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    FatimaS reacted to ChessE4 in Entertainment on Harmony of the Seas   
    On the whole, I agree the shows are a little odd, but I find myself admiring the singing, the skating, and the incredible maneuvers the ship in Columbus makes.  I didn't worry much about anything else.  I actually prefer the production shows on smaller ships.  That said, the cast often performs their songs in more intimate settings, such as Central Park or the Jazz lounge.  So one could actually skip the scheduled shows and listen to the performers in other venues, most of which we found fantastic.   But I agree with you, I was not fond of the show plots.
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    First let me say, I enjoyed all the shows. The entertainers were amazingly talented. The actor who plays Kenickie in Grease is phenomenal. But I found some parts tasteless. The choreography on Grease and Columbus seemed to say, "Hey everybody, we have crotches!" An example:  In Grease Rizzo grinds an album to her crotch while she lies on her back, legs spread. The look on my teens' faces was shock. In Columbus the men literally have an exaggerated pouch in front. Why? I guess to be funny? The obsession with this area was cheap and vulgar.
    The Ice Skating Show was again populated with great talent. But why did they feel the need to have two male skaters dress as and parody women? The plot was overall thin and there was no reason, that I could see, for this. Would black face be funny too?
    The comic water show (not The Fine Line, the other one) was the perfect opportunity to parody all the "serious" shows. The serious shows have little to no story, even Grease (the take away is, if you can't get your man being you, change).  But, alas, the comic show was boring, although again incredible talent is on display. Years ago there was a show at Sea World called "Relieve" which was a parody of the show, "Believe." It was hilarious, because for all the pretension about the big shows, really the plot is usually sparse at best, and delivers a bad message at worst. So, a little honest self-reflection and parody of these shows would go far for RC.
    The two comedians were funny, although both were funnier when they did the "family" show which just proved that every other word doesn't have to be an F-bomb. The second gentleman who joked about cruising was funnier, probably because he was poking fun at things we were all experiencing. 
    The headliner was the best show. It was a band out of Tennessee, I believe, and the lead singer poked fun at famous singers while crooning their songs. The guitar player and violin player were great. It was fun and entertaining, without being crass.
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    FatimaS reacted to bhageerah in Embarkation window starts 11:30, what time should I arrive?   
    We have sailed out of PC several times and we prefer to get there as close to 11 as possible, we have found that the lines are shorter and we get onboard much sooner the closer we arrive to 1030-11 time frame.  Good luck!!!
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    FatimaS reacted to MotleyCruiser in Does Photo Package Still Include Kids in Other Cabins   
    The photographers only ask for your cabin number. As long as everyone gives your cabin number I'm sure you'll be ok?.!
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    FatimaS reacted to MotleyCruiser in Does Photo Package Still Include Kids in Other Cabins   
    You can allow cancel for the photo pkg for a refund before you leave if you change your mind.
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    FatimaS reacted to MarvinS in Does Photo Package Still Include Kids in Other Cabins   
    I had a similar situation while my family was on Harmony this last May 2019.  My wife and I were in one cabin, and my three kids (21 and 18 in one cabin, 16 in another with other minor nieces ages 13 and 15).  I went to the photo shop desk as soon as I embarked, and they very willingly linked all three cabins together with no hassles.
    As others have mentioned, it is very important that anyone getting their picture taken give the SAME cabin number for everyone (preferably, your cabin number).  This will minimize any issues.  Royal Caribbean uses some facial recognition software to automatically match faces to room portfolios, so I would strongly recommend checking at least every other day your digital portfolio on the ship, and make sure you are seeing the pictures you are expecting.  We had a small issue of our embarkation photos being missing, and after letting them know the approximate time we boarded, they found the photos, and were added to my portfolio by the next morning.  Additionally, we also ended up with other family's pictures on my portfolio that their facial recognition system must have matched to us.  It was very easy at the picture reviewing kiosk in the photo shop to remove the other family's pictures from my portfolio.
    I've done this "family pictures from multiple cabins" situation on my last three cruises (Freedom-2015,  Oasis-2017, & Harmony-2019), and have never had any issues or push-back from the photo desk personnel about the linked staterooms.
    Feel free to ask any other questions, and I'll see what I can answer!
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