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  1. 135 days till we go and a couple more days after that HELLO CHOPS GRILLE :D
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONALK :) :) :) :) :) :) hope you had a good one. That cake is fantastic, is the Vision your favourite RC Ship or the next one you are cruising on ?
  3. Wow bet you are getting excited :lol: :)
  4. Gratuities are taken each day for each person straight from your on board account however if you feel that a staff member has been exceptional then you can give that person extra in an envelope at the end of your cruise. As an example we gave our Cabin Steward extra at the end because he was fantastic.
  5. Thought it would be good to see what your all time top 5 restaurants are past and present and maybe over time we might see an overall clear favourite. As we only cruised with RC for the first time last year we can only list our choice from the Independence but that will change over time as we sail on more ships. 1) Chops Grille 2) Giovanni's Table 3) Windjammer 4) MDR 5) Johnny Rockets BON APPETIT :D :)
  6. I think a tea room would be a nice choice to have on board and if you have ever tried a full cream tea you will know how good they are especially if you have a sweet tooth :) :) . A choice of at least 40 teas, fresh cut sandwiches , a good selection of pastries and scones with lots of fresh cream and jam. Yuuuummmm
  7. Maybe we will bump into each other :).
  8. Can't beat watching a movie under the stars wrapped in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows :).
  9. Definitely Chops Grille , great food and great service :)
  10. For us we definitely prefer to plan our own trips unless there is a tour that RC are doing that really appeals to us. I find that I can see a lot more of a port of call if we do it on our own as usually the organised trips tend to only see a few things on each tour in the hope that you may book 2 . The other bonus is you can save a lotta bucks over the course of your cruise which means more to spend on the good stuff. It may take a lot of planning but it's fun doing it :) :) .
  11. Go for it Tylor :) . I bet your wife will need a break after all that Studying and how nice will that be on the lead up to Christmas.
  12. No way is that boring Tylor I love that :D. When i come out of the Gym i normally go straight to the Windjammer for a protein fix of 3 bits of Chicken breast and a good portion of that on the side .... yum yum yum.
  13. I agree with Don Buisiness then 3 nights on a Bahamas Cruise. As a wise man in the A Team once said..... I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER :D :)
  14. Hi Don welcome back :) hope the Med cruise was Awsome
  15. I have to say Tylor that Chops have some of the best steaks i have ever had and i really am counting down the days till we are back on the Indy in October and as soon as we are on board we will book for Chops for both Formal nights :lol:
  16. Hi Michael, welcome to the blog :) .
  17. I can't wait to sink my teeth into one of these bad boys when we go to Chops Grille on the Indy in October :D :lol: :D
  18. I would love to see RC base a ship permanently at Southampton that just did the Transatlantic to New York and Back. Cunard have been doing this for years and there is definatley room another company to service this route.
  19. You just can't beat a Bacon Cheeseburger and a Shake :) :D :)
  20. Here is what RC have posted on their UK Website :) :D :) 2014 FIFA World Cup at Sea - presented by Coca-ColaWe've teamed up with Coca-Cola, to bring the world's biggest game and the world's best cruise line together for the ultimate watch party this summer! Catch every heart-racing match and unforgettable goal of the 2014 FIFA World Cup when you set sail with Royal Caribbean International. Our ships are the only place to experience the official Coca-Cola World Cup Party at Sea and watch the games like nowhere else on Earth. It’s a win-win holiday! The action begins onboard June 12th 2014 Limited Edition Souvenir CupAll guests who purchase one of our beverage packages that includes the Coca-Cola souvenir cup for sailings during the 2014 FIFA World Cup will automatically receive a limited edition collectors cup (while supplies last.) Family Acivities Join this year's World Cup mascot, Fuleco, for exciting activities everyone can enjoy. Challenge yourself to find Fuleco during an onboard scavenger hunt with prizes, and don't miss your chance for photo ops!
  21. How time has flown since RCL4Life posted the above and how right we all were. I can't wait till next year when she arrives at Southampton. I will be sad to see the Independence go but what a fantastic ship that is going to replace her.
  22. It's a shame that not all beers are included considering how much the daily charge is for the top package :( .
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