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  1. I would appreciate the link as we are booked on the Harmony out of Barcelona Oct 31, 2021 for a transatlantic. (fingers crossed) We had hoped to spend a week in Italy prior to the cruise, Knowing we would need to get tested in Italy to cross the border into spain and get on a cruise ship
  2. Really hoping it is not cancelled, as it is scheduled to depart Barcelona Oct 31. We already lifted and shifted to this date, so I am praying things improve and they allow it to go
  3. Yes, I would love to be a volunteer and help in any way I could to get the cruise lines running safely again!
  4. we were on the Jewel 2 cabins up from the aft cabins across the back. There was a noticeable vibration when we came in to port and the ship was lining up with the pier. Other than that, we did not notice any unusual vibrations. We love the aft cabins and always try to book rooms toward the back, or the cabins on the very back.
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