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  1. Good catch, missed that myself,
  2. Avoid the stress , good for 10 years. Easy to renew online
  3. Depending on when you travel double check to see if you need a " Real ID complaint drivers license" for you state or another form of government ID to fly domestically
  4. That is expensive, sure you not looking at drinks and internet package
  5. Any idea about the Grosvenor Victoria? Thank you
  6. We sail in October this year and are strongly considering the 3 night post cruise tour from International Friends UK, you can also find the same tour and other recommendations on the Londontoolkit site
  7. Check with the hotel, when we sailed out of Fort Lauderdale a number of the close hotels had shuttles to the ship
  8. Off your topic. We also will be sailing the Explorer of the sea out of Southampton in October and wondering how the onboard entertainment was, think we may have been spoiled on our last cruise aboard the Oasis
  9. If you want it just buy it and then watch everytime it changes price. Right now on my cruise it just dropped (or did it) to $49. Remember unless you are cruising solo that price is for each person in your cabin. Prior it was $62 and half price for 2nd person , that actually may be cheaper, but you have to check out half price of what, $62 or onboard price. There are deals to be made but RCCL has to make a profit and it appears they offer a lot of different types of prices that in the end are close to the same price
  10. Booked our first cruise with a travel agent , what a waste, I knew my than they did and they were a "recommended TA" no extra perks infact they charged me $25. Snce then I've been booking online with RCCL. and air2sea, easy to due and have not encountered a problem. One of my supervisors told me a story that she was cursing out of New Orleans when Katrina hit, the ship was extended one day at sea. she related that they had booked with RCCL and they just went to the customer service counter and their return flights were taken care of while people that used a TA were franticly trying to call them to revise the onward reservations
  11. We are sailing 18 October and it went up the other day to $62.00
  12. We stayed in a boardwalk view room aboard the Oasis. See the aqua show first from the aft seating area the first night. Depending on the location of your room you can watch subsequent shows from your balcony. That being said , there is a good view to people watch during the day, but if your are going to upgrade go for the Ocean balcony. Promenade: you can probably see a few shows and people watch. all three seem to make you feel that the cabin is bigger. No on the ocean view, just a portal. Not sure if the Oasis has upgraded to virtual ocean view
  13. Use the website to get a price and cabin number you want, then just call them to place your booking. Ask them all the question you need to and make repeated calls if needed before final booking. Never had a problem doing it that way
  14. If there is any doubt on any purchases just call them, thats what they are there for
  15. Sailed twice during hurricane season. 1st time was on a smaller competitors ship, and yes felt its a little but not bad. 2nd time was on the Oasis of the Sea, apparently the hurricane was so back the Captian switched around the ports, you could see it was rough but we could not feel it. I would do it again not problem, and the rates are the best at that time of year
  16. After you log into your account , look in the top right hand corner and click on the down arrow next to the person icon, the click Royal Gifts then under choose a category select onboard deliver , you can order it there and have it delivered to your room. Expensive
  17. Just wondering what the prices are for a beer, a soda and a cappuccino? trying to see if the deluxe drink pkg is worth it. 7 night cruise, late night departure in the Netherlands and overnight port in France
  18. Concur, I did this.As KristiZ said, you need to call RC with their reservation number and request they be seated with you,( you can also request the size of table). RC will annotate this on your reservation but the other party needs to call RC and confirm they also want this.
  19. Thank you. So if your flight arrived at 9 AM can you remember about what time you arrived at the ship
  20. We arrive Heathrow Airport at 0645 and have booked Royal Caribbean transfers to the ship. The British Government is now allowing US (and 6 other countries ) to use the ePassport machines, so our time processing through customs should be much quicker. My question is how often do the transfers leave the airport?
  21. Are the two bottles of wine only on embarkation day? Flying into the UK and going straight to the ship, so I was wondering if the policy is two bottle per cabin could we bring those aboard on at a later port
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