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  1. I don't see it as a big deal. Those pools are so small, lots of people in them and I don't think a parent should leave a 4yr old alone swimming either way to be honest...and when u see how small the pool is on the Brilliance you will see what I mean. Some of the bigger ships have many different pools and some just geared towards childern. If they want to charge childern an extra fee on their booking price to cover the extra help required sure. It's rare if ever that u hear of ppl drowing on cruise ships pools..way more drown at parks and oceans and quite often where there are lifeguards on duty. No more costs to be added on please and thank you!
  2. I am surprised that they dont have these machines on all the boats. If they don't want to use them when sailing outside of the USA, just don't turn them on?! It' so much conveinent to use these machines than waiting in line for bartenders to fill cups which are also smaller. Plus it free's up time for the bartenders I am sure as well. For all the cost that RCI has for each sailing, I can't imagine cost is the reason why they don't have these on all the ships?!
  3. Good review....in my opinion its always worth it unless you dont drink alcohol, or plan on having 1-2 drinks a day and never exceeding that at any point. Which doesnt sound like fun to me!..lol But to each their own!
  4. I am headed there in 29 days......I am looking for some recomendations for bars/pubs/resturants close to the pier where the boat docks... Would like something within walking distance, with a nice place to sit, drink, take in the sights and sounds. Are there any free/public beach areas to use? I am thinking something like Junkanoo beach in Nassau for example. Thanks!
  5. I have done it every time since the first cruise I did when I was stuck waiting with a large group of people and it felt like forever to get off. Its quick, easy, beat the rush.....I wouldn't do it any other way from now on!
  6. At least the 90 mins, sometimes more based on my experiences. I have seen it take 2 hours from being seated, till I left the table when not MTD. This maybe more the case with the traditional seating times though. On my last cruise, I was in and out in less than 60 mins, but there was only 2 of us , and we knew what we wanted prior to sitting down. I would suggest the buffet when trying to time it with a show/event after that you want to attend if the times are close.
  7. Yes, I was very lucky this year to say the least.....especially considering how far I have to travel to get there and the cost. I love the boat, I like the itenary, prices are usually good...and the crew is alot of fun. Not to mention the people I meet on board. I am a little worried that my next cruise maynot be as enjoyable on the Brillance of the Seas to Cozumel, but going with an open mind!
  8. I think this question maybe in the wrong section? But to answer your question based on my experiences, although not in Falmouth, its usually about 30 mins after it docks that you can leave the ship. Keep in mind of course there could be hundreds, maybe thousands trying to get off the ship through one exit point at the same time as you. My best guess is you will not be thereat 930 excactly to meet your friend. Someone who has done this port maybe able to confirm exactly.
  9. Just look a few responses up for your answer about Starbucks.
  10. I book everything on my own. I find that I know more about the deals/prices/details from my own research than the TA's do. I have booked directly with RCI, but have booked with 3rd party sites as well when they had promotions or incentives and have had no issues so far! Before the internet, i could see the value of a TA. Now, i really dont. Maybe I just have'nt been lucky enough to get a better deal cause I used a TA, or had a need to make major changes or had a problem while on vacation and needed a TA.
  11. Great to hear you had such a great time!! And interesting to hear your kids preferred it over Disney!!
  12. Strange, I have been there twice this year and never noticed any traffic problems, or tie ups..... oh well, I will make sure I am right there at 11 i guess... is the same true for shuttle services(like buses, vans with 15-20 ppl on them)
  13. Cant wait to sail away from Port Canaveral in 12 days!! I heard that you can't arrive/check in prior to 11am now at this port? Anyone able to comfirm this? I was told this by a private limo company I was going to hire for my commute from Orlando to the port. In the past I am pretty sure I have been there between 10-1030ish as i like to be on the ship asap!!
  14. So Cozumel is a tender, same as Coco Cay? I am headed there in Jan for the first time. I like to get off and explore myself. I have always done this in Nassau for example, and always found lots of places to see, things to do and places to eat/drink on my own. Cozumel is similar?! Any must see places to eat or drink or check out when I am there for the day?
  15. It's a great deal now that both people in the room dont need the package. There are a few things they have in place to keep track of what your doing/drinking besides having the bartender/servers' watching you. Your photo comes up when they swipe your card of course. They keep track of every drink you purchase, you can only get a drink every 15 minutes....so its not really that easy to be buying or getting drinks for other. Have I done it once or twice?...sure, but if you planned on trying to do this for a friend for a whole cruise, I am pretty sure you would be caught and out of your $.
  16. I have never been offered it on 4 cruises so far....but they were all 4 day cruises......I have 2 more booked cruises, and those are both 4 days as well, so looks like I wont get to take advanatge of this perk....but it sounds like a good one!
  17. Haha...I tried to tone it down and make it seem reasonable/normal.....lol. I won't really tell you how much i put away when on these cruises..... But to be honest, these packages are the reason why i decided to take that first cruise. I had always head horror stories about people getting off the boat with huge bar bills, so I didnt want to ever take that chance. Being able to plan and pre-pay ahead of time is a great option and I would never cruise without a package to be honest.
  18. Yes, if my 7 day cruise had 5 port days, I may rethink it. That being said, even on port days, I am still usually on the ship for half the day. Maybe I just drink alot when on a cruise and I am one of those people who the cruiselines do NOT make money off the drink package on...lol
  19. There are some facts. For example, if you want the soda package, that alone is $6.50 a day. So that plus, 4 drinks a day(drinks range from $6-$12) each would pretty much be the break even point. So saying unless you do nothing but drink all day and nite its not worth it is false. It is very easy to enjoy a couple beer on the private island before lunch. Then a drink with lunch. A couple fruity drinks in the afternoon while lying in the sun. Maybe a glass of wine with dinner, and then a couple evening drinks while enjoying the show. That would be equal to your drink package price, PLUS you dont have to sign(and tip) for each drink you get, plus that wouldnt include your soda package. Along with fact you can also get bottled water as well. To each their own, but the peace of mind, plus the convience is well worth it for me, each and every time I cruise. I hate surprise charges at the end of my cruise, and I don't want to be having a great nite out with friends and feel like I counting every drink and the cost as the nite goes on.
  20. Just booked the Enchantment for Nov 3-7!!..Can't wait...2 cruises in less than 3 months..love it!
  21. Well worth the package. It can add up quickly without noticing. Unless you only expect to have 1 or 2 drinks a day and no more, its defn worth it in the long run.
  22. ok..good to know. They are handy for sure, and while I will miss the freestyle machines, they will come in handy during the mornings when I need lots of powerade and juice to replenish me. It is usually back in the room before lunch and not needed again untill the next morning as my drinks from then on out are all served in the nice glasses...lol
  23. Yeah..I found that out...:( So I am trying to think, when you want a soda or Powerade or juice etc, they give it to you in a glass or plastic cup, or do you still have a sepecial mug if you have one of the drink packages? I also found out, that the windjammer does have an outside area to eat at the back of the boat which is awesome! Best deals for rides from airport to port appear to be taxi....capped at a max of $25 each way.
  24. I just booked Brilliance for Jan out of Tampa..couple of questions. Freestyle coke machines on this one? Is there an outside eating area at all? You mentioned its 20-30 mins from the airport? Do you know if the hotels around the port, would offer shuttle service, or can recomend an hotel that offers free shuttle service as I will be arriving the day before my cruise..... Thanks is advance!
  25. Just booked Brilliance of the Seas....Jan22 out of Tampa....first time on this boat and out of Tampa...cant wait! Sitll hoping to book Enchanment for Nov, but its not looking good so far.....
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