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  1. I waited an hour & a half and finally got ahold of a rep. Our sailing is on April 13 is still good, but we also can’t see a mock booking online. But the rep said it’s definitely not canceled.
  2. That’s a good price. For our sailing on 4/13 on enchantment, yesterday it showed $57/day and this morning is showing $61/day, so we are still stocking the website waiting for a new sale.
  3. I was just wondering, what this $18/pp/pd intern special deluxe beverage package deal is that I keep seeing everyone talking about? Just curious.
  4. Oh my god. I would die if the diapers didn’t make it on board. I think I’ll split them between all the bags! That’s a great idea! Thanks everyone!
  5. I see online where you can buy infant diapers, and have them placed in your room. Yet it’s only showing me a size 2? Do they offer other sizes? I’m not wanting to bring over 100 diapers on our trip. Our cruise is 7 days long, but we leave two days before and don’t get home until 2 days after. And it’s taking up an entire suitcase.
  6. We purchased our drink package about 30 day out from our cruise and we got it for $46 per adult per day. I had been stalking their sales daily and that’s the best price I’ve seen.
  7. Should I keep checking back to see if any balcony rooms drop below what we paid and ask to be upgraded? We also got royalup email offers but I don’t want to bid if I have even a small chance of being upgraded for free.
  8. Man, I messed up! We booked our cruise on Monday the 22nd and paid in full. Departure date is 9/1/19. We booked it through the casino royal program people because we received an email offer for $50 off. Lone behold, on tuesday a new sale started. Well I didn't look until today, and there is over a $500 price drop for our oceanview guarantee room and onboard credit? i could literally cry! I know we are past the 48 hour mark, but is there anything we can do? The balcony rooms still arent cheaper than what we paid, so i doubt we would be offered an upgraded room category but i feel like we threw away so much money.. only if we had waited one more day! Will they offer us any perks or onboard credit, or would i just be wasting my time to even try and call them to ask?
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