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  1. Hard to believe and hard to see for sure....
  2. Oh for the days when the biggest discussion or arguments were over paper straws or the pricing of the drink package and whether its worth it or not... Hope to be back there one day!
  3. Well no, that is not totally true. First all, I cannot realistically make it to Ontario, even as a Canadian in my home country as I would have to self quartine for 14 days when I get back. That would eliminate travel options for probably 90% of the country. Secondly...with 6 ppl per trip......they must have raised the prices to make up for it. So I wouldn't be able to afford it, and if they havent raised the price, they will go bankrupt or get a government bailout with my tax dollars. Thirdly, the travel industry has laid off so many people..so they have all lost t
  4. I have made suggestions, and pointed out what they did wrong, so the implied message is they needed to do the opposite..read my posts...... Dont fear monger…...projecting how many ppl wil be dead in Oct???!....we are in July...just like you "thought" you would be cruising in June, then July then August like you said.....you were obviously wrong based on your own admissions...so why do you think your right the other way. Anyways....lets all talk in 6 mths and see how this ends up.....
  5. WHY would you put even a flu or cold patient in a nursing home, never mind a virus outbreak..my god, that's the stupidest thing ever...like dumb as rocks stupid. And I only have a degree in Sociology and I know that. Young people can get it, its the older population more at risk so they need to protect themselves and ppl with compromised health conditions....its NOT rocket science..and yes, at the end of the day I think its all overblown, mishandled, and hopefully we learn how to NOT deal with the next thing that comes along Just for something to think about....there are tens
  6. What this pictures shows me is how bad things are going to get in Canada economically.....6 ppl on the boat..what a joke..might as well shut it down. Basically you are running the company into the ground trying to survie...OR a government bailout will be required to keep them going.....AND basically it means that realistically most Canadians will not be able to enjoy anything this summer when it comes to travel or tourism...….insane. The only "cruise" I am going on is to get from NB to PEI on a boat....and it wont be any fun...between 6 pages of forms to fill out and be filed wit
  7. I dont get paid the big money to come up with those plans nor the medical training. However, I can assure you that once this is over we will learn a lot and see what we could have done to prevent so much domestic violence, child abuse, loss of jobs, people on stress leave, massive tax increases, social anxiety, recession that's the worse since the great depression, increased hostilities between people, communities,, ......just to name a few things that have happened since we locked down to save ourselves from Covid. Yes, if I was allowed I would have flown and cruised during Covid
  8. But I cant wait to cruise......and will be the first to try and book something once I can... :) As for cruises into or through Canada. I cant see it in 2021 either....the government has ppl here scared...like 80% want masks mandatory and 85% want to keep Americans and everyone out....hell, Canadians want to keep other Canadians out of their own provinces!!!....There have been threats, racist words, vandalism against fellow Canadians because you are in "my safe town" and you dont live here. This mentality wont disappear overnight either.....
  9. Yes, but we have been able to travel with other diseases or outbreaks….never in my lifetime has this happened..so assuming it all goes nicely back to normal would be as naïve as those who said this outbreak wasn't going to be anything to worry about... As for booking numbers up....that means nothing...except ppl are either gullible or really desperate to cruise...both which have no actual bearing on when or if it will resume.
  10. I would say this will be the norm....a lot of people and groups dont want to make plans and book a cruise and then have to cancel/refund/reschedule things ... Its been a pain on a personal level having 2 cancelled....we wont book another cruise till its 100% up and running..not taking the chance or frustration...…. Realistically it will be probably 2022 till things start to feel like "normal"....and assuming another health issue (flu, cold, virus etc) doesn't pop up before then....
  11. Weird feeling seeing this...I remember very well my first cruise on her in 2013...made me fall in love with cruising. I have flashbacks to certain experiences and wow moments and amazing times on that first cruise whenever I see a pic of her.....guess there wont be many left now.........
