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  1. Would be nice if they the folks who are booked on these sailings the option of being one of the test passengers
  2. Read it in another side and was wondering if anyone else heard it also
  3. Why would RC have an 84 year old on its first sailing out of Singapore. I know he tested negative before the cruise and it was a false positive, but why would RC even take that risk to begin with. Most Covid deaths are seniors and for whatever reason RC didn’t seem to care and decided to take that risk. if the cruise line keep taking risks like that in the beginning, it will be a long wait to cruise
  4. I’m booked on March 14 Oasis of the seas and I’m not holding my breath on this one.
  5. So if someone tests positive not only are they quarantined but anyone who had close contact with them is also quarantined even if that person does not test positive? Also, if you are quarantined, do you get a refund?
  6. Not all bad....if is was only six when it’s all said and done that means they contained it. Mu guess is the bigger ships will be subject to even stricter measures than the small ships...like letting people board from places like Barbados
  7. The vaccine will be wildly available upon approval. The government has spent billions to have the various vaccines currently in testing manufactured so that if and when one is approved they can hit the ground running. it’s a risk because the ones that are not approved is money gone to waste
  8. It’s long last time to begin to get back to normal. Let people decide for themselves what risk (if any) they want to take. regardless of who is in the WH, we need to get back to normal.
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