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  1. Thank you very much, its so nice to be on a forum where people give you such good and accurate advice
  2. Is distilled water available aboard and is the an electrical outlet near the head of the bed? (Explorer of the Seas)
  3. on our 7 night cruise,the 6th night we will be docked in France, will there still a Formal night?
  4. What type of lanyard connection and or holder do you recommended? Will guest services still punch a hole in it for you, if so plastic connection or hook?
  5. US Navy retired and I don't get a military discount
  6. How are Sundays observed in Hamburg and London, are most shops and tourist attractions opened or closed?
  7. Its expensive but you can order a 6 or 12 pack delivered to your cabin $15.00 and $28.00 (also hard liquor and wines) After you log in look under settings and check Royal gifts
  8. When ever I travel overseas its a wallet with a chain in the front pocket and Pacsafe purse for the wife, if needed a Pacsafe daypack
  9. Will the "personal hotspot" on Iphone work with Voom?
  10. Not liking creases may be difficult, but one thing to remember is that everyone is living out of a suitcase. For suit coats, turn them completely inside out and pack the with as few folds as possible. You still may get creases but have your dry cleaner box your clothes. Ive used an Eagle creek "pack it system" (Google it) keeps your clothes wrinkle free and saves a lot of room packing, they do make a version for dresses, but not quite as good
  11. T The price variance maybe due to the currency conversion. We go to the Philippines once a year to visit family and can exchange US dollars for almost market rate. Exchanging US to Pounds or Euros it far from the market rate
  12. Call them and ask, as you see the people who copied and pasted the key waited and the price has gone up. 1st offering is $19.95
  13. As a Diamond Plus member don't you already get most of the benefits
  14. Ive flown many times to Asia. The price of the ticket includes 2 checked bags (50 lbs each) and being able to select seats as soon as you purchase ticket. This time flying into London on BA is, lets say educating .We purchased our tickets through Air2Sea, standard economy , 1 checked bag which is fine. Was told by Air2sea that I would have to pay for the tickets now to select seats, so I did and then went to BA web site to select our seats. SUPRISE, its free to select your seat 24 hrs in advance, join the executive club (no charge) and you can select your seats 7 days in advance, or pay to select regular economy seats ranging from $110, $68, $55 and $48. for each person each way. Total price for a ticket from Seattle to London $937, not horrible but could have done better. Just something for you to be aware of and that the Air2 Sea did not know. Told our relatives on the east coast about this, they are flying Virgin Atlantic but booked through a US partner airline(using Air2Sea) and did not incur the additional charge. If you look at the fine print on a lot of the web sites it says choice of seating when available
  15. You will probable be ok. If you are flying overseas, those Delta and Untied flights may actually foreign carriers who may or may not be strict. Experinced an airline in Asia that was extremely strict, 7kg for carry on and weighed and measured everyones bag
  16. Cozumel - for sure go to Chichen Itza, One of the 7 wonders of the world.
  17. What are the size of the tables (how many people) and can you request a certain size?
  18. Thank you. I imagine if they sell to many of them the benefits will be greatly reduced
  19. How many of “The Key” are permitted per sailing (Explorer of the Seas size ship)?
  20. Flying into Heathrow and cruising out of Southampton. We are on the West Coast of the US and our relatives we are cruising with are on the East Coast. For both of us to arrive at approximately the same time at Heathrow we will land at terminal 5 and they will land at terminal 3. My questions are. (I ask air2seaa but they can't answer) 1. Due both terminals have their own baggage claim and customs? 2. Air2sea said Royal Caribbean transfers will meet us in the "arrival area" but he did not know if that meant the arrival area in terminal 3 or in 5 or both I ask because its about $100.00 more to arrive at the same time and early enough (7am) to not have to rush, but if I have to get to another terminal is not worth it
  21. Nothing wrong with staying aboard if that's what you like. I strongly encourage you to at least look at the shore excursion. Ive gone on some that were nothing to write home about and would of been better off staying on the ship. On the other hand, some of the shore excursion are a once in a lifetime opportunity, ie Chichen Itza
  22. Its been a few years since I cruised but have they changed their policy on making payments on your sea pass cards? I too have always selected credit card payment, however ion the past during the cruise I've gone to guest services and paid down some of the charges in cash. My original question about paying some of it in Erous was because all the port we hit use euros but not at the origin UK. Changing back into US dollars here in the States is a lose lose
  23. Flying into England from the US and taking the 7 night Dutch French Adventure . At the end of the cruise, I'm I correct to assume I can use GBP, Euros and US dollars to pay down my Sea Pass account.
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