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  1. Crisis averted, we have precisely what we booked initially.
  2. Lets just say that she's not been able to uncover much. Checked in with her last week, got the 'wait until they get it done' answer. I'd have a very different outlook had I booked a gaurentee from the outset, but....
  3. 13 days away and still nothing. More nervous now than when I posted this initially.
  4. That's pretty much the mode I'm in. Looking at where they could put us, the other larger Sky class suite would be a downgrade in our eyes since it doesn't offer a second bedroom space (we like our privacy and our own beds). If they push us up into one of the lofts, the Star stuff would outweigh the other factors I think. We'll see how it goes. IF they do push us downward, will probably cancel.
  5. Thought I'd post this and see if anyone else has dealt with this particular issue. I had originally booked my upcoming cruise on Independance and it ended up being one of the sailings that were moved to Odyessy (it's also had the itenerary 100% replaced, but that's a different issue). We were booked in an 2 Bedroom Grand Suite on Indy (note, it was a standard booking, not a guarentee). Odyessy, for those who don't know, has a lot fewer large suites than Indy (only 2 of the same category we booked as opposed to 6 on Indy, and similar problems on the higher categories). Since the sailing switched to Odyessy, we've been shown as a GTY, which is really concerning to me because of this simple math problem. Now my TA says we should get the original category or better, but this math concerns me, partuiculalry since I'm pretty sure all 6 of the suites in our category were booked on Indy. Can anyone else out there reassure me so I stop overthinking this?
  6. On this sailing as a "refugee" from Indy's redeployment. Might not like we lost Cayman, but the ship looks nice! Who else is coming along on our little Odyessy?
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