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  1. Anyone who has received their FCC or has received one in the past, does it automatically deduct out of the total cruise fair or do you have to do that yourself? (if that makes sense). I have already paid a deposit on an upcoming cruise and was hoping to use the FCC to pay for the rest which isn't due until June.
  2. @DandA This is a wonderful review. THANK YOU. I have been looking for some fun things to do in Roatan when I go. This looks and sounds like it is worth the money!
  3. Mine is $69/night for my Western Caribbean cruise in September of this year. A general question: Seeing all the fluctuating prices, how long do you think is reasonable to wait to buy these packages? Is there a possibility they will drop lower the closer to the disembarkation date?
  4. What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear
  5. I absolutely loved both the Allure and the Oasis. Even though they hold A LOT of people, it's so large most of the time you don't even notice. In my personal opinion I think the Allure is perfect how it is (however it's been a couple years since I cruised on it)! But, I can't wait to see what they do when they do decided to amp her up! I am cruising on the Harmony this upcoming September (fingers crossed it's still a go) and can't wait. I watched a virtual walk-through of the ship on youtube and it looks amazing! This guy shows you everything, even his cabin. I am sure that they have other vid
  6. I think we all need something to get our minds off of this COVID thing. Assuming that my cruise in September is a go... What are some of the best excursions you all have done in these locations? Roatan, Cozumel, & Costa Maya. I am open to anything: snorkeling, scuba, beaches, hiking, history. Was looking into the cenote excursions in Mexico. Best beaches in these places? What excursions are worth the money?
  7. Just opted in for the 125% on cruise planner purchases. Fingers crossed! My heart goes out to all those working for RC right now, talk about a stressful job !
  8. If you chose the 125% FCC will that also be issued by April 30? Or was that just if you took the full refund? I just paid my deposit for a cruise in September and am hoping to not have to pay the rest of the cruise fair out of pocket as well. Also, does the 125% include the excursions and packages you purchased? Or will those be refunded directly to my credit card?
  9. That sounds amazing! I need to start cruising some more so I can get offers like that
  10. I am hoping to cruise sometime in September, since my April cruise was cancelled. I know this is hurricane season for the Caribbean and just wanted some input from others who have cruised during this time. Would you recommended cruising during this time? What are some pros and cons for cruises in September? Thanks in advance!
  11. Any recommendations on TA's? Don't know if I want to handle all the FCC stuff on my own... Thanks in advance! And thanks to everyone in the forums for all the instant, up-to-date, and VERY helpful information. Cruising for the first time has been made so much easier...well kinda... I feel like after this whole virus thing is over I'll be an expert on all things RC
  12. Well folks, It seems as if they are taking preemptive measures regardless of how much money they will lose. That's a good thing I guess. Super bummed. If anyone wants to input any knowledge on the FCC that would be great! Will definitely be re-booking for later in the year though. But will probably have to pay deposits and fees out of pocket Sad day. royal caribbean cancelation.pdf
  13. Hoping this will all blow over by then. But if not we’ll get a refund either way. From what I’ve heard the refund only works for the base price of the cruise. So this doesn’t include any packages or excursions on the next cruise you book, correct?
  14. Sooo my cruise leaves April 12, the day after this suspension. Do you think it would be effected or should I plan on sailing like normal?
  15. Since I'm cruising in mid-April I assume that they haven't looked at changing the itineraries yet. If they do however, how am I supposed to find that out? For anyone who has had itinerary changes due to the virus going around, do they change before you disembark or once you're already on the ship? And what if you had excursions for those ports? Do you get your money back? Lots of questions, so little time... ALSO is anyone cruising on Liberty from April 12-19? Would love to know how you're handling the situation :)
  16. I contacted the customer service line about what procedures they would take if someone WAS to get sick on-board and hopefully that will give me a little relief (if they are able to help me at all). What also is giving me some relief is that none of the ships that have been quarantined were Royal Caribbean. Just reading over their updated screening procedures made me feel a bit better!
  17. I have a cruise booked for mid-April and I am unsure of whether or not to cancel. This cruise ports from Galveston, Texas and heads through the western caribbean (Cozumel, Mexico - Roatan, Hondurus- Belize City, Belize) Any thoughts?
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