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  1. That's exactly what I was trying to subtly ask! Are you sure it's limited to iMessage? I think what's actually happening is that in order to enable push notifications for iOS devices, the internet system must enable access to the Apple push notification server, so you get all your push notifications. This is similar to how messaging-only services on airline Wi-Fi still enable push notifications. AFAIK, there's no way to restrict iOS push notifications to only RCL notifications, hence why they can't disable non-RCL push notifications.
  2. On the ships that do have this feature, does messaging send a push notification or do you have to manually check the app to see if you have a new message?
  3. This is potentially a dumb question, but what's to stop anyone from buying the stock four weeks before the sailing date, sending in the form, then dumping the stock after the cruise? For $100 in OBC, that's a guaranteed annualized return rate of almost 10%, tax-free.
  4. Does anyone know if Amplified ships tend to get other cabin upgrades? As far as I know, the only cabin upgrade that Amplified (or Amped?) ships have received is an electric kettle.
  5. Wow an ocean view (even a small sliver) would be pretty cool! Of the four rooms one each side, which one were you in? If the first room is most forward and the fourth room is most aft, we're in the second room. Unfortunately for us, Oasis is going into dry dock one month before our cruise and is getting the slide. I suspect these rooms don't have the padded bench, which is why I'm wondering if someone has a picture from inside. Here's a view of what it looks like from the boardwalk: https://i.imgur.com/Qq7e6bS.jpg The window is clearly round porthole style, rather than the large square windows on the promenade. Yep. Makes no sense to me, but considering that there are only eight per ship, it might not make sense to make a whole new category for them.
  6. I've been looking at a cruise on Oasis of the Seas for January 2020 and there appeared to be some phantom availability for Promenade View Interiors, where it showed up as an option when selecting the room but no rooms were available. After repeatedly checking over a few days, I managed to snag room 7321. I normally would not care for a view of the promenade, but according to deck plans, there are eight rooms on Deck 7 of every Oasis-class ship that overlook the boardwalk (and are below Boardwalk View Balcony cabins). They're located directly above where Johnny Rockets or Playmakers are, on either side. Oddly, these are sold as Promenade View cabins, but they definitely don't have a view of the promenade. If anyone has experienced one of these cabins, I have a few questions: Does the room get a meaningful amount of daylight? Is the view of the boardwalk interesting enough to justify a small premium over a windowless room? Any overall impressions of this room specifically? What does the window area of the room look like from the interior? Typical Promenade View cabins have a large bay window with built-in seating but based on photos of the boardwalk, these windows are round porthole-style. If anyone has any pictures of these cabins, that would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
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