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  1. @SpeedNoodles I love it. Professor had a bad habit of wanting to put all four paws on my passport or any document I needed. It would take him 6 or 7 mins to do this and then he would refuse to move. Then glare at me if I physically picked him up to retrieve whatever i needed.
  2. Your kids are adorable and look to be already having the time of their lives. I also love that your sister has a t-shirt of leg day...and its a chicken leg?
  3. @SpeedNoodles Thanks, unfortunately he passed last year. Its still too soon to have another baby but I already have Senator Meowkin's picked out for their name.
  4. @Ogilthorpe You're right...you're right??
  5. @SpeedNoodles Yeah dogs forget everything as soon as treats come, try that with a cat. Professor Atticus never let me forget when I gave him a bath, if looks could kill.
  6. @Curt From Canada I've been on a only-what-you-cook diet since Oct. My doctor is allowing me an exception when it comes to cruising as long as I get enough water, fruit and veggies to balance out. I don't know what your restrictions are but RC does seem to have some fit options that don't taste like old pizza boxes.?
  7. @SpeedNoodles I worked for an inventory company when I was overnight, I changed companies just to feel better. Once you get into the light you never want to go back. ? Are all the dogs clean but mad?
  8. @SpeedNoodles Well he posed for the picture, so you really must have dampened his spirit and he wanted proof of what you did. Congrats on the last shift and getting to live in the sun. I worked overnights for 2 years as a manager and it nearly ruined my life....I couldn't have one because I slept during the day.
  9. Meh, I wouldn't be too worried, everything is up to chance. I got a flu shot this year and got the flu 5 days later. I wash my hands fifty-eleven times, it was just my turn. I would definitely be, only truly worried about one illness....the Itis. With all the food choices you run the risk of falling into food comas and truly hurting yourself.
  10. In Chicago our mystery dinner is $68 a person and no alcohol is included, its also basically pasta. I can see the mystery dinner being worth it when you are doing alcohol/specialty dining ala carte. You get specialty dining, drinks, and a show...two if you include the other cruisers?. Also they give quite a bit of food. Also no offense but that 2br suite looks really cramped, it has to be the layout.
  11. @Zurc It didn't use to be but they added more and more people who rely on your tips. Most servers see only about 10/14%, of course according to Facebook they make $600,000 a year?
  12. Oh...My...Lord... they have Crabcakes Benedict? Is this on all Oasis class ships or just Oasis????
  13. This is very unfortunate and most likely a lie. I don''t get the "tipping is not a Chinese city" joke. People who brag about how much they tip, are the ones who don't or barely tip. A funny story, I worked my waitress gig this morning and we serve pizza and pasta. A party of 14 people came in, they couldn't count it was actually 19, screw the children they can eat of the floor?. The main guy was waving his card and saying "order what you want, its my sweeties big 14th birthday." Needless to say their bill was $410, he bragged about really taking care of the waitress because he was "that guy." He left $70, which is not even the standard 20%. The waitress has to share 25% of that with the busser and bartender plus taxes. They sat in her section her entire shift, which decreased her earning potential. The wife kept saying maybe we should go and he kept saying, she got taken care of. When things like this happen it shows me truly that everyone has a different perception when it comes to tipping. I am sure he assumed "$70!!!! on one table she's rich." I am not saying she wasn't appreciative for the tip, more so annoyed that he didn't tip standard and stayed at her table for 4hrs. This guy bragging could have been on a B2B, winning thousands of dollars at a time in the casino. There are so many factors in play and tipping is not one size fits all. I have no doubt that an extra $20-50 after a cruise is just as appreciated as the so-called $1000. We all tip what we can and shouldn't feel anything but joy when we hand it to the person.
  14. How did the RC transfer work out for you guys? I thought it was the worst thing RC ever offered. I think it also might be independent of them. Even though we were told they run every 30mins, we waited 2hrs to leave. I vowed to only use ride sharing from there on out. Plane landed at 9:35 and we didn't get on ship until almost 3pm, missed out of food......?
  15. Have all the fun, I guess I will be living vicariously through you this week.
  16. @swimking1 I waitress part time and I can tell you that cash is not documented unless you want it to be. I think if you leave cash at the service desk, then it is divvied up among your intendeds. But I'm sure in like 95% of cases, the individual who receives it gets to keep it. Also to each their own, you can tip extra or not. It's the porters job to solely handle luggage, yet we tip for that. Funny story, in Egypt they will rush to do things you could do yourself, just for a tip. I can get my own toilet paper but there are ladies in the bathroom waiting to do that for you so they can get a tip. They will take your camera for a picture, without asking, then put hands out for a tip. They gave you the slightest information, they want a tip. My brother said I was setting a bad precedence because I always left $1. But I knew what a dollar was to me and how much it might mean to them.
  17. @Andrew72681 @Lovetocruise2002 @WAAAYTOOO I third that about the My Pillow, sent it back because it was garbage. I have a gel pillow I got from Costco that is amazeballs, its firm. I don't normally travel with pillows because I am usually fancy and stay places that have a pillow menu or will give me like 6. But my hair dryer never leaves my side unless I do braids.
  18. @Zacharius Maybe its worded wrong but what I am saying is I don't ask for much other than them doing their job. Some people expect towel animals and them to remember exactly how they left this or that. Also there are people who will refuse gratuities because they felt like this basic service was not up to their standards. I always leave money for hotel housekeepers because I think cleaning up behind people takes a special type of person. I am not filthy or high maintenance but I know a lot of people are. My extra is the steward doing their job with a smile on their face. I am also one of those people who never tip at like a Starbucks or fast food place because they never do extra in my opinion.
  19. It make take a few minutes for it to show up on cruise planner. I linked two reservations and invited one person from the other room on an excursion. It didn't show up until a few days later on hers but right away on mines. If you have confirmation, I would wait a little. If it doesn't show up by the end of the day then I would check through RCC
  20. There is what you're supposed to do and what you are comfortable doing when it comes to tipping. RCC alleviates some of the stress by allowing you to prepay gratuity and adding it into all services. I always tip a bit extra, not because I feel guilt or obligation but because I feel the service warranted it. I am low maintenance but I appreciate not having to make my bed and tidy up for however long I am on the cruise. I have work associates who like to over tip for the 'gram/culture/narcissism. Those same people often go home upset at how much debt they are in. No one knows your situation, so do exactly what you feel comfortable doing, they appreciate it either way.
  21. You seem to be my kind of girl, suites and business class flights or better.....holla!! I have used the Maple Leaf lounge at YYZ and they have the best popcorn. They also have separate bathrooms, the best kind with the sink already included in your private room. Nice chairs with a decent selection of beer and wine, depending on your time of entrance the food can be meh. Looking forward to following along.
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