at Magen's Bay, and the Pirates Treasure Museum with the option to be dropped off downtown at the end of the tour. It is just my husband and I, no kids. Which one would you choose between these 2 excursions?
  12. Can't help with the glasses fogging up, but my husband and I use these masks and they're great for when you have to take them off often as it can just hang around your neck. Plus the band in the back takes a bit of the pressure off your ears. There's also a pocket for a filter if you're concerned about that. On the rare occasion I wear glasses though, they have fogged up. https://case-mate.com/products/safe-mate-adult-regular-3-pack-cloth-face-mask
  13. I learned the hard way to take Imodium with me after my first cruise. I have IBS and gluten intolerance. I think I ended up consuming gluten somewhere and had some issues. Went down to the medical facility to get some Imodium and ended up getting quarantined for a day (stupidly went right after blow drying my hair so temp was raised when they used a forehead thermometer). This time, I am taking all kinds of otc meds just in case I may need them!
  14. I'm on Symphony the week after you. I watched a youtube videa of someone on the ship last week and she said there were only about 1,300 passengers so that's only about 20%.
  15. Ahh ok, the catamaran cruise sounds fun too though!
  16. Haven't done this excursion, but we are signed up for it too and I believe you're on the same cruise! Oct 23 on Symphony. My cruise planner says it's 3.5 hours so should be done by 2.
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