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  1. Hello everyone! My family and I will be sailing from Seattle in September 2022 and I'm looking for suggestions on where to stay the night before we sail. We will also need shuttle to the cruise terminal. Thanks in advance!
  2. Ms. Josie! Oh my! I am so sorry to hear of your flair up at such the wrong time. I feel for you and I hope you are feeling better!
  3. if you see a woman wondering around with her head totally up in the clouds, that'll be me! Say hi lol What is "periscope"? Thank you all for the wonderful information!
  4. Good day cruisers! I am about to embark on my very first cruise Oct 31 on Grandeur of the Seas- an 8-night trip to the Bahamas and Perfect Day. I am having a hard time finding much information on the vessel. I've only found 1 cruise compass that isn't like a year old (and was only a 4-day sailing) and, well, no one seems to talk much about her. Anyone around who has sailed on her recently who can give me some insight? What types of shows/activities are available? Do you have any recommendations- things my hubby and I shouldn't miss? I appreciate any info you can share! Only 88 more days!
  5. Hello! I'm totally new to cruising (92 days until my first!) and to traveling other than local. The travel agency we used for this cruise is local but if we decide to do this again, can I use MEI if I live in Maryland? May be a silly question but not quite sure how that works! ? Thanks!
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