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  1. Looks like Rhapsody is coming in now. Video just dropped off. Maybe they’re having some kind of meeting.
  2. https://www.portstmaartenwebcam.com She’s backing in now live.
  3. Looks like Indy Brilliance and Vision Are all at St Marten this morning. Not sure what this means if anything. Brilliance pulling in now.
  4. Well folks I’m totally taken back by some of these comments. My wife is high risk COPD and missing half a lung. And guess what her employer considers her essential and she cannot work from home. She has not missed one day of work. And she wears a mask wherever one is required and including work. And she is looking forward to our May cruise.
  5. Wow that was the quickest sale I’ve ever seen.
  6. well I’m still waiting for my full refund from May. They tell my TA next couple weeks.
  7. Crazy prices going on. I made some purchases when the sail was on for our hopefully May cruise on SOS. I just looked at the beach club price it went up to $150.00 per person. I purchased it for $43.00 per person. I really wonder sometimes who’s fingers are on the keyboard at Royal.
  8. Still waiting for refund and 125%OBC refund from end of May. My TA called last week and apparently got one miserable Royal employee.
  9. What is the most popular deck to stay on. Also forward mid or rear.
  10. So trying to be a little optimistic I just checked in for Sept 26th cruise on Symphony. For some reason my sea pass says Sea class which I believe is Jr suite. Question is I’m just booked in a ocean view balcony. Guess this is an error on Royals part. Next issue I just checked and my final payment is due today. My TA usually takes care of this so I’m not sure if my balance is paid. Should I call royal to find out. My TA is off on Sunday.
  11. maybe as a restart with a stop at both of their private islands. At least we’d be cruising.
  12. I’m still waiting for my first refund. If not received by the 28th should I pay anyway for the next cruise. Trying to see if I can use that for leverage with Royal if I haven’t received my refund I guess.
  13. My final payment for my Sept 26th Cruise is due June 28th. As of today I still have not received my prior cruise refund or my OBC refund to my account. So the big question no refund by the 28th what should I do. There is a big difference between the cruise prices.
  14. Does anybody use the IPad app? It does not give you any information on your cruise. Just says we’re working on the fun.
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