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  1. Refund finally hit the account for an April 4th cruised, cancelled on March 13th. The refund was sent in 8 different payment amounts that equalled the expected refund amount. Good luck to those still waiting, I know its beyond frustrating.
  2. Just spoke to a rep and she said the first wave cancellations should have their refunds by May 6th, mine was refunded yesterday but hasn't posted to my account yet.
  3. We use sticky pad notes, and have meet up times/locations
  4. This post gives me hope. I called to find out about our refund today and was told it is "pending" and should be in the account sometime this week. Our original sailing was April 4th, requested refund on March 14th, processed on March 20th, excursions received on March 20th and 24th. Lets see if it appears by May 1st?
  5. Most definitely they are liars. Every time we call there's new lies, so yes they are liars. The manager basically said it, so lets not sugarcoat this. Most definitely they are liars. When we call and the "information" they tell us is untrue, they are liars. The facts are RoyalCaribbean sent out an email that said if you request a full refund you will receive it within 30 days of the request and they are NOT honoring this statement.
  6. The workers at Royal are all liars. Like most of you I received an email on March 13, 2020 stating that my cruise for April 4th was canceled. On March 14, 2020 I called to request a full refund, and was told I will received it in 7-10 business days. On March 20, 2020 I received payment for shore excursions, and not the beverage package. I called on March 20, 2020 to speak to a representative about my beverage package not being refunded and about the cruise refund (at this point it was 7 days since I called to ask for a refund). I spoke to a supervisor and he told me the beverage package will j
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