  12. Ok...so I will call it a virus from here on out....whatever the medical/technical term people want to argue about doesn't change the underlying problem this time. We SHUT DOWN the world/economy over this..never before has this happened. I am saying that precedent has been set. And while I am not a chemist or a scientist, I can assure you that government will be MUCH more likely to over-react in the future when there is a new outbreak of something...sorry, I dont want to offend you by not calling it whatever it is the proper medical legal term. This never happened before when SRARS
  13. That's well thought out and said... However, my easy simple thought process is based on the government reaction, public perception, the shut down of economy, life and education.....for a flu(whatever strain and medical terms you want to give it)……..I have big questions and doubts about the tourism industry in general moving forward. I live in a province of 750,000 ppl...we have had only 10 cases in the past 2 months plus with 1 death...and I cant fly or leave my province without having to quarantine for 2 weeks..which is a vacation killer......not saying that every pr
  14. Its not that far of a stretch...I am not an investment advisor...but with the little knowledge I do have of what's going on, its not hard to say cruising wont resume this year....with the spike in cases in the Florida area(among others)....we are probably at least 4-8 weeks to get it back under control...and then they wont just open it all up....and then once they give the go ahead..I am guessing its a few weeks to get crew and everything back and up and running(remember, things don't instantly go back to normal at some point)…... So yeah, almost August.....cases go down by late Oc
  15. Covid-19 isn't the problem here....the real issue is now the precedent that has been set. There is/will be a new strain of flu every year...….so I would say the possibility exists (based on government and public reaction to a flu virus) that cruising will never resume again, and at the very minimum it will be on a very small scale and look like nothing before. Seems to be like a vaccine is the only answer, which normally takes 3-5 years..in a rush perhaps 12-18months..so each January….wait for the next flu virus, shut everything down, scramble for a vaccine.....and then
  16. What happens when Covid-20 hits?! Travel/tourism will be done as we know it if this turns into a pattern. Never in the history of the world (at least in my lifetime...)h as this happened for a flu virus..precedent has been set now for future flu's...good luck trying to cruise or even travel/vacation for that much for years and years to come...possibly never.
  17. This virus will be the excuse to end many things that we used to enjoy.....at this point, nothing surprises me or is unexpected in the name of Covid or social distancing or whatever term they come up with next.
  18. Yeah..I would have been there 2-3x already...we usually fly out of Bangor or Portland 2x a year...plus we usually visit Bangor 2-3 a year and sometimes Bar Harbor...so yeah....that's a lot of $$ just we spend there...multiply that by thousands and yeah, makes an impact on a state like Maine for sure.
  19. Ship with more than 1300 passengers would be banned..that would eliminate pretty much all of the major cruise line ships..even the old small ones. I really lied Key West nd was hoping to make it back there again some time on a cruise stop...but looks like it wont be in the cards. I would imagine ppl will vote for that to pass. too bad.
  20. Nah....I would be there if I could be...doesn't bother me at all. Lockdown and loss of rights and liberty bothers me more.
  21. Well all this uncertainly as made us decide we are done with cruising....for now. Hope to be back in 2021 or 2022....
  22. Thanks....another nail in the coffin for cruising for us...way too much to move and lose and the unknown makes it even harder so done for cruising for now. Sad day today is for us....
  23. So I have $200in OBC that I am going to lose..if I book an excursion now...would I get the 125% FCC?...looks like I can still book stuff in my booking as of right now.
  24. About time...and still annoys me that they waited this long..to cancel cruises on her till almost a yr from now..they knew all along..just didn't want to make it official...... Annoys me....booking cruises is done for awhile for us now...we aren't going through all this hassle till this delay and cancel and shift crap is over.
  25. Sucks..., the new ships, the deal, the perks, the cabin....was going to be a great cruise... We are done booking cruises now till this is done.. its absurd that 2 weeks ago Royal wouldn't tell us...and now its like 6 mths of delays..come on.....not very cool in their part....
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