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  1. Supposed to be going in 10 days on harmony but media is getting to wife...
  2. I don't if RC offers it but I believe the fortress of Louisbourg is only a 40minute car ride.. it's a sad day when I live only 5 hours from Sydney and never been lol
  3. I actually just got done going through this. There was an excursion my wife and I wanted in St.Maarten that was sold out so I contacted royal Caribbean and they gave me [email protected] email so I messaged them. First I got the robot message but within 24 hours I received and email saying they couldn't promise anything but they would try there best to see if space could be opened up. A month later I receive an email that space has opened up and I will have 72 hours to book while they had it on hold.
  4. I suppose I never thought of that. Thank you very much
  5. My wife and I are looking to book a snorkelling excursion in St.Maarten but have to book third person due to the one we want is sold out. We are looking at few companies that are highly rated but all the excursions are from 10:00am until 3:45-4:00 with a 10-15 minute walk from the port and the ship leaves at 5pm. Has anyone tried this before and do you think there is a lot to worry about? Thanks
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