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  1. In Canada I am guessing not.....sounds like out east here that probably the whole summer they will be closed. Not sure about Westen Canada for Alaskan cruises.
  2. Just need the border to open up and I am there...that's the real issue here in Canada!!..we are banned from even driving to a neighboring province so not sure when i'll be able to get away again.
  3. We have till July 28th before final payment due on Odyssey so hopefully we will have a better idea by then. Was supposed to be on Navigator in April, so it would be nice to see her re-vamp if the other doesn't work out. Perhaps more of our fellow cruisers that booked Odyssey will end up on Navigator as well if that happens!
  4. We are looking at Navigator for November as well if Odyssey is delayed AND we can still get out of the province/country by then. I haven't booked it yet as I dont want to lose any deposits and I am hoping if Royal cancels the Odyssey I will get my non-refundable back on that or something will be offered?! Some great pricing on Navigator right now for the 9-13th cruise we are considering as Plan B.
  5. Should be fine...as of last month, she was on schedule....so booking a cruise 3 months after she was supposed to debut should be ok.. However, booking the cruise after her inaugural...not so much...
  6. So disappointed…..was a great deal....first balcony cruise...scored some "free" dinners....first time on this class of ship..first time sailing on a brand new ship like that... We are not able to rebook anything else for 2020 due to vacation schedules......and we cant book 2021 vacation till December of this year....so puts us in a real tough and disappointing spot...looks like we lose out on it all....and probably the flights too as we wont have new flights to book before then... 2020 sucks and not sure 2021 will be much better when it comes to vacation and travels...
  7. Makes some good points...….what it will all depend on really is how easy/hard it is to travel to get to the cruise port. From out of state to out of country travel, there are going to be a lot of hoops and expenses now that weren't there before. I am not worried about cruising at all...I just dont know if I will be able to afford to get there or legally be able to travel till there is a vaccine at least. That's how its sounding in my province and country at this point.
  8. This may tempt us to keep our cruise in Nov now...IF we could lift it to next year if we needed to and get to keep the price and cabin and our planner options, defn makes it more tempting to take a chance on a cruise in NOV knowing that we could do it next year and not lose out on anything really(besides airfare but)
  9. Ha...yeah, we dont want to miss out on the "free" dining package we got for the Nov cruise...and it would be the first time sailing with a balcony and it would be a brand new ship and our first time to Coco Cay since it was revamped...so a lot of pluses if we could make it work.....
  10. its a lot to consider for sure..time off work, money, travel connections....and who knows if we will even have a option to cruise by that time..so many unknown factors right now. Yeah...we booked the cruise with a non-refundable deposit....balance due in July...flights back are paid for from the April cruise that got cancelled, but still have to book flights down and they have doubled now in cost, not to mention that our border is closed and no timeframe to open or how quickly or easily it could be closed again....and still a lot of other costs to complete this cruise..and if this
  11. yeah...I think everything has changed...we'll be talking back in the "good old days" of 2019 and prior...lol But I am not sure how they can ever get back...the way the media and government has really played this up(at least here in Canada). What they have done as a result of the Covid makes me not want to even go to the grocery store...never mind travel. And the airline costs and nightmares at the airport etc....I just dont know. Perhaps once there is a vaccine things will settle back to close to normal.....but I am sure by then we will be caught up in the next big pan
  12. If anything they should expand it to get customers back....they will be desperate for $$ and no matter what ppl say.....its a fair chunk of cruisers and gamblers that smoke.... Perhaps plexi-glass will go up in the casino to keep one side smoker free.....after Covid-19, I feel like nothing will be the same or out of the question No one I have every travelled with is a smoker and I have never heard them complain about it...unless they are standing in the smoking side of the casino.....other than that, its never been an issue.
  13. NCL is in rough shape and may not make it till the end of the year unless things change quickly and drastically from a few articles I have read. Wonder how that will shake up the industry if that was to happen. I am not sure about the whole cruising thing based on social distancing and all the other crap tied to this Covid-19. Personally, I dont care and would haev no issues cruising....but between border closures, flight reductions, and who knows what kinda safety measures put in place for cruising till a vaccine is out....not sure how easy or fun or enjoyable it would be to try a
  14. Matt posted about this.....defn makes sense the way they are starting out...will probably be the same plan that most lines use I am guessing.. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/05/04/carnival-cruises-announces-plan-resume-cruises
  15. Defn weird..but who knows what's going on behind the scene's...border to Canada is closed....and not sure about flights here to they may have no option but to take advantage of whatever Royal as been able to work out...even if it doesn't make much sense.
  16. Yeah....I didn't mean to say you thought June...I was saying I dont think Royal will be sailing June 12 like they say now..AND I agree with your start up thought process Even July could be a stretch though.....it will take awhile to get things going....its not just about the ships sailing..its about flights and hotels and places to eat.....but sailings out of Florida of mostly Florida residents would be a good place to start for sure....
  17. Yeah, that doesn't look good. Royal is obviously not planning on cruising anytime soon based on that. I agree with @AGSLC5…..seems like the most logical and economically viable option for Royal to try and start up again once they are allowed....I am still having doubts its going to be June though...
  18. Well according to everything I have seen and heard and read from the Canadian government...that certainly seems to be the general consensus…..I cant leave my province it sounds like till that happends..so they sure as hell aren't unloading cruise ships with thousands of forgien people to wander around Canada's ports.... large gatherings, concerts, festivals and sports events cancelled till at least Jan, 2021......so while cruise ships aren't mentioned, safe to assume they wont let 3000 ppl show up on a dock. In all likelihood I will miss my 2nd cruise this year in Nov..
  19. Better hope there is a vaccine by then..as it sounds like in Canada our borders will be closed till there is.....so 12-18mths from now would be when it could start back up...
  20. UPDATE>>>>>> got mine back 30 days exactly to the day I requested my refund.....good for Royal!
  21. Dropped to $65 CAD or about $45USD day for my Odyssey cruise..but I am not sure I want to drop almost $1000 yet on a cruise that may not happen.....may regret not booking at this price as its down about 25% but..
  22. I have my airfare booked for my Nov Odyssey cruise back home as I was able to switch my flights with United from the April cancellation. But I dont have the flight down booked yet....it was down to $107, but now its over $150...not sure if it will keep climbing and then in the back of my mind I am worried about if the Nov cruise is cancelled or delayed and I have to re-book again or sit on credits again...tough call right now..
  23. That's always been Royal's math.....lol
  24. Rest of the year cancelled from NYC?..seems a little drastic...the governor today just spoke about looking at steps to soon start opening things up slowly...while no dates were given..cancelling cruises for Nov/Dec seem a little far out to predict?! I suppose of the seasonal only run till Sept it would make sense...Royal runs year round out of NJ....I dont think they would cancel 8 mths out yet?!
  25. I really hope so....there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel to give us all some hope....
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